READING PART 2 Castaway 2000 In the year 2000, a television company did an experiment called Castaway 2000.

The idea was to learn about how people live together. Thirty-six people became ‘castaways’ on a Scottish island for a year. They had no television, radio, computers, transport or shops and only two small buildings. For the whole year, they lived as a close community. They grew and made everything they needed. They weren’t real castaways, however because a television camera filmed them. The details of their lives were on television every week. One of the ‘castaways’ was Roger Stephenson. He was there with his wife, Rosemary, and their two young sons. They taught the seven children on the island themselves. Roger says, ‘I’ve never lived like this before. It was fantastic. The freedom really helped our children to develop. We’ve already decided that we want to continue to teach them ourselves. I’d like to live like this again. But I wouldn’t like to be controlled by a television company again.’ Rosemary adds, ‘I’ve just seen some of the programmes of us, and I didn’t like them. The editing of the programmes made us look like very difficult people-it was unfair.’ Two other castaways were a couple, Dez and Liz. Both of them are hard-working people and they learned a lot about themselves. Liz says, ‘The practical things were easy for me. But living with 30 other people was hard work.’ In the end, however, they were both positive. ‘We haven’t decided where yet, but we’d like to continue to live a self-sufficient way of life’ says Dez.

1. Why did the television company create the Castaway 2000 programme? A. To create a ‘fantasy’ holiday B. To find out more about society and communities C. To employ people to build accommodation on the island D. To look after the animals on the island 2. Why was there a television camera on the island? A. To teach the people how to use television cameras B. To give the people something to do C. To make films about the animals living there D. To make films about the people living there 3. What was Roger’s opinion of the year on the island? A. He liked everything about it B. It was good for the children but not for him C. He liked the life, but he didn’t like the television company being in charge. D. He liked it at first, but not at the end. 4. What was the most difficult thing for Liz? A. Being in a community with lots of other people B. Leaving the island at the end of the year C. The physical work on the island D. Learning about herself

. They were very good at their job D. What was Rosemary’s opinion of the television producers? A. They gave the wrong impression about her family C. They were very difficult people B.5. They were very kind.

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