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Title: New Signing in procedure Intended Audience: Sallas Mahones Visitors Purpose I chose the topic: New Signing

in Procedures, because recently we have had to take extra precaution when dealing with visitors !ue to all the recent shootings in schools, we have had to change so"e o# our procedures in order to keep our students sa#er $lthough "any parents agree that we "ust keep our students sa#e, they o#ten #orget "any o# the rules I thought this vodcast could easily be uploaded to our schools %acebook page so parents and other visitors have easy access to the in#or"ation &he goal o# this vodcast is to help parents know the reasons these rules are in place Creating the Vodcast 'hen I #irst set out to do this pro(ect, I atte"pted a screen cast )owever, I could not get "y video and audio to "atch up $#ter several #ailed atte"pts, I was running out o# ti"e so I chose to do a picture video &he progra" I chose was %antashow *ike "ost so#tware available online, the #ree edition has li"ited #eatures &he so#tware was easy to use and the tutorial was very help#ul I really liked all the options and styles you could chose #ro" i# you upgraded It also gave several options #or sound conversion and uploading #or sharing purposes 'hile the so#tware was very user #riendly, it kept crashing when recording sound $lso, it would not let you shorten the duration o# certain photos I really en(oyed this assign"ent and will continue to look #or other vodcast so#tware to use in "y classroo" $llowing students to "ake vodcast is a great way #or the" to show what they know