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Reasons for Loving the Lord

A little girl was playing with her doll while her mother was busily working. When her mother had finished she said You can come in now. The child ran to her and said, I am so glad you re finished because I wanted to come in and lo!e you" #ut I thought you were happy playing with your doll. Yes mother, I was. #ut I soon get tired of lo!ing her, because she cannot love me back. And is this why you lo!e me . . because I can lo!e you back$ That s one reason, but not the best. You loved me when I was too little to love YOU back"

Joh 16:27 For the Father himself loveth you, because ye have loved me, and have believed that I came out from God. Rom :! "ut God commendeth his love to#ard us, in that, #hile #e #ere yet sinners, $hrist died for us.

&e!en 'acts (oncerning the )o!e of *od

%. .. /. 2. 1. ;. ,. Infinite in its character +ohn %,-./ (onstraining in its 0ower . (or 1-%2 Inseparable in its ob3ect 4om 5-/16/, Indi!idual in its (hoice *al .-.7 8ni!ersal in its 9:tent +ohn /-%; 8nchanging in its 0urpose +ohn %/-% 9!erlasting in its <uration +er /%-/

&ome #ible Testimonies as to Why =thers )o!ed >im

%. .. /. 2. 1. ;. >e first )o!ed ?e % +ohn 2-%@ >e >as >eard =ur 0rayers 0sa %%;-% >e (ares, 0reser!es and 4ewards 0sa /%-./ >e is With 8s, as =ne of 8s % &am %5-%; >e =!errules 9!erything for =ur *ood 4om 5-.5 >e *i!es &urprisingly both Aow and >ereafter % (or .-@