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Project Proposal I. Project Tile: POLARIS II. Project Theme: Be heard and become the brightest star III.

Project Proponent: Touchpoint IV. Project Rationale:

Collected artworks from the prior competition hosted by the advertising arts department and Touchpoint will be the items in this exhibition. This exhibition will serve as an avenue for the screened artworks to gain exposure and network for the artist V. Project Objectives: To gain potential connections and disseminate the results of the contest prior to this exhibit To give the students the opportunity to show off their talents and skills To ignite and inspire the students interest in pursuing their selected fields

Executive Board A.Y. 2013-2014

Francesca Aguilos President

Rosalin Angelu Baliton Internal Vice President

Lemuel Rei Maigue External Vice President

Allyssa Rocero Secretary

Mikaela Balita Treasurer

VI. Project Description: Polaris is a showcase of entries that passed the screening
process of the competition submitted to __________________. Beato Angelico's _________ gallery will serve as the exhibition space.

Joyce Villanueva Auditor

VII. Project Duration: The exhibit is expected to open at exactly 3:00 pm, January
22, 2014 and close at exactly 5:00pm on the 23rd of January 2014.

Almira Teng Public Relations Officer

VIII. Target Beneficiaries: The exhibitors are expected to gain more confidence and potential connections. They are expected to inspire and be inspired to each others work. Non-exhibitors are also expected to be inspired and pursue more n their selected fields. IX. Proposed Budget:

Asst. Prof. Mary Christie Que Adviser


X. Monitoring and Evaluation: Officers are expected to facilitate the event. After the assembly, each participant is given a survey form (see below) to be filled out for assessment. chpoint oint

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I find the speakers efficient. The event gave me sufficient insight about the organization. Schedule is followed efficiently.

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