Hammer Bond (Ex) 500 XP Starting Ability A Hammer Brother who bonds with a specific (masterwork) warhammer gains special

skill with it. To complete the bond, the Hammer Brother must complete 30 minutes of concentrated exercise with the hammer, and then deal 5d10+15 lethal damage to any combination of enemies (not training dummies or sparring partners) with it within 12 hours. When the bonding is complete, the hammer's threat range is doubled (as if its wielder had the Improved Critical feat) as long as the Hammer Brother wields it. Should the Hammer Brother be separated from his hammer (i.e. they are more than 60 ft. from each other) for more than 24 hours, or if the hammer is destroyed, the bond is broken and he suffers a -1 penalty to all attack rolls until he can complete another ritual of bonding. This ability does not stack with the Improved Critical feat. Rain of Hammers (Ex ) (500 XP) At second level, the Hammer Brother can apply the Rapid Shot feat when throwing light hammers (even if he doesn't possess it and even though it normally doesn't apply to thrown weapons). Concussion Blow (Ex) 8th level Starting at third level, whenever the Hammer Brother lands a successful critical hit with a light hammer or warhammer, the victim is staggered for 1d4 rounds. This effect has nothing to do with nonlethal damage. Greater Hammer Bond (Ex) (500 XP) At fourth level, the Hammer Brother's bond with his warhammer improves. He deals an additional +2 damage with the hammer. Relentless Blow (Ex) 8th level Starting at fifth level, whenever the Hammer Brother lands a successful critical hit with a light hammer or warhammer, the victim must succeed on a Fortitude (DC 5 + the Hammer Brother’s class level + the Hammer Brother’s Str modifier) or be knocked prone. This is in addition to the effects of Concussion Blow. Apply that ability before this is applied. Dwarves can reduce the DC to resist being knocked prone by 4 due to their Stability quality. Swift Throw (Ex) 9th level At fifth level, the action required for using Rain of Hammers becomes a standard attack action (instead of a full attack action). Skullshatter (Ex) 10th level At tenth level, the Hammer Brother learns his ultimate ability: an attack that immediately causes the death of his target. At any time when landing a successful critical hit with a warhammer or light hammer by rolling a natural 20, he can choose to apply Skullshatter, forcing the victim to succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 10 + half the Hammer Brother’s class level + the Hammer Brother’s Str modifier) or instantly die. This attack cannot be applied in melee when fighting an enemy more than one size category larger than the Hammer Brother, and not when fighting an enemy more than two size categories larger at a range. It

is only functional against enemies who have a head. If an enemy has multiple heads, this attack instead eliminates one of them. Hammersmith 500 XP Prerequisites: Hammer Bond, 8+ Ranks in Craft (Weaponsmithing) Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus to Craft (Weaponsmithing) checks made to craft hammers. Hammerhail 500 XP Prerequisites: Rain of Hammers Benefit: The attack penalty for throwing hammers with Rain of Hammers decreases by 2. Improved Hammerhail 500 XP Prerequisite: Rain of Hammers, Hammerhail Benefit: You gain a +1 attack bonus when using Rain of Hammers as long as you are within 30 ft. of another Hammer Brother. Hammer Marksman 500 XP Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (Light Hammer), Far Shot Benefit: The range increment of all light hammers you throw increases by 20 ft. Hammer Sniper 500 XP Prerequisites: Skullshatter, Hammer Marksman Benefit: Your Shullshatter ability works on enemies up to a size category larger than ordinary when applied with a light hammer ranged attack. Hydrabane 500 XP Prerequisite: Skullshatter Benefit: If you succeed on a Skullshatter attempt made with a thrown light hammer against an enemy with multiple heads, you may make a new immediate attack against that enemy with the same hammer (it bounces). Magesmasher 500 XP Prerequisites: Concussion Blow Benefit: When you land a successful critical hit, the target cannot cast any spells or draw magic for the duration of the Concussion Blow effect.

As a standard action, xxxxxx. After using this option you cannot use it again for 2 rounds.

As a swift action, xxxxxxx. You may spend only 5 total rounds each encounter in a stance, and after entering this stance you remain in it, until you leave it as a free action, or enter a new stance using a swift action.

167 XP