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High Rollers

High Rollers

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Published by Shmaveman
The show follows the manager of a casino, Alan, and his staff as they try and turn around the casino with the help of a new owner.
The show follows the manager of a casino, Alan, and his staff as they try and turn around the casino with the help of a new owner.

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Published by: Shmaveman on Nov 27, 2013
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CASINO - DAY ALAN KAPLAN, early 30’s, affable yet emotionally on edge, and manager of the Four Spades Casino, is gathering himself in the parking lot before the big day. His mother calls. ALAN (snappy) What mom?/I’m sorry. Now’s not good./I’m busy. Today’s a huge day./Just go to the doctor!/No, don’t use a hair dryer. It’s not cancer. He pulls the phone away from his ear miming his mother’s talking. ALAN (CONT’D) Goodbye. Goodbye. He kicks the hubcap of the car next to him, it falls off. He tries to fix it but the alarm goes off. He hurries away. Freeze on Alan. SUPER: “Alan Kaplan, Casino Manager” INT. OFFICE Alan meets with the new owner of the casino, STUART RICHARDS, a corporate high roller. STUART This is a tight run ship. I’m impressed. ALAN I’ve been here a long time. This place is home. STUART However, I don’t want stale. We need to re-energize this place. SUPER: reads “Stuart Richards, Casino Owner.” ALAN Of course not. STUART Just like everyone else here, you have to prove yourself.



Alan is taken aback, seemingly confident in his job security. STUART (CONT’D) We need to resurrect this place or I’m going to demolish it and sell the land. ALAN You’d sell the casino? STUART Some investors are coming by today. They’re looking at the property. ALAN But you just bought it. STUART I’m a businessman, I flip properties for a living. Just today, I bought a salad, sold it for ten percent profit, used it to buy this falafel plate. ALAN What if the casino is successful? STUART Then I keep it. ALAN So you’ll either sell and who knows what they’ll do with it, or you keep it and we live happily ever after? STUART I want it to succeed, but at the end of the day, whatever brings me the most money is the decision. ALAN I’m going to show you the potential of this place. ALAN TALKING HEAD ALAN (CONT’D) This casino is my livelihood. I started as a line cook when we had a restaurant. Then I worked valet, when we had a parking lot. I even was a cabana boy before we closed the pool for a few years due to an alligator problem. Saving this place would validate everything for me.



The Four Spades Casino is a tacky blending of modern fixings and cheap decor. Alan stands in front of a conference room. He addresses a large group of employees but they continue talking. ALAN Good morning everyone! I have a big announcement. The room slightly muffles. He waits a moment. Beat. ALAN (CONT’D) There will be no more pastries in the break room. The room goes silent. Cut to SANJAY KANCHAWALA, 50’s, a hardened casino vet, quicktempered, and touchy. I quit. SANJAY

Others join in approval. SUPER: reads “Sanjay Kanchawala, Pit Boss” ALAN We still have pastries, but there’s big news. Cut to FAITH FREEMAN, 30’s, peppy, jealous type, and an attention seeker. FAITH Thank you for the introduction Alan. I will be debuting new songs in the lounge tonight. She briefly warms up her voice. SUPER: reads, “Faith Freeman, Casino Entertainer” The employees begin to leave. ALAN That’s not the news. Sit please. They stand.

"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" ALAN (CONT’D) The casino is now under new ownership. Sanjay raises his hand. SUNJAY Are we getting fired? ALAN He wants to see how the first few months go. And then? SUNJAY


ALAN Just do your jobs and you’ll be fine. He’s a chap from England. SUNJAY Excuse me? What do the British know about running a casino? Their country’s led by a dainty old lady. ALAN She doesn’t run the government. SUNJAY I won’t stand for this. ALAN Not today. I need everyone working their best. SUNJAY We’re unionizing, we have demands. ALAN Where is this coming from? Impress him please. SUNJAY We refuse to work under a tyrant. From this point on, we’re on strike! Sanjay takes his shoe off and slams it like a gavel. He walks out as a small contingent follows him. INT. HOTEL - LOBBY Alan is scurrying to ensure everything is perfect.

"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" ALAN Water those flowers. They look dry. FLOWER GUY They’re not real. ALAN Make them look real. He begins to water them. FLOWER GUY: My family has a proud heritage of hotel flower watering, I won’t work under a dictator. ALAN He’s not a dictator! Stop listening to Sanjay’s propaganda. JASON DAVIS, early 20’s, loyal and eager, always seeking Alan’s approval, startles Alan. JASON What can I do, sir? SUPER: reads “JASON DAVIS, INTERN.” ALAN I need you to find a mustache. Jason pulls one out of his pocket. Beat. ALAN (CONT’D) You’re going to walk around here pretending to be the new boss. Scare them straight. JASON You think I can fool them? He thinks momentarily. Yes. INT. HOTEL - LOBBY Alan heads to the concierge desk. ALAN Jamie! Didn’t expect to see you here. ALAN




JAMIE RODRIGUEZ is in her late 20’s, ambitious, firm, and bossy. JAMIE Where else would I be? SUPER: “Jamie Rodriguez, Concierge” ALAN How’s your day going? JAMIE Very busy. Trying to stay on top of everything. ALAN Some of the crew walked out on strike, I need to fix that before the new boss finds out. JAMIE I haven’t met him yet, but he seems like a good guy. ALAN (CONT’D) (cautiously joking) Don’t fall for the whole British shtick though. She looks up from her work and thinks about what he said. INT. CHAPEL Months in the future. Jamie is marrying Stuart. Alan is standing in the background depressed. Series of shots depicting her high rolling, jet-setting lifestyle. Back to present. ALAN Any lunch plans? Yes. JAMIE

ALAN (surprised) Really? With who? A guest interrupts. GUEST Excuse me, I’m looking to check in.

"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" JAMIE Welcome to The Four Spades. What’s the reservation under please? GUEST Miller. Brian Miller. JAMIE Let me look that up. Jamie steps to the side. ALAN I’ll catch you later. I have a lunch date to make. JAMIE At 10:30? Why did you ask me if I had lunch plans then? ALAN Just making sure you’re eating. I need you guys in your best condition. Alan leaves. INT. DRESSING ROOM


Faith is putting on makeup and trying on outfits. OSWALT JANOWSKI, 30’s, an immigrant, reserved, and a quiet romantic, is fixing some things in the room. FAITH Let’s keep the lighting mellow. I need ambiance. OSWALT Okay, Ms. Freeman. He lovingly admires her, she is oblivious. FAITH I’m juice cleansing. I need total purity if I’m going to impress this new owner. Try some. Oswalt pours some of the drink out and starts cleaning with it. Faith looks puzzled. OSWALT Juice cleaning! FAITH Who am I to judge?



Oswalt begins to leave. Faith urges him to stay not wanting to be alone. FAITH (CONT’D) Please stay. There’s so much more to discuss. Oswalt is overjoyed. She lights a scented candle. OSWALT What is smell? FAITH Don’t you love it? It’s tennis ball can. Oswalt feigns approval. FAITH (CONT’D) This dresser needs some work, it’s all chipped. Oswalt inspects the dresser. FAITH (CONT’D) Foreigners have always had a thing for me. It’s probably my je na sais quoi. Faith looks around, grabs a shirt, and drys her armpits. Oswalt smiles thinking she’s referring to him. FAITH (CONT’D) If I could just hitch my wagon to that British rocket. OSWALT (dismayed) I need to get my tools. FAITH Which perfume do I use? Faith sprays two perfumes simultaneously. Oswalt exits the room in a coughing attack. Both, right? INT. CASINO Alan is covering various shifts. First he works the buffet, FAITH (CONT’D)

"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" then he does housekeeping, followed by dealing cards.


JAMES WILLIAMS-JOHN, a Southerner in an expensive suit takes a seat at the table Alan’s dealing at. JAMES 100,000 in chips sir. ALAN High roller over here. JAMES I gotta milk this place before I level it. Alan is taken aback. ALAN Why would you do that? JAMES There’s three interstates surrounding this dump, that’s prime outlet mall territory. ALAN Like discount stores? JAMES You’d be surprised how excited people get over their outlet malls. Alan deals the cards. ALAN What about the casino? JAMES No offense, but this place is beyond a white elephant. This is a dead elephant lying in the middle of the road, it’s tusks sawed off as it’s young cowers near by. ALAN You could’ve stopped at dead elephant. James keeps on winning. ALAN (CONT’D) It seems to be treating you well.

"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" JAMES Na, I’m just counting cards, you guys should train your security better. INT. SECURITY ROOM - CONTINUOUS


Two security guards are throwing fruit snacks from one side of the room to the other in their mouths, while a dog is seated at the controls. INT. CASINO - CONTINUOUS ALAN Good to know. JAMES My time has come. I have some demolition to get to. ALAN (dismayed) Good luck with that. END OF ACT ONE



Alan approaches REGGIE THOMPSON, 70’s, an eccentric, longtime tenant, suffers from memory loss, is seated at the bar in full safari gear with a rifle strapped over his shoulder. ALAN Someone going hunting? REGGIE Big game hunting. Alan goes behind the bar and pours himself a drink. REGGIE (CONT’D) A little early to be drinking? ALAN It’s been a trying day. REGGIE I heard the new owners here. ALAN He is, half my staff are on strike, and some investor wants to turn the casino into an outlet mall. He takes a big swig. REGGIE This casino is your lifeblood. Your family’s been here since it opened. ALAN I was born by those Keno machines. INT. CASINO Alan’s MOTHER wins the jackpot, but upon celebrating immediately goes into labor. She grabs his FATHER by the coat tightly. MOTHER If I don’t make it, name him Keno. FATHER Let’s not make rash decisions. MOTHER Do it! For me!

"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" FATHER I don’t like it! It’s dumb. They continue fighting. INT. CASINO - CONTINUOUS ALAN Dad won of course, but it was a tense birth. They say that’s why I’m so anxious. REGGIE You need to stand on your own feet, revive this place and show them how great it is. ALAN With no staff it’s hard. REGGIE Do you think I back down from a challenge when I’m out in the brush? ALAN What exactly do you hunt around here? REGGIE Woodland creatures. The fiercest and most savage. ALAN Well you have a gun so it’s easier. REGGIE You think I’m not scared staring a butterfly right in their cold, dead eyes? It makes a man of you very quick. But when you pull that trigger and blast that heathen, you know your place on the food chain and it’s time you know yours. Alan pauses for a moment taking in what was said. ALAN You’re right. This is my casino. These are my employees. He finishes his drink and slams his glass down and rushes off. EXT. CASINO - DAY


"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" Jason holds a cap gun. Sanjay stands next to KIP BENNETT, 40’s, bartender, patronizing, yet loyal. Sanjay’s rival. They are preparing to race. KIP Ready intern? JASON Let me check. He fires off a round. A flock of birds appears and zooms passed the cowering men. Ready. JASON (CONT’D)


SANJAY I’m going to smoke you like a pair of nice juicy, chutney-rubbed ribs sitting in a smoker all day as you anxiously wait to eat them. KIP That was very detailed and for the record I don’t eat ribs. I’m a strict kosher. SANJAY You’re not even Jewish. JASON Three...two...one. As he is about to fire the gun. Alan approaches. ALAN You guys need to stop this and get back to work. Start impressing the new boss. SANJAY We’re on strike. We don’t have to do anything. ALAN Do your jobs! SANJAY For who? No one’s even in there.

"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" ALAN What are you guys even doing? KIP None of your business. JASON It’s race thing. ALAN We have a zero-tolerance discrimination policy here. JASON Like a race. Running. ALAN What is this recess? Get inside. SANJAY You’re wasting your time until you meet our demands. ALAN What demands? You have none. Sanjay and Kip huddle. ALAN (CONT’D) I thought you were better than this. JASON I had no choice. Kip threatened me. He said he’d kidnap my dog and tie up my family. ALAN He doesn’t mean that. Just ignore him. SANJAY Our differences aside. Here are our demands. We want a pay raise. We want free unlimited meals at the buffet. We want robots to replace us for two weeks every year so we can go on vacation. ALAN Come back to work and I’ll work on getting you this. They stand their ground.


"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" KIP We want guarantees, not promises. Alan frustratingly leaves as Jason follows. KIP (CONT’D) What about the race? ALAN Forget the race. KIP You better hide your family. Jason wearingly looks at Alan. INT. CASINO - SPA


Faith is animatedly talking with a spa attendant in Korean. Stuart walks by. STUART Is that Korean? Faith is still riled up and snaps at Stuart before realizing who he is. FAITH Mind your own business tea bag! She realizes who he is. FAITH (CONT’D) Excuse me. We were just rehearsing our all-female Korean adaptation of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. STUART An appreciator of the theater are we? FAITH Most definitely. All sorts of theater. Stage, musicals, web-cams. STUART I’m Stuart. I just bought the place. No way! Why? FAITH

STUART Because this place is a diamond in the rough. Apparently there are also a few gems.



Faith blushes and awkwardly curtseys. STUART (CONT’D) I have a meeting to go to, but find me later. FAITH (love struck) Okay. INT. CHAPEL Dream sequence. Months in the future. Faith is marrying the new owner. Jamie finds her intruding on her fantasy and they fight. INT. SPA - CONTINUOUS Faith snaps out of it and instantly resumes arguing with the spa attendant in Korean. INT. ALAN’S OFFICE Alan calls his brother RICK, a warden at the local prison. Hey brother. RICK

ALAN I’m having some problems with my staff, they’ve lost all morale. RICK A castle is only as strong as it’s weakest rock. ALAN This castle’s going to be a Tommy Bahama outlet store soon. RICK Really? Will you get me a couple of those shirts? I want to look like Clooney in The Descendants. ALAN No. I need advice, how do I get my guys back in line? RICK Simple, motivate them.




RICK I’ll give you this guy’s number. He wasn’t what we were expecting, but he did the job. ALAN Is he a motivational speaker? RICK Kind of. He worked on this flash mob with the prisoners. It was confusing at first because he dressed them up like prison guards. INT. PRISON SMITH, 30’s, flamboyant, boisterous, and loud cues the prisoners to start dancing, which startles the guards who open fire. Chaos ensues. INT. ALAN’S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS RICK We lost some good men that day, but in the end everyone was motivated. ALAN Great. I’ve got nothing to lose. INT. BREAK ROOM Alan is addressing his employees. ALAN Thank you all for coming. Even those of you on strike. Sanjay, Kip, and other employees are standing in the corner with picket signs next to them. ALAN (CONT’D) I presented your demands and we have placed orders in Japan for robots. The protesting group looks at each other in approval. EDITH TABATCHNIK, 70’s, cynical, frank, and wise speaks up. EDITH The powers above don’t care about us. No one cares about us.

"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" ALAN Stuart cares about you guys, but this is an investment for him. If it’s not up to par, he will sell this place and it will cease to exist. The room goes silent. ALAN (CONT’D) A lot of us have worked here for almost a decade. We are a family and this is our home. EDITH It’s a crap home. ALAN Morale is low and the casino has fallen on tough times, but I think we’re about to turn a corner. EDITH We’re in a circle, there are no corners. ALAN I hired a motivational speaker to try and rally the troops. As he’s finishing, Smith bursts through the door. SMITH Guess who’s here? It’s Smith! He does a brief dance routine. ALAN Guys this is Smith. SMITH That’s right, keep it on your lips. EDITH What did we do to deserve this? SMITH I’ve been in morgues with more life than here. Stand up. Clap clap. They remain seated. SMITH (CONT’D) Let’s do some warm-ups. Wiggle, wiggle.




The employees start halfheartedly wiggling. SMITH (CONT’D) These aren’t wiggles, these are wiggles. Smith demonstrates a fully-torqued wiggle. SANJAY You’re wiggling like an amateur. KIP Shut your mouth. Look at this. I’m a wiggling master. They attempt to one up each other wiggling. SANJAY My ninety year old granny wiggles better than you and she’s in a wheelchair. ALAN Well this is working as planned. INT. SAUNA Stuart is seated in the corner of the sauna. Oswalt emerges out of the mist. STUART Jesus Christ. OSWALT Sorry to scare you boss. STUART How long have you been in here? A few hours. OSWALT

STUART I think that’s dangerous. OSWALT No, it’s okay. In my country, people live in sauna. STUART What’s that smell?

"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" OSWALT I’m steaming some perogies. You want? STUART No thanks. What I was doing earlier, that was just a one time thing. Beat. STUART (CONT’D) Tell me, what do you know about Faith? Oswalt pauses. OSWALT Oh. She’s very talented. She opened for Cher once. STUART Really? Is she seeing anyone? OSWALT Seeing anyone? Yeah. Lot’s of men. Mostly women. Lot’s of women. STUART Really? She gets around? All the way. OSWALT


STUART This changes things. There’s a beep. OSWALT The perogies are ready. INT. DINER - DAY Sanjay, Edith, Kip, and a couple other employees are eating. WAITRESS Three eggs over easy. Five pieces of french toast, and a tower of sausage. SANJAY We’ve become predictable. EDITH I’m too old to change.

"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" KIP Keep eating that and you’ll be dead soon. SANJAY You’d like that wouldn’t you? WAITRESS What are you guys planning to do? Retire? SANJAY What do you mean? WAITRESS This guy’s been blabbering about this new outlet mall he’s building on the land. He’s going to knock the casino down. What? KIP


WAITRESS He said he’s wanted the property for years. He’s surveyed the land, hired contractors, he got divorced twice during the process because he’s been so focused on it. KIP But the casino was just bought. WAITRESS That’s what I said. He doesn’t care he wants this mall and he will pay a premium for it. EDITH Why didn’t he just buy it in the first place? WAITRESS Look I don’t know everything, I’m only relaying what I heard. She leaves. SANJAY What are we going to do? I’m not going back to the mines. KIP We need to talk with Alan.

"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" EDITH But we’re on strike. SANJAY We’re striking the strike. Let’s go. KIP


SANJAY Wait. We should eat first. Of course. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM Alan and Stuart are seated at a conference table with James. JAMES You drive a hard bargain, but this land is my land. ALAN (singing) This land is your land. JAMES Exactly. What’s it going to take? STUART If I’m going to flip this property, I need a strong offer. JAMES I’ll give you ten percent over what you paid and a stake in an Eddie Bauer outlet. STUART I’m going to need more than that. JAMES And a Harry and David! STUART I love their dried pear towers. He leans back and puts his legs on the table kicking over his glass of wine. STUART (CONT’D) Don’t worry about that. These carpets absorb everything. EDITH



James throws his wine onto the carpet. Amazing. JAMES

STUART I tell you what, give me 24 hours and you’ll have your answer. JAMES You got it. I can slip you a little under the table if that’ll speed up the process. He winks and nudges. STUART Are you trying to bribe me? You’re already paying me for the property. JAMES Oh right. Creature of habit. Give me a moment, I need to grab something. James leaves. ALAN Do you really want to sell this place? It could be a great investment. STUART If James is going to present a good offer, I can’t refuse it. ALAN But what about everyone who works here? STUART I feel bad about it, but this is a financial decision. ALAN Some of us have been here for over a decade. STUART Life is a like a game of cricket, it’s long and confusing, but there’s always a winner and a loser. Although there’s sometimes a draw. You get the idea. Point is, you have to be prepared for anything that comes your way.

"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" ALAN The casino could make you more money than his offer in the long run. STUART It may, but if it doesn’t, I would’ve cost myself a lot of money. James enters carrying two $100,000 large checks. JAMES As a show of my interest, I want to give you these checks in good faith. STUART Wow. I’ve always wanted large checks. JAMES I forgot my regular checkbook at home, so I had to make do. As James and Stuart excitedly discuss, Alan falls into the background reluctantly accepting the fate of the casino. END OF ACT TWO




Jamie is sitting in her car having a moment to herself, Alan knocks on her window. JAMIE What do you want? ALAN Can I come in? Before she answers, he enters. JAMIE I came here to be alone. ALAN What are you in mourning? Is this The Cure? No. JAMIE

She turns the radio down. ALAN We’re going to need new jobs soon. JAMIE What do you mean? ALAN Stuart’s selling the casino to some guy who wants to turn it into a outlet mall. JAMIE What? Why? He just bought it. ALAN I’ve pleaded. There’s no hope. JAMIE First, he takes a liking to that talentless wench Faith, now this? ALAN Best way to handle this is a nice, long, and intimate dinner. There’s this adorable French restaurant.

"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" JAMIE What am I going to do? I have a mortgage to pay, I just bought a new car. I wanted to go to Cancun! She breaks down, and in a moment of weakness, vigorously makes out with a startled Alan. Beat. JAMIE (CONT’D) (embarrassed) I better get back to work. She scurries out the car in haste confused about what transpired leaving Alan alone in her car. ALAN I love this song. He turns the music up and jams out. INT. CASINO Jason bumps into Stuart in character. JASON Pardon me, sir. Not a worry. STUART


Stuart walks away, then realizes the accent. STUART (CONT’D) Hold on chap. You a Brit? JASON Born and proud. Where about? STUART

JASON (pausing) Manchestershire. STUART Out in the Cotswolds? JASON You could say that.

"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" STUART Lovely area. You work here? JASON I dabble here and there. STUART Excellent. I was getting lonely without a countrymen. We must grab a drink together. JASON For sure mate. Stuart leaves. Oswalt walks by. OSWALT How you grow mustache so quickly Mr. Jason? Genetics. INT. RESTAURANT Stuart is dining with Faith. STUART How did someone with so much talent wind up here? FAITH I had been touring with Cher, first as a groupie, then one of her backup singers “contracted” throat cancer, I was promoted. As they say, the rest is history. STUART Cream rises to the top. Through the floral arrangements, Oswalt is spying on them. FAITH Now tell me, what’s a guy like you doing not tied down? Handsome, wealthy, well-endowed. Stuart is taken aback briefly. FAITH (CONT’D) It’s a sixth sense. JASON


"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" STUART I’ve been married twice. The first we drifted apart, the second I ordered a wife from Eastern Europe, but I ended up returning her. FAITH I hope you kept your receipt.


They awkwardly laugh. Oswalt can be seen hanging from the windows spying while pretending to clean. He is attacked by birds. STUART I’m want to take it slow now. Not rush into anything. FAITH Totally. At least until these guys are still fertile. She points to her ovaries. STUART We’d make a great team you and I. FAITH People often say that about me. I’m like Alex Rodriguez, brutally honest. STUART Honesty is important to me. I’m too old for games. FAITH You should come to my show later. I’m debuting some new songs. I’ll give you a backstage pass. STUART That sounds delightful. INT. BREAK ROOM Alan is seated drinking coffee. Kip and Sanjay approach him. SANJAY We have business to discuss. ALAN There was a problem with the robots, they’ll be here soon.



Japanese scientists are cowering as robots use playing cards as weapons. INT. BREAK ROOM - CONTINUOUS SANJAY Enough with the robots. We don’t want the casino to go. ALAN None of us do, but I’m afraid there’s not much we can do. KIP So he’s for sure going to sell it? ALAN James really wants the land. SANJAY Can we convince him otherwise? ALAN Nothing we can say will trump millions of dollars. SANJAY What if we show him what this place can be? KIP What if we murder him? ALAN We have to move on. You’ll go back to the mines. Kip I’m not sure what you’ll do. Me? I’ll pursue my dream of piloting air balloons. Edith comes over. EDITH Come look at this. ALAN Now? I was just starting to fantasize about ballooning. They exit the break room to find Stuart and James arguing.

"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" STUART First you interrupted my date, now this? JAMES Sorry Mr. Englishmen can’t read. STUART I graduated from Oxford, you probably failed out of home school. JAMES That was by choice! ALAN What’s going on? EDITH From what I gathered, James tried to manipulate their deal and cheat Stuart out of money. STUART The deal is off! Go to hell you slimy backwater inbred. JAMES You’ll be hearing from my lawyers!


They storm off, but turn around realizing they both headed in the wrong direction. INT. CASINO - NEXT DAY Construction crews are walking through the lobby carrying themed objects. Excuse me. They ignore him. ALAN (CONT’D) Are we hosting the Shah of Iran’s bar mitzvah? Stuart approaches. STUART Great. Right on time. ALAN You ordered this? ALAN

"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" STUART After the fallout with James, I decided to buy some leftover crap he had from some theme park he bought as a compromise. What is it? ALAN


STUART The Four Spades is now Shangri-La. ALAN So you’re not selling the place officially? STUART No. There’s some potential here. We’ll reboot this place into grander. ALAN That’s amazing. Everyone’s going to be ecstatic. Jason stumbles in drunk. Talking in an Australian accent. JASON We’re going down under tonight. STUART This guy! He sold me on the whole idea. Never met a Brit with such low tolerance, like a school boy! JASON Mate, you want to throw a barbie on the barbie? ALAN Wonderful. Shangri-La. Just how I pictured this place. INT. ALAN’S OFFICE Alan is seated at his desk on the phone. Jamie enters. ALAN Just put the dog in the tumble dryer/I have to go. JAMIE I just wanted to say what happened in the car there was a moment of weakness.

"HIGH ROLLERS' - Pilot" ALAN It was something. JAMIE It’s important we maintain a business professional relationship. ALAN Of course. Totally agree. JAMIE Okay, I’m glad. Also, great job rallying everyone and keeping this place together. It means a lot to everyone. She grasps his hands. He places his on top of hers. ALAN This place is my home, I can’t let it be taken away. JAMIE I should get back to work. She leaves. Alan stares at his hand and then turns on the same song from the car and start passionately dancing. She walks in, briefly taken aback. JAMIE (CONT’D) Sanjay and Kip are about to brand themselves with the craps rattan. ALAN Coming. END OF ACT THREE




Faith and the spa attendants are performing their rendition of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. FAITH Cut. Cut. Cut. We’re right here now. She motions with her hand near the ground. FAITH (CONT’D) We need to be here. She motions way higher. FAITH (CONT’D) Jun-woo, right now you’re in Ohio, I need you to in Mississippi. More Southern charm. (beat) Action! END OF SHOW

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