ENGLCOM (RVLC) – Final Essay Cinco, Stephanie Eunice U.

19 August 2013

Tolerance in Society

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community or commonly known as the LGBT community has a struggle for acceptance in society. “We, LGBTs are acceptable as long as we are decent on the whimsically stigmatized standards of the powers-that-be,” (Bagas, 2013). It means that the LGBTs can only be accepted in society if they do what the society wants them to do. For many private high schools, decency means that the LGBT teachers should not display any signs of homosexuality. For many families, the LGBTs are acceptable as long as they are not our children, our sibling or our parents. The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community is discriminated in the Philippine society in terms of religion, politics and the law.

The LGBT community in the Philippines is free to do anything they want, but some of these things have hindrances because of discrimination that is present in society. These hindrances may be from the church or from the government. The church made it clear about the teachings of God. “Same-sex marriage is against natural law,” Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz stressed. The public also made Archbishop admit that gays cannot change, that is why the LGBT community made him apologize in public (Potts, 2013). The Catholic Church teaches that the union in marriage can only be done between a man and a woman. This is also because of the divine law. Also, transgendered people are subjected to discrimination because of the notion that their gender is a form of disability (Jonas, 2013). The church sees it as a weakness to them.

the church said that when this bill is passed then there will be legalization of same sex marriage (Celleja. This law includes the freedom of speech. They were again disqualified by the Philippine Commission on Elections (COMELEC) during the 2010 elections. freedom of assembly and the right to petition. One of these is the civil rights law. 2012). was known before as the “Ang Ladlad”. The reason why they were disqualified was because of immorality. The Ladlad had lots of struggles and problems before they were able to run for that place. One of the examples is the “Ladlad” party-list. There are certain laws in the Philippines that do not protect and include the LGBT community. Some of these . There mission is to protect and promote human rights and justice of LGBTs. Moreover. That is why the LGBT community is actually fighting for equal rights. There are grand LGBT festivals and several LGBT organizations which focus on the awareness of the university students. the LGBT has become more organized and visible in society. Since 1990. This law protects the Filipinos most especially who are in media (Working on global issues. both politically and socially. One of these was the disqualification during the 2007 general election. that is why they are insisting that the Anti-Discrimination Rights Bill be passed. They are discriminated through law because the government thinks that the LGBT is a threat to them. But again. refuges and the LGBT community.There are also instances that the LGBT community is discriminated in terms of politics. Ladlad party-list is one of the parties that ran during the last elections. 2011). Another cause of discrimination towards the LGBT community is through the law. for women. 2011). women and transgendered people. most especially in planning their perfect society. They also want to raise awareness to the Philippines about the continues discrimination that has been happening in society (Ladlad. right to free press.

2013). the LGBT continues to fight against this and hope for less discrimination. (2013). (2013). Ladlad Blogspot. Nevertheless. The LGBT community dreams of having full acceptance in the Philippine society.blogspot. Retrieved from http://newsinfo. ProGay – gay organization in Metro Manila and Can’t Leave in the Closet – a lesbian activist group in Metro Manila. LGBT Philippines groups calls for bishop to admit guys can’t change.inquirer. (2013). A. N. (2011). Retrieved from http://gaystarnews. Retrieved from http://ladladpartylist. Ladlad Partylist. since then the public made different articles about how you should read the Bible. What it’s like to be gay in the Philippines. CBCP wants anti-discriminationbill cleansed of provision on gay rights. Potts.com/2013/what-its-like-to-be-gay-in-the-philippines/. These organizations show awareness towards the discrimination in the society. A. Martin. Retrieved from http://thoughtcatalog.com/article/lgbt-philippines-groups-calls-for-bishopto-admit-gays-can%E2%80%99t-change220613.organizations include.net/106981/cbcp-want-anti-discrimination-billcleansed-of-provisions-on-gay-rights#ixzz2XtYELod. UP Babayan – that was established on 1992 in the University of the Philippines Diliman. . Charice admitted in national television that she is “tomboy” or lesbian. Few weeks ago. The Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines or the CBCP said that I could only be an “identity crisis” (Martin. Discrimination is hard to fully remove in society because the people in society have different ideas about such. References: Calleja.com/.

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