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CS400 Manual - Eng

CS400 Manual - Eng

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Published by: rany_m on Aug 17, 2009
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Quick access command summary:


Displayed items

Press Prog

Menu List

Press 3

Lev 3 password entry

Type a five-digit password


Press Enter

Programming Menu

Press → (Right) to access
the second screen


Press 5 (Reset) or 7 (Init)

Confirmation Message

Press Enter/Esc to

System Restart

The Reset option allows you to perform a M402 CPU restart without turning off the system. When you
perform a reset, only the signaling status of the control system is changed, this means that the
enabling/signaling status of various modules and the power supply of remote and connected devices remain
Use the Init command to delete the configuration of the control system from the non-volatile memory. If you
manually turn off the control system, at the restart of the a system an initialization will be
performed (cf § 2.10 Startup Actions) and the default configuration will be set.
This action generates a level 2 warning event that is stored only if you enabled the history log (cf § 4.3

Job No.

Doc. No.

CS400 - Installation & Operating Guide


Warning Signals).

WARNING: It is recommended to perform the Reset and Init action only when it is strictly necessary.

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