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2nd Life Maternity Case Study Preterm Labor Maternity Case Study 1a Ms Lola is a 25 y/o G5 P2 Pt 2 T AB 0 SpontAB 2 L2 at 2 !

ee"s #GA$ S%e is presentin& to t%e 'B unit !it% (/o lo!er abd pain and small bro!nis% red )a&inal dis(%ar&e for * %ours$ +%at ot%er nursin& assessments s%ould be made and !%y, Maternity Case Study 1b A --. is performed and t%e results (ome ba(" positi)e$ S/# re)eals 2/50/01 !it% a soft (er)i1$ +%at does t%e positi)e --. indi(ate in relation to labor and deli)ery, +%at is --., +%at does t%e nurse need to "no! before assessin& t%e patient if a --. is &oin& to be performed, Maternity Case Study 1( Ms Lola is admitted to t%e L23 unit$ S%e is (ontra(tin& 4 05 minutes t%at are lastin& 0050 se(onds in duration and palpate mild to moderate$ -6T7s are 1*5 bpm/ mod )ariability /a((els 8 reassurin& pattern$ An 9/ of L: is started at 125mL/%r$ Labs are dra!n at t%is time 8 !%at labs !ould be dra!n on admission and !%y, Maternity Case Study 1d T%e prenatal re(ords are no! a)ailable$ +%at are t%e important prenatal results t%at t%e labor nurse needs to loo" at, +%y are t%ese important to t%e mot%er and infant7s status, Maternity Case Study 1e T%e prenatal labs re)eals Ms Lola to be 6ep B positi)e; 69/ ne&; GBS un"no!n be(ause it !as not done yet; A0; ne& antibodies; rubella immune; C- ne&ati)e; SC ne&ati)e; C%lamydia and &onorr%ea ne&$ As t%e labor nurse; !%at do t%ese results mean to you in relation to t%e mot%er and infant, +%at labs !ould re4uire additional inter)entions, Maternity Case Study 1f Ms Lola is as"in& you about ris" for deli)erin& a 2 #GA infant$ 6o! !ould you respond, Maternity Case Study 1& -i)e %ours later Ms Lola is (omplainin& of in(reased lo!er abd pain$ <C7s are 4 20* min apart; lastin& 50 se(onds; mod to firm on palpation$ =ou notify t%e pro)ider usin& t%e 9SBA:$ A S/# is done !%i(% re)eals */>5/0$ +%at does t%is indi(ate, Maternity Case Study 1% T%e pro)ider orders Ma&nesium Sulfate * &ram loadin& dose t%en 2&ram/%r$ T%e p%arma(y sends 500mL La(tated :in&ers !it% 20&rams Ma&nesium Sulfate$ T%e loadin& dose is to run o)er 20 minutes )ia pump$ +%at rate and )olume to be infused are you &oin& to set t%e pump for t%e bolus dose, +%at rate !ill you set t%e pump for t%e (ontinuous 2 &ram infusion, Maternity Case Study 19 =ou are &oin& to perform t%e nursin& assessments before startin& t%e ma&nesium sulfate$ State t%e assessments and !%y you !ould perform t%em$ +%at are you &oin& to tell t%e patient in re&ards to side effe(ts s%e may feels t%at are (aused by t%e ma&nesium sulfate, Maternity Case Study 1? =ou start t%e 9/ Ma&nesium Sulfate bolus and t%e patient (omplains of burnin& at t%e site$ +%at nursin& inter)entions (an you do to %elp de(rease t%is problem, +%y does t%e burnin& o((ur,

Maternity Case Study 1" T%ree %ours into t%e ma&nesium infusion t%e patient %as de(reased 3T: from @ to 1@ and is sl let%ar&i($ +%at does t%is mean, +%at nursin& inter)entions !ould you perform and !%y, Gi)e t%e pro)ider report usin& t%e 9SBA: format Maternity Case Study 1m T%e Ma&nesium le)el is A$5$ T%e pro)ider stops t%e ma&nesium sulfate and orders Cal(ium Glu(onate 9/ pus%$ +%at is t%e normal dose of Cal(ium Glu(onate, 6o! !ould you administer t%is, +%y is t%is ordered, T%e patient re(o)ers from t%e Ma&nesium Sulfate To1i(ity and (ontinues to remain stable on Pro(ardia$ 8 &ood ?obBBB