in a night when it snowed heavily, a man called mokichi was hurrying home.

on his way, he met a beautiful lady wearing silver clothes. the woman looked upon mikichi as her rescuer, and told him: "i've twisted my ankle.. can you please carry me home?" mokichi asked the lady where she lived.. the woman didn't say anything, but pointed to the pitch dark forest ahead silently. mokichi answered loudly: "ok, i got it" and carried her in the basket on his back. and he walked into the forest. but the further he went, the heavier the snow got, and there was still no sign of any housing. then mokichi asked: "we're on the right track, right?", she only nodded silently. she was waiting, waiting for the man to be exhausted and abandon her. yes, that woman is the yukionna, tricking men deep into the forests on the mountain and eats up their soul when they are exhausted. finally, mokichi went slower and slower. after a while mokichi's lips moved: "lady.." the woman seemed to be waiting for this, she answered with a gentle smile: "yes, what is it?" as mokichi gasped for air.. he said with his hoarse voice: "are you cold?" to the man's suprising reply, the woman was speechless.. mokichi then struggled with his frozen numb leg and pressed on: "it's not comfortable sitting in the basket, right?" "are you hungry?" "just a little more, please hold on! endure for a bit more!" the woman only replied with a "yes" to his questions.. the voice became weaker and weaker.. until finally it was inaudible. the worried mokichi stopped in his tracks, looked at the basket, only to find that the woman had disappeared.. all left was a set of silver clothes bagged of snow..

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