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1. Lubrication Theory: Leal Chap 5 Introduction section, 5B, 5B.2 (sphere solid boundary), Class material 2.

Hydrodynamic Instability: Mainly uploaded class notes, additional reading from Leal is recommended for explanations and details. o Rayeigh Taylor (Adverse Density): Chap 12-B intro, 12-B.1 o Rayleigh Plateau (Capillary): Chap 12-A intro, 12-A.1 o Rayleigh Bernard (Adverse temp): 12-E, 12-F.1, 12-F.2 3. Turbulence: Material uploaded in Moodle (Deen and CFD models), and class discussion on mechanism. From Su Sir's Mail. ATP
1. Algebra with index notation 2. Scaling and Dimensionless quantities 3. Perturbation and Asymptotic 4. Leading order phenomena 5. Physics of molecular and Turbulent Transport 6. Appreciation of the importance of approximate solutions to Engineering problems.