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'()*AD+*'()A ,(addon -o.ns/i% resident 'aul 0e%%el1 a $unior at 2t& 3ose%/4s 're%1 is one of t/e student leaders for t/e 're%4s annual -/anksgiving food drive&

As a mem"er of t/e sc/ool4s Mission and Ministr5 Board1 0e%%el .anted to make t/e food drive more student %artici%ator5 t/an in %revious 5ears& 0e%%el and senior Matt/e. Calta"iano ste%%ed in as leaders to get t/e student "od5 more involved& 67e /ung u% %osters to make m5 're% classmates more a.are of t/e food drive18 sa5s 0e%%el& 6) reall5 tried to advocate to t/e students and not $ust t/e %arents&8 -/e food drive1 ./ic/ /as "een going on since 9ovem"er :1 culminates on 9ovem"er 2 1 ./en ever5 're% student /and-delivers t/e food to 275 need5 families around t/e 're% neig/"or/ood& 6)t is reall5 nice to make a difference to %eo%le ./o struggle18 sa5s 0e%%el& )n addition to /el%ing out .it/ t/e food drive1 0e%%el /as also %artici%ated in 2%eak;%<1 a %rogram ./ic/ su%%orts a safe1 nont/reatening environment to individuals to s/are candidl5 a"out relevant teen issues& (e also %la5s on t/e 're%4s c/am%ions/i% rug"5 team and %artici%ates in man5 service %ro$ects& 0e%%el also en$o5s outdoor activities suc/ as cam%ing1 long"oarding or rock-clim"ing& -/oug/ /e /as not decided ./ic/ field /e .ould like to %ractice1 0e%%el /o%es to "ecome a doctor one da5 6"ecause ) reall5 $ust like to /el% %eo%le&8 (e is currentl5 in t/e 're%4s 're-Med clu" and %lans on remaining a mem"er t/roug/ senior 5ear&

2t& 3ose%/4s 're%arator5 2c/ool is a Cat/olic1 ur"an1 college %re%arator5 sc/ool for "o5s in '/iladel%/ia& )n t/e tradition of t/e 3esuit %riests ./o founded t/e sc/ool1 -/e 're%4s mission is to develo% t/e minds1 /earts1 souls and c/aracters of 5oung men in t/eir %ursuit of "ecoming Men for and .it/ =t/ers& >or more information1 go to ...&s$%re%&org&