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Hitler vs Stalin

by Jacob and Daniel

PROS Treated his soldiers well Unemployment fell from 6 million to 1 million Cared for (most) of his people POW camps were alright Started the largest infrastructure improvements in German history Very militarily effective Transformed Germany back into a world power after the Treaty of Versailles Passed all of his laws democratically A very moving public speaker Banned public smoking hunting Created a car for the average person (Volkswagen)

CONS Holocaust Failed to invade Britain Overestimated Germanys cababilites Invading Russia Should have listened to his generals more Underestimated Stalin No patience

PROS Played a large part in defeating Nazi Germany Transformed Russia into a superpower Further industrialized Russia He introduced communism

CONS Killed millions of his own people Executed millions to gain power Treated his soldiers poorly Treated POWs poorly Ruthless, ruled with an iron fist Did not feed his men, left them to die without supplies Used the machine guns on his own men rather than the enemy Only half his men got a weapon Huge lack of supplies for the Russian military To get into power he killed all who were against his ideas

Starved the people

Who was Better?

From the information we were able to find we believe that Hitler even though was responsible for the holocaust was better. We believe this for a number of reasons, to start hitler did not slaughter his own men, they were treated with respect and honor. Hitler also gave his men supplies to the best of his abilities. Not to forget that hitler passed all his laws democratically. though he assassinated all who was against him, he still used the system in place. We believe that one of the reasons Hitler started the Holocaust was to start war. We don't think he wanted to make the first move in a global war. Not to say all Hitler did was good things he was also in many ways brutal and careless. For example when he separated the families of the Jews or the gas chambers, the concentration camps and the death camps. He also killed many surrendering enemy soldiers for absolutely no reason. We believe that Stalin was worse but Hitler got caught.

Who was Worse?

Although the Holocaust was awful and Hitler was definitely not a good person, Stalin was a lot more brutal and unkind towards more people. Unlike Hitler, Stalin would kill you regardless of your race. Stalin executed millions of people, tried to wipe out an entire social class, all in the name of the Motherland. All though a lot of his policies worked and helped the USSR to become a superpower, his people suffered.For example, no one was allowed to retreat, if you did he used the machine guns on you and other soldiers rather than the enemy, his soldiers also had little equipment, and his people had little food. He played a massive role in defeating the Nazis, at the cost of 20 million Soviets, and not to mention the millions more killed by him after the war.

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