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Cds English Solutions

Cds English Solutions

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Published by: manthmighty on Nov 26, 2013
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Sentence improve ment: 1. a. are at cross purposes 2. c. That you are not cheated 3. D. where has he gone.

No improvement. 4. c. No sooner did I hear the shot than 5. d. hardly he had entered. No improvement 6. a. shall we. 7. a. What was the matter. Antonyms. 8. Probity Ans: dishonesty. 9. Contest Ans: Accept 10. Sporadic Ans: Persistent 11. Implication Ans: Exoneration 12. Apposite inappropriate 13. Gregarious Ans: unsociable 14. Chivalry Ans: discourtesy 15. Dismal Ans: Bright 16. Sanguine Temper Ans: Despairing nature 17. Meagre Ans: Abundant

Smug Ans: Dissatisfied 27. Consolidated Ans: Broken 21. Crass . Imperial Ans: Create 19. Chronic Ans: Temporary 22. Clinch Ans: Lose 30. Diligent Ans: Carless 23. Oppressive Ans: Gentle 28. To put up with Ans: to move along with Synonyms 32.18. Obscure Ans: clear 29. Awkward Ans: Graceful 26. Callous Ans: Generous 24. Vituperative Ans: CONGRATULATORY 25. Enervate Ans: strengthen 31. Ostensibly Ans: Vaguely 20.

Envisaged Ans: contemplated 36. Accomplish Ans: Achieve 34. Obscure ans: unknown 40. Appalled Ans: alarmed 44. Hesitant Ans: Undecided 47. Obdurate ans: adamant 39. Revelation Ans: disclosure 42. Imbecility Ans: stupidity. ostracise Ans: Banish 43.Ans: coarse 33. 45. Collusion Ans: A secret agreement 46. Resentment Ans: anger 38. cursory Ans: quick 35. Fickle Ans: Inconsistent 37. Reluctant Ans: averse 41. Deceptive Ans: misleading .

The purpose of Mandela's talk was to help people Ans: b.. Oppose oppression 56. Palpable ans: obvious 49. Laid-back Ans: easy-going 50. 57. The commander went round the camp at midnight because he ans: wished to check if his soldiers has obeyed his order 58. 52. It is clear from the passage that the black Africans Ans: has an unfovourable government Passage III One day an army won a land battle against the enemy. The commander entered his son's tent because Ans: had to punish any soldier who disobeyed his order..48. The savage brandished their spears in order to Ans: frighten the crew 54. 59. Pompous ans: grandiose Passage 1: Ono day we were becalmed among a group of small islands. Passage II: Nelson Mandela was appointed. Sauntering Ans: strolling 51. The Captain sent the boat to the shore to: Ans: fetch some water 53. The son was writing a letter because her ans: was eager to tell his mother about his own deeds Passage IV .. 55. The inhabitants of the islands were ans: primitive tribes.

Mr. the stream dissolves it and purifies it. 64. on a s mall scale. RQPS 75. Clothes should fit well.. Passage V On day a tea contractor . QPRS . SPRQ 72. surprised 67. S1 Your resources like money are limited Ans: C. Sharma. Ans: C. 61. Sharma saw the tiger he was Ans: A. RPSQ 69. S1 In ancient India the city of Ujjain was quite famous Ans: B. When Mr. PRQS 71. S1 When he joined the college. Sharma stayed on to fight the tigress for Ans: A. QSPR. Mr. She was born into a poor family of labourers and died because poverty could not let her live. 65.. 62 63. Sharma's friend go to see what was wrong Ans: D. Ans: A. Ans: C. Ans: d. SQPR 74. QPRS 73. If we dump sewage into a stream. 76.60. One of the odd-looking birds of the ocean is the penguin ans: B. Orde ring of sentences: 68. RQPS 70. When he heard something unusual 66. he was an adolescent and immature. S1 There is still another important characteristic of living thinsg Ans: B. Get hold of the catalogues of the colleges in the United States. when did Mr. Ans: A. He wanted to try to protect his wife and daughter.

He has hardly. QPRS 79. Ans: D. Sexana was a profound scholar who.. Ans: D. 81.77. prqs 83.. QSRP 87. William Cowper was born in 1731 at the rectory of Berkhametead Ans: D. RQPS 82. Ans: b. Ans: D. . QSRP 85. QSRP 80. Ans: A.. the astronaut. The Common man has a vote in parliament. The general line about television.Rutherford was the son of a Scot's emigrant to New Zealand ans: QSPR. The government wants that Ans: c. People know. Mr. Columbia. pilote d the 75-ton s pace shuttle... Life is a gift of God to man Ans: b. We were so evenly matched that for a time the end was difficult to tell. It is foolish. QSPR 88. Ans: RQSP 86. PQRS 90. RQSP 91. Jubo Young. The distressing face is that. I once had Ans: b. Ans: D. SPRQ ORDERING OF WORDS IN A SENTENCE 84.. RSQP 78. Ans: C. Issac possessed a wonderful faculty of acquiring knowledge by the simplest means. Ans: QPSR 89.

. Ans: C. RPSQ 93.. It would be much better 105.. . Nowadays. Was not upto the mark.. Ans: A. The teacher warned that Ans: A. 101. my old parents returned to India. SPRQ 98. The second test of good government is that Ans: C. Ans: b. 102. The best way of understanding our won civilization. QSPR Spotting Error: 99. a.Ans: C. 1oo. PSRQ 96. quite a number of economists. PRQS 92. Fame. RQSP 95. Ans: D. What greater thing is there. it is a wonder that people 104. a. PRSQ 97.. b.C. I was the one to whom 106. Ans: B. b. When he was a child. PQRS 94. b. On the reasons for the fall in educational standards 103. B. Towards the end of eighteenth century.

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