6th Grade Art

A diagram for how to mix colors  Includes:

 Primary Colors
 Secondary

Colors  Tertiary Colors

 

Primary Colors cannot be made by mixing Every other color can be made by mixing the 3 Primary Colors
 Red, Yellow, & Blue

When you Mix two of the Primary Colors together it makes a Secondary Color
 Red + Yellow = ○ Orange  Yellow + Blue = ○ Green  Blue + Red =
○ Violet


Hue: is another word for color Colors can be grouped together in many different ways called Schemes
 Warm & Cool Colors  Complimentary Colors

Warm and Cool Colors divide the color wheel in half  Warm colors are all colors that relate to red, yellow, and orange  Cool Colors are all colors related to blue, green, and violet

Blues and Greens are cool colors  They make us think of the sky and ocean  When artist use cool color combinations their pictures can seem cold and sometimes sad

Warm Colors remind us of fire and sunshine  Artists use these colors to show strong feeling such as love or anger.

Warm & Cool Colors
Warm Colors are red and all colors related to red (yellows & oranges)  Cool Colors are blue and all colors related to blue (greens & violets)

Complimentary Colors are opposite one another on the color wheel  They are contrasting bold color combinations that include

 Red & Green

 Yellow & Violet
 Blue & Orange

When Complimentary colors are placed next to one another they appear BRIGHTER!

Red & Green

Yellow & Violet

Blue & Orange

Color Schemes

What do these pictures have to do with the meaning of the words?

TINTS A Tint is sometimes called a Pastel. It's simply any color with white added. SHADES A Shade is simply any color with black added.

TONES A Tone is created by adding both White and Black. Any color that is "greyed down" is considered a Tone.

n Add Wh Tte i t

T both o BLACK & WHITE

n e


All colors can convey different meaning  Click here to get started

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