Phylum Porifera

Simple Animal #1

Basic Facts
Meaning of name: Pore bearing  Invertebrate  Body Plan: primarily asymmetrical  Habitat: Aquatic/Marine  Size range from a few centimeters to several feet in diameter

Basic Facts cont….
Adults are sessile (do not move)  Immature sponges (larvae) are motile  Filter feeding  Detrivores: eat dead and decaying organic material

Body Plan
Hollow tube—open at top and closed at bottom  Made of cells only (no tissue organization)  Each cell has a specialized function

Cell Types

Cell Function
Osculum: Center cavity/used for water flow in and out of sponge  Collar cells/Choanocytes: Used to trap food in osculum  Amoebocytes: Used to transport nutrients throughout sponge  Porocytes: Allow for water circulation  Spicules: Used as a skeleton and defense

Produces a free swimming larva  Mostly asexual (one parent)  Sexual reproduction

– Can be hermaphroditic – Gemmulation

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