Carrier in RRB verses Commercial banks It is often seen most of the young generation who are trying to get

a Probationary office job in a bank, prefer commercial banks to RRBS, but at the bottom, if we analyze the various aspects the following things that can be derived are as follows. Sl no 1 RRBS Commercial banks RRBS are formed by passing special statue by However, most of the commercial banks were Govt... of India initially private players, later they were mentioned by Govt. of India by acquiring there share 2 RRBS are having 50% capital share from Govt. of However, only share of 51% and above is India, 15 % from Govt. of the particular state and needed to become a central Govt. undertaking rest 35 % from the sponsoring bank. Sponsoring institution. banks were again Govt. institution, so we can roughly say that it is 100% Govt. institution 3 Now that whole urban market is saturating, all However they are new comers to Rural market institution, including giant players also moving in comparison to RRBS towards the rural market, in this context, RRBs have some added advantage over CBs 4 Pay scale is same with the CBs 5 Growth of the RRBs till now is satisfactory in However, commercial banks are formed or comparison to CBS if we look into the things like, nationalized in the year 1960. Hence date of commencement, resource, etc. RRBs are performance and work culture of nationalized formed in 1975 banks and RRBs are incomparable. 6 RRBs are acquiring technology with greater pace, most of the RRBs are under core banking, some has even implemented internet banking, mobile banking platform. 7 Large players are operating in whole of India, therefore, performance in one state can be nullified by some good performance in some good state, and however, if we compare these giant payers in terms of sates, then the actual picture of performance can be visualized. Where RRBs performance is well over many nationalized banks. If we look at all the above mentioned aspects we can say that working in a RRB and serving the poor agriculture people is much above than the CBS and satisfactory, where you are not only getting profit for the organization but also helping somebody coming out of poverty. A detail of salary and other added benefits are given below. Sl no 1 2 3 4 Items Basic pay Dearness allowance HRA Special area allowance total Amt, 14500.00 13941.00 942.00 320.00 29703.00 (As on 30/10/2013)

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