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Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute Rawalpindi
( )Quarterl E!amination "Sc # ( )$ear

(Session %&&')

Paper – (___________)
(ate) Time Allowed) *% #o+ %&&, * . /rs Subjective Part
Q-1 Q-2 Q-3 Q-4 Q-5

Total M-S) '& Passin0 M-S) %'



minutes %f action is not ta+en 4uic+ly he might ha(e which of the following reactions) a Asthma attac+ " 5espiratory arrest c Sei!ure d 'a+e up on his own e 11 %ntramuscular in1ection of analgesics during the resuscitation phase is not recommended "ecause a Narcotics can se(erely depress " Narcotics can further decrease the "lood pressure the respiratory system c %nade4uate peripheral perfusion d *olerance to pain medication de(elops easily result in une(en of the medication 12 a " c d 13 a " c d 14 a " c d 15 a " c d e 16 a " c d 17 EXAM SECRET 2 .C/ d Administer su"lingual nitroglycerin 8 'hich of the following characteristics is typical of the pain associated with deep (ein throm"osis) a 0ull ache " No pain c Sudden onset d tingling e 9 *he ris+ factor for coronary artery disease cannot "e corrected a Cigarette smo+ing " 0ia"etes mellitus c Heredity d hypertension e 10 A client was gi(en morphine sulfate for pain He2s sleeping and his respiratory rate is 3 "reaths.c nitroglycerin d #"tain an .chocardiogram d .C/ 6 %n which of the following areas is an a"dominal aortic aneurysm most commonly located) a 0istal to the iliac arteries " 0istal to the renal arteries c Ad1acent to the aortic arch d $ro-imal to the renal arteries 7 'hich of the following inter(ention should "e the first priority when treating a client e-periencing chest pain while wal+ing) a Sit the client down " /et the client "ac+ to "ed c #"tain an .EXAM SECRET JSC : ________ (Adult Health Nursing) Q-1 Choose the best one :1 Medical treatment of coronary artery disease includes which of the following procedure a Cardiac catheteri!ation " Coronary artery "ypass surgery c #ral medication administration d $ercutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty 2 $rolonged occlusion of the right coronary artery produces an infraction in which of the following area a Anterior " Apical c %nferior d &ateral 3 'hich of the following "lood test is most indicati(e of cardiac damage) a &actate dehydrogenase " Complete "lood count c *roponin % d Creatine +inase 4 'hich of the following diagnostic tools is most commonly used to determine the location of myocardial damage) a Cardiac catheteri!ation " Cardiac en!ymes c .lectrocardiogram 5 'hat is the first inter(ention for a client e-periencing myocardial infraction) a Administer morphine " Administer o-ygen c Administer s.

a c 18 a " c d 19 a " c d 20 a " c d 21 a " c d 22 a " c d 23 a " c d 24 a " c d 25 a " c d EXAM SECRET " d EXAM SECRET 3 .

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