The days that we had spent together In which we had always tried to gather Flowers of love, kindness ‘n care

Is what makes our friendship so dear For great friendships are made of love Especially prepared in the heaven above Where God takes its special care nd that!s what makes it so dear "o always remember this one thing In life will come both autumn ‘n spring "o learn to protect it for it!s rare nd surely this will make it so dear #ecause friendships that are great "urely take a start with a faith nd then in it is added love and care, Which fondly makes it so very dear$ We are proud to be friends with %enguin English "chool&

The best of friends, 'an change a frown, Into a smile, When you feel down$ The best of friends, Will understand, (our little trials, nd lend a hand$ The best of friends, Will always share, (our secret dreams, #ecause they care$ The best of friends, Worth more than gold, Give all the love, heart can hold$

Poem on Friendship by: H. It fell to earth. long afterward.ed how fortunate I am that my life includes you I really do believe that Everybody should have a friend like you #ut so far it looks like (ou are one of a kind& %age / of / . from beginning to end. Longfellow I shot an arrow into the air. I knew not where) For. still unbroke) nd the song. That it can follow the flight of song* +ong. I knew not where) For who has sight so keen and strong.uiet support Time after time (ou-ve come to my rescue nd brightened so many of my routine days nd time after time I-ve reali. It fell to earth. I found again in the heart of a friend$ Everyone Should Have A Friend Like You Everyone should have a friend like you (ou are so much fun to be with nd you are such a good person (ou crack me up with laughter nd touch my heart with your kindness (ou have a wonderful ability To know when to offer advice nd when to sit in . W. the sight 'ould not follow it in its flight$ I breathed a song into the air. in an oak I found the arrow. so swiftly it flew.

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