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Published by: Joy Pacres on Nov 25, 2013
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After Medical and Nursing Intervention given, the patient showed progressive improvement physically, mentally, and emotionally as evidenced by: Physical            With normal vital signs: T: , PR: , RR: ,BP: Good tissue perfusion Good skin turgor Can closed and opened both eyes in unison, with good facial expression No body weakness, can raise upper and lower extremities With Normal bowel sound and movement Defecate with smooth and brownish stool once a day Urinate 5-6 times a day with yellowish in color No edema on facial, upper and lower extremities With good hygiene and grooming No recurrence of headache, epigastric pain, and vomiting

Mental       Conscious, responsive, and coherent Can recall past and recent happenings in her life Can state where she is, name of the hospital, date, time, and the nurse name. Can spell the word “WORLD” backwardly Know the name and age of her children and husband accurately Consistent in answering question being asked

Emotion  Has positive outlook in life  Facial expression is congruent to the emotion felt  Verbalization of happiness since she’s about to see and be together with her family.  Willingness on completing the treatment regimen given after discharge in the hospital.

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