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What Happened Between Renesmee And Andrew?

What Happened Between Renesmee And Andrew?


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Published by Holly
Did you ever wonder what exactly happen when Renesmee was captured by Andrew in Blue Hour? Did you ever wonder how he did it? Well here you go :)
Did you ever wonder what exactly happen when Renesmee was captured by Andrew in Blue Hour? Did you ever wonder how he did it? Well here you go :)

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Published by: Holly on Aug 18, 2009
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I sat in Lily’s garden with my mouth clamped shut.

Lily’s scent was completely overpowering in her house and seemed to drag me under. Even out here, in the fresh air, I could still taste it. I looked up at the sky in attempt to forget about it. It was dark and cloudy, threatening to rain once more. The grass was still damp from the recent shower we had had. “That day at the beach was so embarrassing!” Lily began the conversation, slipping through her patio doors to where I sat. She had gone to fetch us a glass of lemonade and set them down on the grass. She looked at me, pulled a face and continued to talk, “It must have been what, thirty seconds after Andrew came and Mum ordered me to come home. I swear she must have been telepathic that day or something. The one day I want to go to the beach,” she sat down with a groan and forgot to finish her sentence, pulling out a new one quickly, “Andrew will never notice me now.” “Ugh,” I grimaced, rolling my eyes, “stop! You sound like Kia.” I pulled a face at her, making her laugh. Her green eyes shone, even in the faltered light, and her fingers ran easily through her blonde hair. “Ok, that was a low blow,” she raised an eyebrow comically, “but I suppose you’re right. I’ve never been this boy obsessed, honest.” I questioned her with a quick glance and she blushed. “Don’t waste your time with Andrew,” I said seriously, “he’s a bit of a weirdo.” Lily winked, “I find it…sexy.” Her girlish giggle was infectious and she pushed her lips into a silly pout. It felt nice, being a normal girl for once. “Oh please!” I swatted at her, making her laugh even more when she dodged me. Though really, I had angled my hand a little differently; if I had hit her, she’d be howling in pain not with laughter. My cell phone rang in my pocket and I slipped it out quickly. Lily eyed my skill impressively but I pretended not to notice, flipping the cell open. “Hello?” “Renesmee?” The dark gruff voice was unfamiliar until he continued, “Renesmee? It’s Andrew.” I couldn’t help but feel a flicker of surprise; Andrew had never called me. We had barely talked at school, since his odd behaviour unnerved me. In fact for all that I knew, he didn’t even have my number. But that didn’t worry me, the speed of his speech did. It was quick, almost panting and I wasn’t sure if I should interpret it into panic or not. “I-I saw him,” he seemed to wheeze, “I saw him lying there still.” “What?” I asked, wondering what the hell he was going on about. “I know his secret,” his worried voice turned into a growl, “I saw him and I just knew. I knew who it was. What it was.” “Wait, back up here,” I stuttered, “what?” Lily silenced beside me, her eyes flickering worriedly across my face. She had sensed my growing fear. “His fur,” Andrew continued to growl, “his fur was covered. In blood.” He began to pant again. “I saw him and it was barely noticeable against his russet coat but the moon just caught the li-“ “Andrew!” My voice shot through a few octaves hysterically. “Stop! Who?” But something deep inside me told me I knew who. It was stupidly obvious. But I swallowed the feeling; I wished it not to be true. “That Jacob kid, the one you liked.” My heart lurched in panic, so much panic that I didn’t think to question his use of past tense. I felt my hand fling

itself out and grip Lily’s wrist in a desperate action to stay conscious. She took a sharp intake of breath and studied me. She seemed to know better than to start talking. “Where? Where did you see him?” I demanded shakily, my grip on Lily getting worryingly tighter. “Meet me by the school,” Andrew ordered, the panting and the panic suddenly invisible in his rough voice, “I’ll take you there.” He rang off quickly. My heart plummeted down into my shoes and I felt dizzy. I was hanging on the edge, daring to slip off, but I couldn’t. I had to get up. I scrambled to my feet, my heart spinning like I was drunk, and said a blurred apology to Lily. The words were squished into one, almost a different language but I’m sure she got the main meaning. Without thinking, I leapt easily over her tall backyard fence. I only realised I had done it when I heard her gasp at my ability. But there was no time to worry about that now. I ran wildly to Forks High School, nearly getting mown down by several angry motorists. My heart pulsed crazily and beads of sticky sweat ran down my pale skin. I was shining gently in the moonlight as I ran. Eventually, my heart began to pulse with relief as I reached the school. I couldn’t stop, I was running too fast. I saw Andrew in his normal outfit, a dark pair of trousers and a hoody shading his face. It looked as if he was bigger than last time I had seen him. “Andrew!” I shrieked, slamming hard into his panting body. His large arms, uncomfortable and restricting, wound around me and suddenly, my feet were no longer on the floor. I felt a wave of panic; what had happened? Did I faint? I gripped at anything and found myself grabbing wildly at Andrew’s hoody. I realised, with a panicked gasp, that I was settled onto his back. We seemed to lunge forward in an awkward animalistic fashion and the wind smacked into my tear strained, sweaty face. We were running. Very, very fast. I looked at the floor beneath me; it was just a dark muddy blur. “Holy crap!” I yelled. This speed would rival Edward’s. Andrew’s chest rumbled. Was he…laughing? At a time like this? When my boyfriend could be dying somewhere? I sank my fingers harder into his hoody with a fierce scowl. We ran for a few minutes longer, deeper and deeper into the forest. Suddenly, Andrew veered wildly to the left, throwing me off his back in the process. I screamed, my stomach somersaulting as my back slammed into a tree. My breath trembled as I felt the slow pain poison my spine. Andrew rumbled again, pulling his hoody off. He was bare underneath, his large chest dark and his muscles flexing. I coughed, scrambling blindly to my feet. I put one hand behind me, touching the bark I had just slammed into, just to keep me vertical. “Where… where is he? Where’s Jacob?” I demanded. Andrew turned slowly to meet my gaze. “Silly little half-human,” he smirked. My mouth fell open and my knees buckled underneath me. Somehow though, I stayed standing. Did he just say…half human? Stupidly and selfishly, I became totally distracted.

“How do you know?” I tried to sound angry, to sound like he should be fearful, but my voice cracked. “I’ve known for a while,” Andrew paced circles around my trembling body, his bright blue eyes cast downward, “funny little creature you turned out to be.” I stared at him in disbelief. “Useful though,” he seemed to mutter to himself, “very useful.” His voice turned into a gentle purr but nothing could comfort me. My hair on my neck stood on end and I felt fear seep into my veins, into my blood. “What are you…what?” I demanded, shaking even more now. Andrew smiled at me, his piercing blue eyes resting on my face. They flickered with excitement. It sent warning signals off in my stomach but I knew I was in danger. I knew it already. “Everyone has secrets,” he said, stopping his pacing, “let me show you mine.” He turned his back on me and stood in complete silence. I watched him, wondering if I should make a run for it or not. Suddenly, he let out a low groan. I stared harder; his shoulder blades protruded out of his back and began to…smoulder. It was the only word I could think of. His tanned skin darkened even more and his body began to shake. I felt my eyes widen; it was like he was preparing to explode…like he was, I didn’t want to think it but…phasing. There were numerous ripping sounds, all of which I hoped were just his trousers that now lay in tatters around him. I forced myself to blink and as soon as I did, an enormous roar erupted from all around. My eyelids snapped open in shock. No. No, it couldn’t be. I stared back into Andrew’s suddenly familiar blue eyes. They weren’t just his. They belonged to a wolf. The wolf in my nightmares. And that’s when I finally saw what he was. He stood on all fours, his large shoulder muscles visible under his black fur. He was a wolf, but giant. More than giant, he seemed to be bigger than Jacob’s wolf form. But Andrew crouched low to the ground in front of me. He dropped his long snout onto the dirt and let out a low whine. I remembered it and shuddered. Andrew saw me and pulled his lips back to show me his lines of deathly dagger teeth in a sly sort of smile. “You…you phased,” I stuttered, “You’re a shape shifter.” The words made my stomach churn; it shouldn’t be, it couldn’t be. Andrew shook his large black head, his eyes falling to the floor again. “No,” his rough voice had transformed into a smooth husky sound, “not like the ones you know.” My skin prickled with goose bumps; I had never heard a wolf talk. He smiled, noticing my discomfort, and rose to his full height. The large wolf towered over me, his teeth still glinting in his mouth. “I’m the real thing.” I blinked once at him before answering shakily, “A werewolf?” “You sound surprised,” he barked a laugh. I hated the fact he thought I was a pitiful useless object he could toy around with. No chance. “Well it’s not everyday your classmate turns into a werewolf,” I snapped darkly.

Andrew didn’t seem to flinch and winked at me. “True, but you’ve already met me.” I glared at him, shaking my head slightly. He wasn’t. No. It wasn’t true. “See?” He probed further into my head, “You’re remembering.” I snarled, “If you’re a real werewolf, how come there’s no full moon?” Andrew took an elongated step back in mild surprise but he regained his sly grin. He thought he had got me, he thought he could carry on frightening me. He didn’t seem to remember I was a Cullen. I was a vampire. “I have a choice to change whenever I like,” he explained in his hypnotic voice, “but with a full moon, I change involuntarily.” I pursed my lips and he watched me in amusement. The more I questioned him, the less time he had to attack me or whatever he had plans to do. “Silver bullets?” “Nope.” I hesitated. “Killing people?” “Nope,” he answered without a flicker of surprise. His grin widened, almost too big for his pointed snout. I watched him carefully, any sudden movement and I was running. My hands balled into fists. “Interrogation over?” He asked quietly. “No,” I scowled, “what do you want…with me?” My voice, coming out in a threatening snarl, broke on the last word. I grimaced; I was defiant to create an impression of power, strength and no fear. Andrew’s grin, sinister and menacing, didn’t falter as he thought of how to word his answer. His bright blue eyes disappeared momentarily as he blinked. He didn’t look at me too hard. “I need you,” he began, “for a very important reason.” He paused, sitting his enormous body down on the damp earth. My fists unclenched and I relaxed a little; sitting down made him a little more vulnerable. “You can’t screw this up for me,” he muttered, “I already have a lot of power. I am one of the last werewolves in the entire world. I could rule the U.S if I wanted to.” His blue eyes flickered upwards to me for a second before casting back down to the floor. “And you do want to,” I interrupted. Andrew flashed his teeth again, sending a shiver down my aching spine. “Wouldn’t you?” His large tongue ran across his teeth before he continued. “But as I am, I have chances to fail. I have weaknesses.” His muscles flexed as he spoke. “I have faults where your kind has strengths,” his eyes rested on my face again, “should I acquire those strengths and I’m faultless. I couldn’t lose.” He grinned. “My kind? Vampires you mean?” “No,” Andrew made a low growling sound, “not exactly.” He rose to his feet but didn’t move any closer to me. “Your human traits are stronger than mine. Your vampire traits are,” he exhaled, “phenomenal.” His grin suddenly darkened and my fear automatically accelerated. He strode towards me, using that same loping speed he had used in my nightmares. “What are you doing? Stop Andrew, don’t.” I demanded, my voice getting higher and higher as I panicked. I put one hand out as if to stop him but it was useless, he kept walking forwards. “Renesmee, you will not mess this up,” he growled, “I need you.”

“How-wh-you…” I tried to stumble backwards but the tree was cold against my back. “Stop,” he ordered, “stop moving. I won’t hurt you.” I found enough confidence to scoff at him. “Yeah.” Andrew’s bright eyes glittered and he coughed a laugh again. “I’ll try not to. I just need you, part of you…any of you.” He seemed to drift off but his eyes were suddenly intent on my face, scanning down my arms. What was he looking for? What did he want? “Stop moving,” he growled again. “What do you want Andrew?” I tried to glare at him. “Just tell me.” “You want to be like me, remember?” He stopped walking suddenly and his eyes were alight with a happier emotion. “I told you that you didn’t have to be frozen anymore. You could be real. You could be warm like Jacob, like me.” I couldn’t find my voice and he used this as a great advantage. I could see he loved the way I stared at him. He felt incredible; he was radiating it. “I could give you a new life, a chance to live properly. No fighting this thirst. Nothing.” “Stop,” I whimpered. His teeth flashed. “You could live a normal life, Renesmee. You wouldn’t have to move, to live in hiding. You wouldn’t have to keep up this Cullen façade.” “Stop.” I felt tears prick my eyes and I clenched my teeth together. “Stop it.” “With you, I wouldn’t fight. The pack would be safe.” I felt my heart pound harder into my chest. “Shut up, shut up!” I wailed. “Just tell me what you want!” “With mine, your blood will be all powerful,” he told me with a darker grin. My stomach flipped as he began stalking slowly towards me. “No!” I shrieked, my voice shrill and loud. “Jacob! Jacob will find me! Edward! Bella!” I carried on screaming their names until I saw Andrew’s body freeze. “Uncanny,” he whispered to himself. I stopped my screaming and his voice rose to talk to me. “Fine, say your goodbyes my lovely Renesmee. But,” his eyes blazed, “let them come close to you and I’m taking them out. Especially that lovely shape-shifter of yours.” I felt my heart explode. “How?” My fists clenched again. “Edward and Jacob, you’ll never beat the-“ “It won’t be my first time Renesmee, haven’t you heard about the werewolf rampaging across the U.S?” He was inches away from me now and he brushed his wet nose across my cheek. “Trust me.” I whimpered quietly as Andrew pushed me forward and we began walking. His paws barely made any sound behind me but I know he was there, salivating. My head spun as I walked, flashes of Jacob’s face blinding me. Andrew let out a low, long growl that vibrated through his chest. I picked up my pace, wondering where the hell we were going. But it didn’t matter. Andrew was going to kill me. Even someone without the intelligence of a vampire would guess that.

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