Fish Lake Metis Settlement

Heritage Property Details

Name of Historic Place: Fish Lake Metis Settlement Other Name(s): Fish Lake Metis Village Date of Origin: 1945 - 1965 Historic Use: Settlement Location: Provincial

Formal Recognition
Type of Recognition: Provincial Heritage Property Date of Recognition: July 15, 2011

Statement of Significance
Reasons for Provincial designation: 1. The Fish Lake Métis Settlement is a unique example of an independent Métis community occupied from approximately 1945 to 1965. The property speaks to a period of transition for Métis as they were increasingly displaced by European settlement. While some families moved to permanent settlements or farms set up by the provincial government, others lived temporarily on unoccupied Crown land and were often called “Road Allowance Métis”. The establishment of settlements, such as the one at Fish Lake, represented the Métis’ attempt to maintain their distinct cultural traditions and way of life in the early 20th century. 2. The heritage significance of Fish Lake also lies in its association with Henry James “Jim” Settee (1911-2005), one of the settlement’s founders and long-time residents. Settee was a well-known and respected Métis Elder, tracker, historian, community builder and spiritual leader. 3. As a cultural landscape and archaeological site, the Fish Lake Métis Settlement furthers our understanding of Métis perspectives on family, community, and the land during this period. Sources: Province of Saskatchewan, Notice of Intention to Designate as Provincial Heritage Property under The Heritage Property Act, February 17, 2011. Province of Saskatchewan, Order to Designate as Provincial Heritage Property under The Heritage Property Act, July 15, 2011.

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