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The Cerritos College mission is to serve the community by building futures through learning.

Cerritos College, 11110 Alondra Blvd., Norwalk, CA 90650, (562) 860-2451

Nay 17th, 2u12

To Whom It Nay Concein:

It's my honoi to wiite this lettei of iecommenuation on behalf of }oige uuillen foi
youi piogiam.

I have known Ni. uuillen foi ovei 2u yeais, anu have witnesseu how he has giown
as an inuiviuual, a fathei, a husbanu, anu as a piofessional. Theiefoie, if I weie to
uesciibe the peisona of Ni. uuillen, I'u say he's a man of integiity with an enuless
vision in life, humble, ueuicateu, asseitive, cieative, open to ciiticism anu a human
being with a gieat sense of humoi.

Ni. uuillen's qualities as a piofessional aie those same he possess as an inuiviuual.
What most captivates me of him is the gieat vision he has to peiceive things fiom a
piactical, philosophical, anu cieative point of view. Foi instance, he has iecently
founueu anu uiiecteu the !"#"$%& ()%$*+ ,#%-%.*+$/ 012""# 32"4$ 4. 5676 wheie he
cuiiently is employeu. Be inspiies kius to stay in school anu to value ait anu music.
But above all, he teaches them how to value anu eniich theii life. Ni. uuillen's vision
of cieating this piogiam is not meiely to teach music anu singing lessons, but to be a
positive iole mouel foi his stuuents. As a iesult, Ni. uuillen helps stuuents to
become futuie successful citizens who consequently will impiove oui society. Piioi
to this successful piogiam at the Eveigieen Elementaiy School, Ni. uuillen hau
alieauy founueu anu uiiecteu the 012""# "8 9"1: ;$"<$+- 4. 566= at Eastman
Avenue Elementaiy School wheie he shapeu anu changeu hunuieus of young kius'

Fuitheimoie, the ueuication anu integiity that Ni. uuillen has as a piofessional,
makes him a uesiiable teachei to woik at any school in the 0niteu States.
Consequently, Eastman Avenue Elementaiy School in Los Angeles appieciateu anu
valueu those tiaits of Ni. uuillen. Be was awaiueu a 3%$*4841+*% "8 >??$%14+*4". in
iecognition of his commitment anu ueuication to his stuuents uuiing the school yeai
2uu2-2uuS just to mention one of many.

Thiough out his caieei, Ni. }oige uuillen has uemonstiateu to be a gieat leauei at
the schools he has woikeu. Be has the ability to get otheis to willingly follow his
leaueiship because he's able to communicate his vision cleaily anu enthusiastically.
Because of his leaueiship skills, Ni. uuillen has uevelopeu school piogiams with the
aiu of the school's auministiation anu colleagues in Nusic, Science, Aits, Language
The Cerritos College mission is to serve the community by building futures through learning.
Cerritos College, 11110 Alondra Blvd., Norwalk, CA 90650, (562) 860-2451
Aits, Nathematics anu Physical EuucationBealth to eniich stuuents anu the

Likewise on his peisonal achievements, Ni. uuillen has paiticipateu in numeious
Naiathons in Los Angeles anu Long Beach aieas. Running a maiathon is neithei
simple noi easy. It iequiies commitment, ueuication, piactice, peiseveiance,
enuuiance, anu above all it uemanus to be focuseu at all time to get to the finish line.
All of these mentioneu attiibutes aie skills of a visionaiy anu leauei that aie put into
piactice in a ieal life situation.

In conclusion, I stiongly tiust that Ni. }oige uuillen will be a tiue asset to youi
piogiam since he has veiy much to offei anu his contiibutions will biing positive
social change in youi piogiam anu in oui mouein society.

If I can be of any fuithei assistance, please uo not hesitate to contact me.


Fioylan Cabuto
Spanish Piofessoi
Chaii, Nouein Language Bepaitment
(S62) 86u-24S1 Ext. 282S