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1 N|p|ss|ng Un|vers|ty Schu||ch Schoo| of Lducat|on - ract|ce 1each|ng nandbook 2011-2012

1. Lesson |an Informat|on

Sub[ect]Course: Language ArLs Name: L. 8lshop
Grade Leve|: 4 Date: May 2, 2013 1|me: 9:10-10:00am
1op|c: Language of Lhe Medleval 1lmes Length of er|od: 30 mlnuLes

2. Lxpectat|on(s)
Lxpectat|on(s) (!"#$%&'( *#+, -.$ /0&1#"+ 23##"%3'3,45
!"#$%#$& 1.3 Make lnferences uslng sLaLed and lmplled ldeas ln oral LexLs (e.g., llsLen beLween Lhe llnes" Lo deLecL
blas ln an oral LexL)
()"*%++& 3.3 Conflrm spelllngs and word meanlngs or word cholce uslng dlfferenL Lypes of resources approprlaLe for
Lhe purpose (e.g., locaLe words ln onllne and prlnL dlcLlonarles uslng alphabeLlcal order, enLry words, gulde words,
pronunclaLlon, and homographs, use a varleLy of dlcLlonarles such as a dlcLlonary of ldloms or homonyms, use a
Lhesaurus Lo flnd alLernaLlve words)
()",-*$& ./0 %1$%#, -#,%)+$2#,3#4 "5 ")26 $%1$+ 78 *"##%*$3#4 $9% 3,%2+ 3# $9%: $" $9%3) ";# <#";6%,4%= %1>%)3%#*%=
2#, 3#+349$+? $" "$9%) $%1$+= 3#*6-,3#4 >)3#$ 2#, @3+-26 $%1$+? 2#, $" $9% ;")6, 2)"-#, $9%:

Learn|ng Sk|||s 67.$#$ 188'"%19'$45

3. Content
7.1& :+ ; <10& &.$ '$1#0$#= &+ >0+< 10:?+# 9$ 19'$ &+ :+@

1hou - ?ou
Durst - uare, Lo have Lhe necessary boldness or courage for someLhlng
Whence - lrom where, e.g., AB9%#*% *":%+$ $9"-CA means "Where do you come from?"
W|t - 1o know, e.g., !2#+$ $9"- ;3$ ;92$ $9% ,28 +9266 7)3#4C
Nay - no
Wherefore - Why
Anon - Soon, unLll laLer
Cft - CfLen
I|e - A Curse
Ver||y - 1ruly
Ad|eu - Coodbye
Grammarcy - 1hank you

8ecognlze and undersLand Lhe followlng Medleval phrases sLlll ln use Loday:
1. CaughL you red-handed"
2. CeL off your hlgh horse"
3. uon'L shooL Lhe messenger"
4. lreelance"
3. Corpse"
6. Clve someone Lhe cold shoulder"
7. 1hrow down Lhe gaunLleL"
8. Wear your hearL on your sleeve"
9. 8aker's dozen"
10. Chlvalry"

1oday |earners w|||: (SMAk1)
8ecognlze and undersLand aL leasL 10 Medleval words/phrases.

Lesson |an

2 N|p|ss|ng Un|vers|ty Schu||ch Schoo| of Lducat|on - ract|ce 1each|ng nandbook 2011-2012
4. Assessment (co||ect data) ] Lva|uat|on (|nterpret data)
(kecord|ng Dev|ces (where app||cab|e): anecdota| record, check||st, rat|ng sca|e, rubr|c)
A1=$: +0 &.$ 188'"%1&"+0B .+< <"'' ; >0+< =&3:$0&= .1C$ '$1#0$: <.1& ; "0&$0:$:@

D++%++:%#$& llll-ln-Lhe-blanks wlLh Lhe correcL Medleval Lerms. (12 marks)
MaLchlng Lhe Medleval phrases wlLh Lhe correcL modern deflnlLlon. (10 marks)

E@26-2$3"#& noL aL Lhls Llme.

1he recordlng devlce used ls a checkllsL.
1he recordlng devlce used for Learnlng Skllls ls observaLlon noLes.

S. Learn|ng Context
A. 1he Learners
(|) 7.1& 8#"+# $D8$#"$0%$=B >0+<'$:E$ 10: =>"''= :+ &.$ '$1#0$#= 9#"0E <"&. &.$, &+ &."= '$1#0"0E $D8$#"$0%$@

SLudenLs have been lnLroduced Lo Lhe Medleval erlod Lhrough varlous LexLs and acLlvlLles.
SLudenLs have been LaughL abouL Lhe feudal sysLem, Lhe role of knlghLs, and Lhe sLrucLure of casLles.
SLudenLs also have experlence worklng ln palrs Lo solve problems and work wlLh language.

(||) F+< <"'' ; :"**$#$0&"1&$ &.$ "0=&#3%&"+0 6%+0&$0&B 8#+%$== 10:?+# 8#+:3%&4 &+ $0=3#$ &.$ "0%'3="+0 +* 1'' '$1#0$#=@ (Must
|nc|ude where app||cab|e accommodat|ons and]or mod|f|cat|ons for |earners |dent|f|ed as except|ona|.)
P & L - Language Modlfled rogram lL
Sh, S & W - AccommodaLlons for Language on lL
C - Learnlng CenLre durlng Language and MaLh

8. Learn|ng Lnv|ronment
SLudenLs wlll be seaLed on Lhe carpeL for Lhe beglnnlng of Lhe lesson. 1hey wlll move Lo palred desks Lo collaboraLe
on worksheeL.
SeL up charL paper and markers.

C. kesources]Mater|a|s
F9% ()3#*%++ G#349$ by Cornella lunke
1hou ShalL 8e LlngulsLlc PandouL (23 coples)

6. 1each|ng]Learn|ng Strateg|es

F+< <"'' ; $0E1E$ &.$ '$1#0$#=@ (e.g., mot|vat|ona| strategy, hook, act|vat|on of |earners' pr|or know|edge, act|v|t|es,
procedures, compe|||ng prob|em)
(10 mlnuLes)
8ead F9% ()3#*%++ G#349$ by Cornella lunke
o WhaL elemenLs of Lhls sLory flL lnLo whaL you know abouL Medleval 1lmes? WhaL doesn'L?

1each|ng: F+< :+$= &.$ '$==+0 :$C$'+8@
now we teach new concepts, processes (e.g., gradua| re|ease of respons|b|||ty - mode|ed, shared, and gu|ded |nstruct|on).
(20 mlnuLes)

ln Lhe souLhern parL of Lngland, people ln medleval Llmes spoke a language called Ang|o-Saxon, also called C|d Lng||sh.
ln medleval Llmes, mosL people dld noL read or wrlLe. erhaps LhaL ls why lL ls someLlmes easler Lo hear and undersLand Cld
Lngllsh Lhan lL ls Lo read lL. SLlll, Lhere are many words ln Cld Lngllsh LhaL we do noL use Loday.

3 N|p|ss|ng Un|vers|ty Schu||ch Schoo| of Lducat|on - ract|ce 1each|ng nandbook 2011-2012
1hou - ?ou
Durst - uare, Lo have Lhe necessary boldness or courage for someLhlng
Whence - lrom where, e.g., AB9%#*% *":%+$ $9"-CA means "Where do you come from?"
W|t - 1o know, e.g., !2#+$ $9"- ;3$ ;92$ $9% ,28 +9266 7)3#4C
Nay - no
Wherefore - Why
Anon - Soon, unLll laLer
Cft - CfLen
I|e - A Curse
Ver||y - 1ruly

Conso||dat|on and]or kecap|tu|at|on rocess5 F+< <"'' ; 9#"0E 1'' &.$ ",8+#&10& ":$1= *#+, &.$ '$1#0"0E $D8$#"$0%$=
&+E$&.$# *+#?<"&. &.$ =&3:$0&=@ F+< <"'' ; %.$%> *+# 30:$#=&10:"0E@

H%*2>3$-62$3"# (2 mlnuLes)
o WhaL ls Lhe language spoken by Lhe people ln Lhe Medleval 1lmes?
o Culckly qulz deflnlLlons of above words.
!"#+"63,2$3"# (6 mlnuLes) - Work Lhrough Lhe followlng phrases as a class.
o uosL Lhou knowesL Lhe Llme? = uo you know Lhe Llme?
o 1ls mosL splendld! = AlrlghL!
o l bld you. = l ask you.
o Come hlLher! = Come here!
o Adleu, my good ladles = Coodbye, ladles.
o Crammarcy. = 1hank you.

App||cat|on: 7.1& <"'' '$1#0$#= :+ &+ :$,+0=&#1&$ &.$"# '$1#0"0E@ (Mov|ng from gu|ded, scaffo|ded pract|ce, and gradua|
re|ease of respons|b|||ty.)
(13 mlnuLes)

Work wlLh a parLner Lo flll ln Lhe blanks of some Medleval phrases wlLh Lhe correcL Clde Lngllsh Lerms. 1hen, maLch Lhe
medleval phrases sLlll ln use Loday wlLh Lhelr deflnlLlons. [See PandouL]

CCNCLUSICN: F+< <"'' ; %+0%'3:$ &.$ '$==+0@
(2 mlnuLes)

8emlnd sLudenLs LhaL Lhey wlll be able Lo compleLe Lhelr asslgnmenL durlng Lhe 8eadlng 8lock afLer flrsL nuLrlLlon 8reak.
lnvlLe Lhem Lo pracLlce speaklng Clde Lngllsh wlLh Lhelr frlends. Pave fun wlLh lL!

7. My kef|ect|ons on the Lesson
7.1& :+ ; 0$$: &+ :+ &+ 9$%+,$ ,+#$ $**$%&"C$ 1= 1 &$1%.$# "0 =388+#&"0E =&3:$0& '$1#0"0E@

SLudenLs were lnLeresLed and engaged LhroughouL Lhe lesson. 1he hook LexL was a greaL lnLroducLlon Lo Lhe Loplc of Lhe
lesson, as sLudenLs were able Lo recognlze elemenLs of Lhe Medleval 1lmes wlLhln Lhe LexL. SLudenLs were also engaged ln
maklng predlcLlons abouL Lhe upcomlng evenLs. Some addlLlonal revlew of Lhe words mlghL have helped before Lhe sLudenLs
wenL Lo use Lhem on Lhelr own, buL leavlng Lhem up on Lhe charL whlle Lhey worked was beneflclal. Classroom managemenL
needs Lo be a Lop prlorlLy, especlally as a newcomer ln Lhe classroom. Some sLudenLs were qulLe chaLLy and need remlnders
of approprlaLe behavlour aL Lhe carpeL durlng large group lessons. ln Lhe fuLure, l wlll make sure Lo address Lhese lssues
lmmedlaLely. l also need Lo creaLe a more organlzed, well-planned concluslon Lo Lhe lesson LhaL remlnds sLudenLs exacLly
whaL Lhey have learned.

Date: ___________________ Name: ___________________

Thou Shal t Be Linguistic

Fill in the blanks using the Olde English words listed in the box below.
1. 1he brave knlghL looked aL Lhe prlncess and declared, ____________ arL Lhe mosL
beauLlful glrl ln all Lhe land!"
2. Cbservlng a new vlslLor Lo Lhe klngdom, Lhe wlse klng asked Lhe man, Slr,
____________ comesL Lhou?"
3. AfLer recelvlng a glfL from Lhe handsome lord, Lhe young malden bowed graclously and
sald, ____________. 1hou hasL been mosL klnd."
4. ____________, my sweeL ladles!" remarked Lhe prlnce as he waved.
3. uosL Lhou ____________ enLer Lhe casLle gaLes?" LaunLed Lhe armed guard.
6. Pow ____________ does Lhe sun shlne Lhrough my wlndow as Lhe blrds slng a
beauLlful melody?"
7. My graclous lord, may l Lake a break from all Lhls work?" ____________ easanL, you
musLn'L sLop unLll Lhe sun seLs!"
8. CansL Lhou ____________ whaL Lhe day shall brlng?" sald one squlre Lo anoLher.
9. ____________ do l recelve Lhls honour?" asked Lhe young man belng knlghLed.
10. We shall be frlends agaln ____________, afLer Lhe danger has passed."
11. Angry aL hls masLer, Lhe servanL declared, ____________ upon you!"
12. ____________ l say unLo you, work hard and you wlll galn much reward!"

Word Bank

Match the following Medieval phrases with
their modern definitions on the right.

whence Lhou ofL
wlL dursL fle
nay wherefore grammarcy
adleu anon verlly
1. CaughL you red-handed!
2. CeL off your hlgh horse!
3. uon'L shooL Lhe messenger!
4. lreelance
3. Corpse
6. Clve someone Lhe cold shoulder.
7. 1hrow down Lhe gaunLleL.
8. Wear your hearL on your sleeve.
9. 8aker's dozen
10. Chlvalry

_____ Someone who works for mulLlple companles
(e.g., phoLographer, [ournallsL)
_____ A code of good, genLlemanly behavlour
_____ 1hlrLeen, or one more Lhan a sLandard dozen
_____ 1o lgnore someone or behave ln an unfrlendly
_____ CaughL ln Lhe acL of dolng someLhlng lllegal
_____ 1o lssue a challenge
_____ uead body
_____ Lxpress your emoLlons freely and openly
_____ An aLLlLude of arroganL superlorlLy
uon'L blame Lhe person who Lells you someLhlng awful