On sight of a child drowning, Kutch @BJP4India leader jumps and saves the child

Bhasker News Nakhtrana

On sight of a 5 year child drowning in massive underground tank in Badmer, Rajasthan, Leader of Kutch BJP jumped into the tank and saved the child from drowning. The leader was praised for his bravery and also thanked by the locals. As per details, Kutch BJP Leaders and Karyakartas had gone to Rajasthan for Campaigning in on-going Assembly Elections. Among all these was Mahamantri of Kutch District and Dy Sarpanch of Naliya Paresh Bhanushali, who were campaigning near Badmer. Suddenly they saw a child drowning in deep tank. There was lot of panic and shouting in the area. At this moment Paresh Bhanushali jumped into the tank and got the child out safely. The name of the saved child is Himanshu Agarwal, who while playing with friends, fell into the tank. Karyakartas of Kutch BJP, Vikramsingh Jadeja, Chandan Singh Rathod and others handed over the child to the parents. It should also be noted that when Himanshu was drowning, Former Kutch BJP President, Jayantibhai Bhanushali was about to jump in the well to save the child but Paresh Bhanushali stopped him from doing so.

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