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EDU 741 Survey o E!u"a#$o%a& Te"'%o&o(y Dr) Da% *e&#ramo

Game or Simulation Name & address: Purpose for Game or Simulation:

The purpose of the game site is to allow students math and language arts practice in a fun and engaging way.


igital Ta!onomy

"hat le#els of Bloom’s igital Ta!onomy are addressed by this Game or Simulation$ This site is at the applying le#el of Bloom’s igital Ta!onomy. Students are playing the games.

%ducational Game & Simulation %#aluation &hec'list
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )se of game or simulation is rele#ant to the purpose and student needs *elp or tutorial is a#ailable in the game or simulation &ontent is appropriate for the student +nformation is error,free- factual- and reliable &ontent can be e!ported- copied- or printed Game or simulation’s settings and.or content can be customi/ed *istory is 'ept of student use of the app esign of app is functional and #isually stimulating Student can e!it app at any time without losing progress Game or simulation is free of charge No in, game or simulation purchases are necessary for intended use of app Game or simulation loads 0uic'ly and does not crash Game or simulation contains no ad#ertising Game or simulation has been updated in the last 1 months Game or simulation promotes creati#ity and imagination Game or simulation pro#ides opportunities to use higher order thin'ing s'ills

( 22

Game or simulation promotes collaboration and idea sharing Game or simulation pro#ides useful feedbac' Total ✓s The more checks, the better the app is for education

%ducational Game & Simulation %#aluation


2. *ow do you see using this game or simulation being used in the classroom$ + can see this game being used as an inter#ention for students who may need e!tra practice in certain areas. + can also see it as an enrichment acti#ity for students who ha#e mastered the curriculum. They would be able to mo#e forward to the ne!t grade le#el to practi#e new s'ills. This would be a good site to allow for student choice if they ha#e e!tra time after completing assignments. 3T our school- math is a focus area- so the more practice student can get- the better. 4. "hat would be the #alue of using this game or simulation as a learning tool$ The website has many games to choose from and students are allowed some input as far as difficulty le#els. Students are gi#en immediate feedbac' on their answers so they 'now if they are correct or if they need to try again. The graphics and audio are bright and energetic. Students would be attracted to the graphics. The games on this site are good reinforcers of student learning and allow for practice in a non,wor'sheet way. Games tend to be more engaging5