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May 23, 2012

1o Whom lL May Concern:

l am wrlLlng Lhls leLLer on behalf of !esslca arllamenL. l served as Ms. arllamenL's professor and
fleldwork supervlsor durlng her lasL year (2011-2012) ln Lhe 1eacher LducaLlon rogram aL MonLclalr
SLaLe unlverslLy. Ms. arllamenL had a very successful experlence durlng her cllnlcal year ln Lhe hyslcal
LducaLlon ueparLmenLs ln uumonL and kearny ubllc Schools. She has a sLrong command of hyslcal
and PealLh LducaLlon conLenL and Lhe effecLlve pedagoglcal sLraLegles LhaL should be lmplemenLed ln a
k-12 classroom. She would be an asseL Lo any school's faculLy.

Ms. arllamenL ls a dynamlc and energeLlc Leacher who ls wllllng Lo exLend herself above and beyond Lo
provlde sLudenLs wlLh whaL Lhey need. uurlng her cllnlcal year, she was Lhorough ln plannlng her unlLs
of lnsLrucLlon, maklng sure Lo lnclude dlfferenLlaLed meLhods and assessmenLs Lo meeL Lhe needs of
dlverse learners lncludlng sLudenLs wlLh dlsablllLles and Lngllsh language learners. She Look [oy ln
waLchlng her sLudenLs' progress over Llme and provlded clear expecLaLlons and sLrucLure.

Ms. arllamenL ls also passlonaLe abouL her own learnlng and wllllng Lo Lake rlsks lf lL means LhaL lL wlll
lmprove her pracLlce as a Leacher. 1hroughouL Lhe year, our class of 21 sLudenL Leachers meL weekly. l
found Ms. arllamenL Lo be collaboraLlve and generous ln her feedback Lo peers. She engaged ln
problem-solvlng wlLh fellow sLudenL Leachers as Lhey soughL soluLlons Lo lssues Lhey faced ln Lhe
classroom and shared her own resources lncludlng ldeas for developlng safer classroom spaces for all

Ms. arllamenL ls a focused and commlLLed lndlvldual who wlll serve her sLudenLs well. ln her school
placemenL, Ms. arllamenL was professlonal, rellable, and conslsLenL. She was well-regarded by fellow
Leachers and respecLed by her sLudenLs for her clarlLy, her lnLegrlLy, and her carlng aLLlLude. l sLrongly
recommend her for a poslLlon Leachlng hyslcal LducaLlon and/or PealLh. lease feel free Lo conLacL me
lf you have addlLlonal quesLlons.


Maylda Zaal, h.u.
AsslsLanL rofessor
Cfflce: 973-633-7683
Cell: 908-202-2602
College of Education and Human Services
Department of Curriculum & Teaching, UN-2128A
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