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Leadership Training Program

Concept :
 Leadership is a personal quality of all individual  Leadership is the ability to persuade others to seek defined goals enthusiastically.  The Leaders Role is to stimulate and inspire the others to contribute willingly and cooperatively to the optimum achievement of organizational goals.  Leadership is defined a influence, that is the process of influencing people so that they will strive willingly and enthusiastically towards the achievement of group goals.  Leadership is the ability to influence a group towards achievement of goals.

Nature & Characters of Leadership
Followers Ability to Influence Common Objectives Unequal Distribution of Authority Continuous Process Situational

Functions of a Leader
Determination of Goal Organizational Activities Public Relations Achieving co-operations Representation of

Functions of a Leader
Representation of Members/Friends/Workers Providing Guidelines to Subordinates Inspiration to others Building high morale 

Leadership Style
Autocratic Leadership

Leadership Style
Democratic Leadership

Leadership Style
Laissez Faire Leadership Style

Leadership Style
Forward Leadership style

Approach of Leadership

Quality of Leadership

Management Quality
 Technical Knowledge Situational Adoption Motivating Skills Effective Communication Human Relation Power of Judgment

Why Leadership
 To Make Good Relationship To Perform Good Job To Increase Performance To Increase Capability To Increase Flexibility

Why Leadership
To Take Advantage of Peoples, Workers and Work Force Diversity To Motivate Followers To Make Team Cooperation To Make Effective

Leadership Attitude
“The Difference between the impossible for the people and possible lies in a person’s determinations.”

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Leadership Attitude
Others Attitude

Actual Situation

Required Actual Condition

What is the attitude of the society about the organization ? What is the condition of organization ? How we can improve the organizational condition ? What is the real responsibility of the leader ?

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