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Art Activity Plan Title of the Activity: Creating movement with line Grade Level: Third Grade Duration:

ion: 20 minutes Learning objectives: o Students will be able to demonstrate different uses of line (direction, thickness, patterns) to create movement within their work o o Students will be able to use markers to create lines Students will be able to identify cool (blue, green, violet) and warm (red, orange, yellow) colors Materials: white construction paper (8.5 X 11); markers Advance preparations: N/A Directions: Students pick 3 warm colors (red, orange, yellow) and 1 cool (blue, green, or violet). Students will take the cool color selected and draw a curved line (at least 2 humps) across the page of paper. Students will then follow said curved line with each of the warm colors. Pattern is important and must be maintained throughout the drawing. From the first set of colors there should be 2 more repeating patterns above and below the first set of colors making the curved line. Students upon completion of this step, will then pick 3 cool colors (blue, green, and violet) and 1 warm color (red, orange, or yellow). Similar to the first pattern set of curved lines, students will take the 1 warm color and draw a curved line in a different direction than that of the first. On each side of warm colored curved line, students will begin to fill out the rest of the paper on each side of this curved line in a repeating pattern like the first set drawn. Appropriateness for Age Group: This activity is appropriate for third-graders because it presents a challenge with following directions and patience, yet is within their capabilities. This will be a way of showing students how they can create movement within their art work by direction, shape, size, width of lines. This activity could be included in a unit on sound waves in a science section or in a further complex art lesson. Adaptations for Individual Differences: I would need to physically model each step in the activity so children with difficulty in following directions or were visual learners could complete the project. I would also need to model each step for children with limited English proficiency. I will also need to be available to assist children with fine-motor control limitations.

Cultural Implications: This activity would be appropriate for children from all cultures because the theme (lines) is one they can relate to since it is part of their direct experiences. Also, the theme has no religious connotations or values orientations to which families from various cultural or religious backgrounds might object.