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CS400 Manual - Eng

CS400 Manual - Eng

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Quick access command summary:


Displayed items

Press List

List Menu

Press 2

Print Menu

Press 2

Log events to print filter

(Left) and (Right) keys to
move to the field.
(Up) and (Down) keys to
change the field. Enter to print,
Esc to cancel.

From the List Menu, press 2 to access the archive print command (“Archive Print” mode): Access is allowed
only after the printer has been enabled. You need to enter a “filter” to apply to the printed events, in order to
select the event type and the start and end dates of the period that comprises it. To print all the events in the
log, do not modify the fields.





A / F / AF / W /
AW / FW / AFW Sets the filter to apply to the printed events.

A = alarms only
F = faults only
AF = alarms and faults
W = warnings only
AW = alarms and warnings
FW = faults and warnings
AFW = all events



Sets the start date of the printed logged events.



It sets the end date of the printed logged events. By default, the current
date is entered.

Press Enter to start printing. The report is made up of 40 columns with an header and a list of archived
events. The report header contains the system name and serial number, the type of printed events along with
their logging time interval, and the current date and time of the print command. Each event is reported in a
separate section containing the following information: event name, module or generating line name, detailed
event information (Cf § 4.6.1 Event Lists And Information).
At the end of the printing operation, the control system waits for new printing commands (“Waiting to Print”
The “Archive Print” mode is disabled when:
• You disable the printer (Cf § 3.8.4 Configuring The Control System For Win400
• You activate other modes in the Print Menu.
WARNING: the archive print command interrupts printing the control system status (“Status Print” mode).

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