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Published by: scizott on Nov 25, 2013
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Eagle Claw (Ying Jow Pai), Tai Chi, Capoeira, Xing Yi Heel Kick (Snap) Toe Kick Bencao (front push) (Cross kick) Roundhouse kick (Martelo) Double (toe) Kick Inside Crescent (meia de frente) Outside Crescent Queixada (stepup/side crescent inside-outside) Queixada var.drop Chapa Baixa (medium height whole body inside crescent kick) Raising the Left and Right Legs Raise leg and side lick Pisao (side kick snap/push, pivot the back foot) Side Kick Side Thrust kick (Tai Chi) Jumping crosskick (out to in) Ponteira (the simple front snap-kick with the ball of the foot.) Meia-Lua de compasso (reverse kick) pivot body/hands inside back leg Chapa Giratoria (reverse side kick) Spinning Lotus Kick (Backleg) Double Spinning Dragon Kick Xingyi Dragon Kicks Tornado Kick Pressing Kick Front Sweep Back Sweep Dragon Tail Sweep 360 Sweep Low front kick(ball of foot stomps) Circle Claw, Grab, Strike, Sweep Stomp Step Combos: Inside crescent kick/spear kick Side kick/ Jump inside crescent Side kick spin side kick Inside crescent kick/ kick tornado kick Inside crescent kick/Side kick Shin kick/jumping side kick(low) Cross toe kick/ jump cross toe kick Inside outside crescent kicks Jumping toe Kick/Tornado Kick Heel kick/ double jump heel kick Meia-Lua de frente (inside crescent)/Meia-Lua de costas (side outside cresecent)

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