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Candidate Name_Liz Gregg__________Date


School_Kelsey Norman________________Teacher__Mrs. Sherrod_ Grade level______ Practicum Reflection-Guided Reading Lesson Name of Book_Bats___________________________Level____O____________________ 1. What was the area of focus today during the lesson? What activities related to the area of focus did the teacher include in the lesson today? The area of focus today was comprehension. During my guided reading group we started with a K-W-L chart, which helped activate the students background knowledge. Once they finished filling in the what they know column and what they want to learn, we started reading our book, Bats. As the students read the book, we would stop after every chapter to fill in the graphic organizer that asked for the main idea and supporting detail. 2. What went well with the instruction? What did students learn? There was not too much that went well with the instruction today. As I was walking into the classroom the school had a fire drill which took up 20 minutes of my time and got the children all rowdy. Then when we got back into the classroom the substitute teacher told me that there were 6 students in my group which was more then I prepared for, so everyone shared books. After we finally got everything situated, we started the lesson and the students did not want to listen to me. For the students that were paying attention, they learned that there many types of bats and that bats are not blind. 3. Explain a growth moment for yourself where you realized, learned, or confirmed something from today dealing with student achievement in the area of reading. (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, before/during/after reading The growth moment for myself was when I realized that there is many different levels that students that are at with all areas of reading. In the same 3rd grade classroom, I have read books with some that couldnt even read two or three words without issues then there is the group I am teaching my guided reading lesson to who can read the whole book without any problems. It is hard to imagine that there can be such a big gap between students but I realized that after today that there were many levels. 4. Describe a moment when a student grasped an idea/concept-that got it! kind of moment. How was the teacher able to facilitate this experience? Explain the situation. The moment when the student finally got something that I was teaching was at the very beginning of my lesson. I told the students that we were going to do a KWL chart before we start reading, none of my students knew what a KWL chart was. Once I started explaining what the chart was and how it worked, the students caught on and you could see the light bulb come one.

Adapted from Developmental Reading Reflection document created by Sarah Mwangi, 06/13