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Name: Katherine Pook Content Area(s) Language Arts Date: 11/5/13 Grade(s): 3

Learning Goal(s) (Content Standard)

English Language Arts Standard: Integration of knowledge and ideas. Describe the logical connection between particular sentences in a text (e.g., comparison, cause/effect, first/second/third in a sequence).

Instructional Objectives

Students will review cause and effect relationships. Students will be able to identify causes, effects and clue words within sentences. Students will be able to formulate their own cause and effect sentences.

Assessment (Criteria/Look Fors)

What will students do to show their understanding? Be able to answer questions out loud and on the Smart Board. Be able to complete a worksheet provided for individual work time.

Materials Smart Board Smart Notebook File Worksheets

Time (Total & Specific)

Total Time = 30 minutes Introduction = 3 minutes Demonstration = 4 Minutes Participation = 10 minute Practice = 10 minutes Closing = 3 minutes Introduction I will tell students that they will be learning about cause and effect relationships. I will also explain to students what I expect of them such as they will be sitting down and quiet until they are called on. I will then use the first slide of my smart notebook file to review the definitions of cause and effect with the students. Demonstration This will take place throughout the lesson. Since every slide of my Smart Notebook lesson has a different activity I will demonstrate that activity as we get to that slide. After the smart board lesson I will also give a short demonstration on the worksheet so that students understand what it is

Instruction Procedures Introduction Demonstration Participation Practice

asking of them. Participation This will be one of the major parts of the lesson. Each part of my lesson on the smart board has short games or activities that students can participate in. I will ask students to sit quietly and raise their hands if they know answers and would like to participate. I will then call on a student to come up to the smart board and complete part of the activity. Each small activity will give multiple students the chance to participate.

Practice This is the other major part of my lesson. To practice I will hand out a worksheet (example attached). I will briefly explain the worksheet and then give students individual time to work on it.

Questions For students For Me Academic Language Focus Were students engaged in the lesson? Were there any areas where students seemed to struggle more? Was the lesson too easy or too hard overall? Did students seem to understand the concepts? What is a cause? What is an effect?

Cause, Effect, Clue word

Closure To close I will ask students to raise their hands if they would like to share one of the sentences they wrote on the worksheet. I will then ask them again to all say what a cause is and what an effect is. Then I will collect the worksheets.

Student Accommodations

For students who excel at concepts If students excel and finish early when doing the worksheet they can take out a piece of paper and write one or two more of their own cause and effect sentences.

For students who struggle While students are working on their worksheets I will be walking around the room and will be available to help any students who may need more help.

Self Reflection To do after lesson