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Métis seek heritage title for Fish Lake

Métis seek heritage title for Fish Lake

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A newspaper article about the Fish Lake Metis Settlement.
A newspaper article about the Fish Lake Metis Settlement.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Nov 27, 2013
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Fish Lake Metis Settlement Métis seek heritage title for former homesteads

By Angela Hill, Prince Albert Daily Herald July 13, 2009

Hiking through the bush is one of the things that makes Bryan ee ha!!iest"

Bryan Lee leans on a sign near Ross Lake. Lee is one of many trying to have the Métis settlement site designated as a heritage area. One of the ste s is having the lake renamed !ish Lake. Herald hoto by Angela Hill

Hiking through the bush is one of the things that makes Bryan Lee happiest. "I love the trails. I love hiking. That's one of my real passions - hiking, backpacking," sai Lee. !o, it "asn't surprising to anyone at a #etis reunion !atur ay that the event kicke off "ith a hike to a recently recovere natural spring an ol homestea sites. Lee is calling for this section of lan near $mma Lake to be eclare a provincial heritage site. The point of the reunion "as to bring people back to the site "here they once live to learn more about the area an the community, sai Lee.

!teve !ettee - son of %ev. &ames !ettee, the area's most famous resi ent - came from $ monton to see the place "here he spent his chil hoo . "It's 'uite beautiful out here. Hopefully, it stays the same, they "on't log anything out or have anyone move in," sai !ettee. Back in the ()*+s, the lake "as home to (, #etis homestea s after several families "ere relocate out of -rince .lbert /ational -ark in the (),+s. It is likely the provincial government thought they shoul give the relocate #0tis people a place to settle, sai Lee. /o" the #etis Local (+1, 2hristopher Lake is "orking to"ar heritage site esignation. "If "e "ere charge "ith the responsibility 3for looking after the area4, "hich "e hope "e are ... "e "ant to preserve the lake 5ust the "ay it is," Lee sai . Last year, the group file an archeological resource report, "hich brings the former #etis community to the government's attention. . full archeological survey "as recently complete . .n archeologist "as on site to photograph, catalogue an log the location of the home sites. The area, currently name %oss Lake, falls into the rural municipality of -a ock"oo , "hich has given the group its full support in obtaining heritage status, accor ing to Lee. The lake's name "as change to %oss Lake in the ()1+s, but Lee sai the #0tis "ere not consulte an the official name of 6ish Lake "as overlooke . The #etis /ation of !askatche"an has sent Lee a letter saying they fully support the group's attempts to have the lake rename to 6ish Lake. Lee sai the #etis local "ants the area to be calle the Historical #etis 2ommunity of 6ish Lake because %oss, "ho the lake "as name after, ha nothing to o "ith the #etis community.

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