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How to Write Research Proposal

Research Proposal
Research proposal should fulfill the following requirements 1. It should match with your Interest 2. It should match with latest Research 3. It should be according to advertised opportunity 4. It should match with any Professor Research field.

How to Decide Topic / Title?

1. Decide your Interest (any interesting subject) 2. Go to the University webpage, in which you are interested 3. Go to your department webpage 4. Go to the Professors Profile 5. Find Professor related to your research interest 6. Download and read his latest research paper to know about latest research 7. Go to Google Scholar 8. Search the latest REVIEW PAPER on that field 9. Read this Review Paper to know about all the previous research on this topic 10. Try to find the drawbacks or limitations of the previous research 11. Try to create ideas, how can you address the drawbacks and limitations of the previous research. 12. Try to write many titles of your Research Proposal 13. Choose the best title (not too short nor too long, full explanatory) 14. Start writing proposal

How to Write Research Proposal

Research Proposal Structure

1. Title a. Precise and full explanatory b. Not too short nor too long 2. Table of contents (Not mandatory) 3. Abstract 4. Introduction / Literature Review / State of the Art 5. Research motivation 6. Research objectives 7. Problem Statement / Research Problem a. Introduction b. Case study / Simulation / Example c. Drawbacks 8. Propose Methodology a. Method b. Case study / Simulations / Example c. Benefits 9. Conclusion 10. References