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Paige Duffy Ms. Caruso Engl 1101 7 November 2013 (Creative Title Here) Imagine walking to work one morning. You live in a crowded, busy city and you have to walk multiple blocks to get to your job. You’re wearing uncomfortable shoes. As your feet hurt, and blisters begin to form you become irritated. As you turn the corner, you see a large white rectangular box with a creation of an Adidas running shoe entirely made up of different aspects of nature. Immediately this catches your eye, the different roles that the grass, moss, shrubs, flowers play off each other creates the perfect shape of a running shoe. Ultimately, a company’s main purpose is to promote their product in as many ways as possible to reach a multitude of audiences. Our society has placed and importance upon advertisements. Without advertisements, a company could not benefit or gain profit from their product. We live in a consumer society, and in order to promote products, businesses must catch the audience’s attention and persuade them to buy their product. Adidas is a company that sells shoes by implying that their product will benefit its consumers the best. Adidas does this by connecting nature and expressing the idea of how Adidas shoes are meant to be in nature, which ultimately expresses the idea of exercising and running. To begin with, the first aspect of the Adidas advertisement that can be noticed is the use of a white background. The shoe has been placed upon a white background which forces the audience’s focus on the shoe itself. By placing the shoe on a white background the company is displaying the most important aspect of their advertisement. Basically, they are forces the
Emily Daigle! 10/31/13 10:08 AM
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audience to focus on the shoe because it is the only item on the page. This creates a clear and precise purpose of the advertisement; to promote the Adidas shoe brand. Furthermore, the shoe itself is made up of different types of nature which creates a green color scheme. The shoe generally is different shades of green, expect for the Adidas logo. The Adidas logo, three diagonal lines is also white. However, the logo is within the different shades of green. Ultimately this forces the three diagonal lines to stand out against the green. This could be argued as the most important part of the advertisement because it is the brand logo. This logo identifies the show apart from other shoe companies, and by having it stand out against a green background it highlights the importance of the logo. Interestingly enough, this particular advertisement has no text. Our society has become familiar with seeing advertisements with some kind of slogan trying to promote the product in a catchy or humorous way. However, since this particular ad has no text, this leads the audience’s mind to wonder. Obviously you can see the Adidas logo, which speaks for itself as an importance aspects because it defines what brand the tennis shoe is. Compared to ad number two, the Nike ad, there is a phrase across ad. This ultimately limits the audience to understand that one specific point the company is trying to make. However, with the Adidas ad, the mind can wonder. For instance, I might view the Adidas ad with the idea that the since the shoe is created solely of nature, that tennis shoes ultimately are meant to be out in nature exercising. On the other hand, someone may see the Adidas ad as a connection to the industrial world taking nature away due to construction of buildings. Another aspect to consider of the Adidas ad is its location. First off, the ad looks like a billboard ad but it is actually on the side of a building. Secondly, the shoe itself is located on the very bottom of the rectangular box in which it is located in. By putting the shoe on the side of a
Emily Daigle! 10/31/13 9:58 AM
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Emily Daigle! 10/31/13 9:51 AM
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Emily Daigle! 10/31/13 9:53 AM
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Emily Daigle! 10/31/13 9:56 AM
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building, possibly in a city of some kind, the company could be creating the idea that it is important to be a part of nature even in the midst of a city. Also, the company could be advertising that running occurs outside. For instance, when a person runs, they don’t usually run inside, we run around outside. Furthermore, since the shoe is placed on the bottom of the rectangular box, the shoe looks as if it on the ground. This is significant because our shoes are almost always on the ground. The location of the shoe itself on the advertisement represents the location of the realistic location of where shoes are placed in everyday life. By doing placing the shoe in a realistic location it provides a connection to its audiences because it’s a realistic approach to everyday life. I’m not really sure how to write my conclusion!.
Emily Daigle! 10/31/13 10:01 AM
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I think that with your conclusion you should pick a couple of sentences out of each paragraph that seem the most significant and reiterate them here to give an overall summary of what you feel the company is trying to convey with the particular ad. Your opening paragraph was really interesting, well written and easy to read so maybe try something like that again to close it! I would recommend stating your opinion here without directly saying “I” if that makes any sense! Overall, I think the paper was good, I understood all of the points you were trying to make, there were some grammatical errors so I would just make sure to proof read that before the final draft but that’s all!

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