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Wood Mountain Uplands:

These maps depict the Metis communities of Chimney Coulee, Pinto Horse Butte, La Vieille, La Montagne de Bois, Fort Qu ppelle and !olomons Post" The ri#er $asins depicted are% &ood 'i#er, Frenchman 'i#er, Poplar 'i#er, Big Muddy 'i#er, !ouris 'i#er and the Mil( 'i#er"

From Thelma Poirier *+d", Wood Mountain Uplands: From the Big Muddy to the Frenchman River. &ood Mountain, !("% &ood Mountain Historical !ociety, -...% /iii and /i#"

Compiled $y La0rence Bar(0ell Metis Heritage and History 'esearch Coordinator Louis 'iel 1nstitute