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PLAN RADA IZ PREDMETA PRISTUPI KNJIEVNOSTI APPROACHES TO LITERATURE L I Definitions of literature. Fictional nature of the literary work.

The literary work as a structure. Intrinsic approach to literature E S 1 Studying literature: history of literature E L II Studying literature: theory of literature, literary criticis . Directions in literary criticis S ! Literary genres and con"entions: epic, lyric, dra atic E L III Features of epic poetry: oral# written epic, epic singer# poet, epic hero T 1 S $ Features of epic poetry: epic structure, epic co position, digressions, epic style T 1 L I% Epic in prose. For s of fiction. &istory of the no"el E S ' Ele ents of fiction: (arration )narrati"e techni*ue+, story, plot, su,plot, the e, idea, L % Types of no"el T 1 S - Ele ents of fiction: narrator, point of "iew, characters, language, co position T 1 )Test+ L %I Lyric poetry, lyric poe , lyric su,.ect. Lyric for s: hy n, ode, elegy E S / Lyric for s: Sonnet )0etrarchan, Shakespearean+ T ! L %II 1etre, "ersification E 1etric feet T ! S 2 Ele ents of poetry: etric lines, rhy e sche es T ! L %III Stan3as: couplet, heroic couplet, ter3a ri a, *uatrain T ! S 4 5allad stan3a, 6haucer7s stan3a, ottawa ri a, Spenser7s stan3a T ! L I8 Figures of speech. Figures of diction )sound+. Figures of thought. T ! S 9 Figures of construction. Tropes. T ! )Test+ L 8 Dra atic literature. Tragedy, tragic hero, tragic fault. :e"enge tragedy. T $ S1; Dra atic unities. Dra atic structure E L 8I Features of co edy. Types of co edy: character# co edy of hu ours< situation# co edy of intrigue, co edy of errors, ro antic co edy. T $ S 11 Types of co edy: society# co edy of anners, :estoration co edy T $ )Test+ T= Test *uestions and topics, 1, !, $ $ > !; ? of course E = E>a ination *uestions and topics @ analysis of selected literary passage ';? of course L = Lecture S= Se inar otif T 1 E