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Article Summaries

By: Atiyah Newkirk Article#1: Central African Republic 'descending into chaos' UN Summary #1: Based on the article, Muslim rebels have invaded and attacked Christian villages. The rebels have done multiple horrific acts since this began. The rebels have sexually abused, have mutilated/ slaughtered many of the locals. As well as, recruit children into the armed gangs, thus causing many to flee for their safety, well at least attempt to. Many of the rebels have the villages held captive with no escape. France, being Central African Republics colonial power, is under preparation to send troops into (CAR). Article #2: South Africa child support grants 'protect from HIV' Summary #1: Based on the article, the South African government has given grants to less fortunate school students to assist them in financial stability causing them to refuse the need of a sugar daddy which increases the chances of contracting HIV , according to study. Study basically says that a young adult is more likely to have a sugar daddy if they cannot financially take care of themselves thus rendering that a poor young adult will probably have one which could possibly lead to HIV since the HIV population is so massive there. The government believes that supplying these potential HIV victims with financial help will minimize their chances needing future assistance from a sugar daddy. Article #3: Egypt protests: New law condemned as 'repressive' Summary #3: Based on the article, Egypt is under slight chaos because of the new law restricting protests. President Adly Mansour has agreed to sign and pass the law. Protesting has had much effect upon the citizens of Egypt. As a result of these protests multiple presidents were removed from office, so as a form of employment security, the president prohibited protesting probably in efforts of protecting his job. Article #4: George Ayittey: Africa's economy dominated by state Summary# 4: Based on the article, economics professor George Ayittey believes that when it comes to Africas natural resources and land, there isnt a reason why Africa shouldnt be wealthy. However, Africa is the most impoverished continent. Professor Ayittey agrees with the fact that colonialize has had a major effect on the wealth or lack thereof in the continent of Africa. Yet, he does state that the countries governments within Africa are also to blame. The fact that the economic aspect of Africas countries are in great turmoil is state regulated, because the state is able to fund civil wars and weapons but not help their citizens. The fault is not all because of Europes colonization but the fact that the continent of Africa is doing what is needed to be done to improve its economy.