What does Customer Service in Restaurant mean?

Customer Service is an effort that do in our outlet to fulfill the Guest needs (Service, Product, Environment) with the intention to provide unforgettable dining experience

Why Customer Service is important?

To build a good rapport with the Guest As an interaction tools toward Guest and among staff. To build good Reputation and Image of the Company. Gaining trust from the the Guest toward our product and service. Make up the Guest as our loyal business partners

High quality Food and beverage will worthless without sincere service.

Why do we occasionally fail in implementing Customer Service?

There are 3 major factor that caused Customer Service can’t be maximal accomplished.

“ This is because there is no Sincerety in doing our job.”

3 important factors in Customer Service

• • •

Consistency Attention to detail Personalized Serviced

Attention to detail
     

Looking after for the need of the Guest who come to our restaurant. Knowing the character of Guest. Treat the Guest equally regardless seeing their race, appearance, gender, social; status, background, religion,etc. Always trying to deliver assistance when it’s needed. Have capability to give suggestion toward food and beverage ordered by the Guest. Being knowledgeable of all the product.


Keep maintaining food and beverage presentation, portion, standard recipies and its cleanliness consistently. Wide knowledge of Food and Beverage in particular. Friendly, polite, and professional service. Building up good rapport with the Guest consistently.

Personalized Service
     

Consistently provide a warm smile and greeting in any condition. B e familiar with the Guest name and recognize their preference. Propose kind assistance and always recommending of each product. Maintaining positive attitude and behavior professionally. Ask for the name of the new Guest. Express exit greeting constantly. Exceeding the Guest needs before it is being asked.

By putting our self into their ‘shoes-

What do we have to know from our Guest?
 

  

Understanding of their time of visiting our store. Understanding of their time to be taken care of nicely in our restaurant. Understanding of their behavior of being selective, picky, or choosy. Understanding of their rush time. Understanding the need of being taken care, to listen their point of view. Understand their need to be considered as Very Important Person.

Every Guest is an asset to our bussines.
Thing to remember:

Maintaining loyal Guest is more difficult rather than having new one.

Things below are several principles in implementing Customer Service
        

Polite all the times and make smile as the core part of your life. Never ignore the Guest. Being friendly and nice, while continually greet the Guest warmly. Being a good listener and look after the Guest needs persistenly. Put a high respect toward our Guest. Anticipate Guest needs quickly and in a proper way. Consistently maintain service, product, and environment based on high quality standard. Honest. Maintaining body language and warm tone of voicen professionally.

Things to be performed :
   

      

Warmly smile. Remembering the Guest name. Knowledgeable Attentive Flexible Polite and friendly Greeting Consistent Care Enthusiastic Honest Sincere

Things are not allowed

   

  

Ignorance and careless Passive Depreciate Negative thinking Unfriendly Inattentive/ negligent Self-centeredness Discriminative Rude

Things to remember:
Implementing Customer Service is not as difficult as we imagine
Put value on our own job and efforts, doing it sincerely from our heart and there would be a satisfaction within ours


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