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Name: Wang Zhao Date: 11/12/13 Title: Giving instructions/responding to instructions conversation lesson plan Context: T !

"# conversation methods Description o$ arti$act: This is a sample lesson plan designed $or intermediate to high intermediate universit% age !# students in the &nited !tates' (t is a $ull )* minutes lesson $ocus on the spo+en language $eatures o$ giving instructions and responding to instructions' (t includes ,asic ,ac+ground in$ormation- o,.ectives- rationale- target expressions- materials needed- handouts and the ans/er +e%s' The lesson plan $ollo/s the 000 structure /hich starts /ith teacher presentation and modeling- then guided to less controlled student practice and eventuall% communicative exercise in the production phase' Ne/ ideas- in$ormation- or a/areness $rom this arti$act: The o,.ectives o$ the lesson plan are o,serva,le and precise' The teacher clearl% speci$% the o,serva,le and measura,le ,ehaviors that students /ill ,e a,le to demonstrate as a result o$ learning' 1oreover- it also speci$icall% descri,es ho/ accurate the teacher /ants students demonstration to ,e 2e'g' 1inimum o$ six target expressions- using three o$ the clari$%ing techni3ues4' 5nother a/areness ( got $rom this lesson plan is the application o$ the 000 lesson structure' There are t/o presentation phases and each one is $ollo/ed ,% student practice' During presentation- the teacher also constantl% elicits response $rom the students to assess their understanding instead o$ simpl% lecturing on the topic' 1ost o$ the activities are done in the $orm o$ pair or group /or+' The teacher monitors the students ,ut does not ta+e over the conversation' 5t the end o$ the class- the teacher as+s students to articulate not onl% /hat the% learned ,ut also the rationale underl%ing the content' The handouts are simple and /ell6organi7ed' (n the 8ho/ to do laundr%9 section- ( thin+ the pictures provided are 3uite essential ,ecause students $rom di$$erent culture ,ac+ground might not have the same idea o$ /hat the machines are li+e and the process o$ doing laundr%' 5 /ell6designed lesson could help students ac3uire +no/ledge and ,ecome independent learners outside o$ the classroom'

:e$lection on ho/ this /ill impact %our approach to teaching and learning: This /ill serve as a model $or m% $uture lesson planning' ;irst o$ all- ( /ill ,e more scrupulous in /riting per$ormance o,.ectives in order to set measura,le and realistic goals $or the students' 1oreover- the ,asic 000 lesson structure is $lexi,le as demonstrated in this lesson plan' Teachers can add more steps or s/itch the se3uence to decide /hat /or+s ,est $or the students' The ultimate goal o$ a conversation class is to develop students9 communicative competence outside o$ the classroom' ;rom a language learner9s perspectivethe activities the% practice should ,e the real6li$e language used in the authentic target language environment'