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Yale Sanford

3211 Arden Villas Blvd Apartment #8 Orlando FL, 32817 (786-29 -27!!" #ale$an%ord&'mail()om
Education University of Central Florida B.A. Radio & Television Production Minor: ritin!" R#etoric $raduation Year %&'( )Attended Savanna# Colle!e of Art & *esi!n & Point Par+ University on At#letic Sc#olars#i, ''-.'/-0

E1,erience Simon-Crair Group C.P.A. Miami Fl (09-11) *+ ,epartment (-aintenan)e on )omp.ters, net/or0s, so%t/are" 1art o% a /or0 sta%% t2at deals /it2 vario.s pro3lems in t2e /or0pla)e and /or0s to %i4 t2em as promptl5 as possi3le( +a.62t ne/ A))o.ntin6 so%t/are to all sta%% mem3ers /it2in one /ee0 o% learnin6 t2e pro6ram( 7eld vario.s meetin6s and one-on-one 2elp sessions to 2elp sta%% /it2 te)2nolo65 /it2in t2e o%%i)e(

Entrepreneur Ebay (09- Present) ,ealt /it2 ).stomer servi)e as /ell as tro.3les2ootin6( 8esponsi3le %or all order invoi)es and s2ippin6 internationall5( Boo00eepin6

E !alibur Ele!troni!s Miami F".#Camelot Sales ($1%-1&) S+ill Set $ales -ana6er o% inventor5 8esponsi3le %or inventor5 as /ell item postin6( 8esponsi3le %or ).stomer tro.3les2ootin6 $ales9 promotin6 and sellin6 prod.)t in pro%essional manor $tron6 ) s0ill set (Film, ,i6ital -edia, :o.rnalism" Advanced +no2led!e in editin! soft2are )Avid3 4Movie3 Final Cut Pro 5.0


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1ro%i)ient in Apple so%t/are as /ell as 1;(