21, 2013

NR # 3294B

Filipino centenarians to get P100,000
Senior citizens who reached the age of 100 will get a P100,000 cash gift and a letter of felicitation from the President under a bill recognizing the Filipino centenarians here and abroad. Rep. Rogelio Espina ( one !istrict of "iliran# filed $ouse "ill %1%&, which also grants all centenarians a %0 percent discount and e'emption from the (alue)added ta' (*+,# on the sale of goods and ser(ices from all establishments. Espina said the countr-.s (er- slow economic impro(ement is one of the ma/or causes of stress to Filipinos, resulting in a shorter life e'pectanc-. 0,his is the primar- reason wh- we need to gi(e due honor and respect to li(ing centenarians,1 Espina said. 2nder the measure, to be 3nown as the 4entenarians +ct of 501&, senior citizens who ha(e reached 100 -ears of age will recei(e P100,000 and a letter of felicitation from the President of the Philippines. ,he measure would also declare the 56 th of September as 7ational Respect for 4entenarians da-, during which all Filipinos who ha(e turned centenarian in the current fiscal -ear shall be awarded a pla8ue of recognition and a cash incenti(e b- their respecti(e cit- or municipal go(ernments in appropriate ceremonies. ,he amount of the cash incenti(e shall be determined b- the concerned local go(ernment unit ( 92#. Posthumous pla8ues of recognition in honor of deceased centenarians shall be presented to the nearest sur(i(ing relati(e or representati(e of each centenarian. ,he bill pro(ides that an- person who abuses, refuses to abide b- or (iolates the pro(isions of the proposed act shall suffer imprisonment of one -ear and a fine of P100,000, for the first offense, and for subse8uent offense, imprisonment of two -ears and a fine of P160,000. (%0# jc

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