Contents List of Contributors page ix Acknowledgments xi Introduction: Timely Meditations in an Untimely Mode – The Thought of Charles Taylor 1 ruth

abbey 1 Taylor and the Hermeneutic Tradition 29 nicholas h. smith 2 Taylor’s (Anti-) Epistemology 52 hubert l. dreyfus 3 The Self and the Good: Taylor’s Moral Ontology 84 fergus kerr 4 Articulating the Horizons of Liberalism: Taylor’s Political Philosophy 105 stephen mulhall 5 Toleration, Proselytizing, and the Politics of Recognition: The Self Contested 127 jean bethke elshtain 6 Taylor and Feminism: From Recognition of Identity to a Politics of the Good 140 melissa a. orlie 7 Catholicism and Philosophy: A Nontheistic Appreciation 166 william e. connolly 8 Taylor, “History,” and the History of Philosophy 187 terry pinkard Bibliography 215 Index 217

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