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Review I: Unit 1-3

A. Avoiding repetition Complete the sentences with an auxiliary or modal verb, positive or negative. 1. I hope John gets here soon. If he _______________, we will have to go without him. 2. I thought Id read the book before but I _________________, so I quite enjoyed it. 3. A: We are thinking of going to Spain for our holidays. B: You ______________ . It s a beautiful country. 4. A: Do you think Jack will have got home by now? B: He ________________ , but I doubt it. 5. A: I am not sure whether to invite Anna. B: I _________________. She will only cause trouble. B. Adverbs Underline the correct adverb in each sentence. 1. Hes worked very deliberately / conscientiously all year. 2. I do not know why she always arrives late / lately. 3. He was deeply / severely injured in the crash. 4. Both my parents travelled remotely / widely in Africa. 5. The pop stars arrival is eagerly / highly awaited.