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Introducing yourself

Hello*, I am Mary. What is your name? Good morning. I am Mr. Lopez Its nice to meet you Hi*, my name is Laura
*The difference between Hello and Hi is, that Hello is formal and Hi is more informal to introduce yourself.

To say hello you can use parts of the day: Good morning Good evening Good afternoon Good night

To get more information about a person we can use the next questions:

Where are you from? How old are you? Whats your surname? Whats your address?

I am from United Stated of America (U.S.A) I am 18 (eighteen) years old. My surname is Summers My address is 47 (forty-seven) Slater Avenue

Whats your phone number? My phone number is 555-0536 Are you single? Are you married? What is your occupation? Yes I am No I am not I am a teacher

A short easy dialogue

A: Good afternoon, my name is Juan. Whats your name? B: Good afternoon Juan, I am Luis. Where are you from?

A: I am from Cordoba, Argentina B: How old are you Juan? A: I am 23 (twenty three) years old. What about you? B: I am 20 (twenty) years old. A: Are you married? B: No, I am not. I am single. A: What is your address? B: I live on Oquendo Street. And you? A: I live at 4555 Ayacucho Avenue. B: Well, its nice to meet you. A: Nice to meet you too!