Course: IB History HL-2 Dates: 24-28 August 2009 Essential Question(s): What does it mean to be educated?

What and How will you learn in this course? What is a Personal Learning Contract? How will the school’s new extended periods work? Using Waltz’s LEvels of Analysis framework, describe what factors influenced/are influencing Honduras’ current constitutional crisis Day In Class Course Introduction: Review of course content & policies; new & existing school procedures. In class work: Sign up for [LAPTOPS ARE REQUIRED ALL WEEK] Outside of Class


Review Portfolio Content Mapping Rubric

Tuesda y

7th Period: Work on Portfolio Content Mapping. Begin meeting with students towards developing Personal Learning Contracts (PLCs)

Finish Work not Completed in Class

Wednes day


Submit Mapping essay to by 11.59pm (see rubric for scoring guidelines) Continue implementing Portfolio Content Mapping plan (to WordPress, Blogger, Etc). Review reputable news sources for background material for Fridayʼs discussion: the Honduran Constitutional Crisis (2009

Thursda y

Review of Portfolio Content Mapping essay. Begin implementing Portfolio Content Mapping plan (to WordPress, Blogger, Etc)


Current Events Friday: Honduran Constitutional Crisis (2009)

T.B.A. (based on in-class planning on Friday)

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