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Name: Mariana Yern Grade: Elementary Choral Ensemble

Musical Focus: on e!ts/s"ills to

em!hasi#e Playin$ instr%ments Timbre Singing &armony Melody Creatin$ Rhythm Mo'ement Expressive Qualities (orm

Date: 10/13/2013 Title: Beat and Pit h



* +ill be$in the lesson by a om!anyin$ st%dents in the son$ ,E'ery Mo'e * Ma"e-. +hi h they ha'e "no+n /or a +hile no+0 13min2Then. * +ill 'o ali#e them %sin$ $est%res to si$nal +hen * +ill demonstrate and +hen they +ill sin$0 The /irst +arm3%! +ill be 14ol Mi 5e Do2 %sin$ the 'o+el ,*-. +hi h +ill hel! st%dents rea h the be$innin$ o/ ,6+ay in a Man$er-0 Be a%se this son$ has 7ths and 8ths. * +ill also %se the +arm3%! 1Do 4ol Do (a Mi2 +ith the lyri s ,Come Po and sin$ +ith me0- 18min2
Process & Personalization:

Piano Yo%T%be 'ideos Pen ils )"%lele Board

4tandards 6ddressed
4%nshine 4tate 4tandards 1m%si 2

4%nshine 4tate 4tandards 1;ther 4%b<e t2

O !ectives: 9earners +illA

)nderstand 1 o$niti'e2: &o+ son$s ha'e an on$oin$ %nderstr% t%re 1!%lse2 that holds them to$ether0 &o+ it is easier to remember a melody thro%$h imitation0 En o%nter 1e>!eriential2: 6 ne+ and intera ti'e +ay to learn rhythm and !it h0

13(or the /irst !art o/ the lesson. * +ill be %sin$ the son$ ,4tar 9i$ht. 4tar Bri$ht-0 * +ill !la e the st%dents in a ir le. and !ass o%t t+o !en ils !er st%dent0 * +ill ha'e a ,:%arter note- already dra+n on the board0 Then. * +ill be$in sin$in$ the son$ in ,9a-. +hile mar"in$ the !%lse on e on my la! and on e la!!in$0 ;n e * sin$ it three times. * +ill as" the st%dents to <oin me +hile doin$ the $est%res0 18min2 23Then. * +ill be$in addin$ the lyri s !hrase by !hrase in a all and res!onse manner0 ;n e they an mana$e the +hole son$. * +ill !i " a st%dent as my !artner. and sin$ the son$ +ith him/her +hile la!!in$ to$ether0 Then. * +ill as" the st%dents to do the same +ith the !artner to their ri$ht0 ;n e they do the son$ a o%!le times. * +ill sto! them0 110 min2 336/ter that. * +ill a om!any them +ith the )"%lele +hile they all sin$ to$ether0 =hile +e are sin$in$. * +ill "ee! the a om!animent and sto! sin$in$ the se ond !hrase 1third star0002 /or them to sin$ it +itho%t me. and /ill in that !art0 Then. * +ill do the same +ith the last !hrase0 This +ill hel! them re o$ni#e and memori#e !it h and !hrases0 18 min2 73Then. * +ill $et my t+o !en ils and model ho+ to $et into !layin$ !osition +ith them0 * +ill $%ide them to mar" the !%lse %sin$ the !en ils as rhythm sti "s0 They +ill mar" the !%lse +hile * sin$0 6/ter that. * +ill as" them to des ribe the rhythm they are ma"in$. and om!are it to other so%nds0 E>: Clo " ti "in$. heartbeat0 18min2 83 Then. * +ill !lay a Yo%T%be 'ideo o/ a lo " ti "in$. in order to hel! them hear the orrelation0 * +ill e>!lain ho+ ea h note +e sin$ has a beat. and there/ore. e'ery son$ has a heartbeat0 * +ill dire t their attention to the board and tell them that the so%nds/beats they +ere mar"in$ +ere :%artet notes. +hi h e:%al one beat o/ m%si 0 They +ill dra+ a :%artet note in their noteboo"s0 1?min2 "otes#Extensions @36/ter that. * +ill ontin%e rehearsin$ ,6+ay in a Man$er-0

=ritten %n&ormal *ndi'id%al Per&ormance 'roup ;ther:

No+. st%dents ha'e a sense o/ !%lse +hi h they an a!!ly to m%si 0 The !it h mat hin$ and re o$nition a ti'ities +ill hel! them intone better. and learn !ie es /aster0 D%rin$ the ne>t /e+ +ee"s. * +ill ontin%e tea hin$ them other note 'al%es0