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LONE SURVIVOR Written by Peter Berg Based on the book by Marcus Luttrell




EXT. BAGRAM AIR BASE, AFGHANISTAN Through massive sun flare, a BLACKHAWK Chopper coming in fast. Landing hard on Bagram Air Base. LUTTRELL (vo) It’s something most of us have known all of our lives. What we all wanted. It’s in our blood.


A team of medical personal and Navy officers descend on the chopper. An assortment of high-ranking GENERALS and COMMANDING OFFICERS there to meet the chopper. Tight shots. A bloody hand dangles. A tear filled eyeball, sliced feet. LUTTRELL (CONT’D) (vo) There’s a storm inside of us. I’ve heard many team guys speak of this. A burning. A river. A drive. 2 INT. OPERATING ROOM Clothes cut. Blood soaked Dog Tags cut. “Luttrell” in UA boxer shorts, IVs and fresh blood bags. Multiple Gunshots. Chunk of an ear missing. Heartbeat monitor. Weak pulse. LUTTRELL (vo) An unrelenting desire to push yourself harder and further than anyone could think possible. Chunks of bullet and shrapnel filling metal bowl. Tears streaming down cheeks, a hand scrawled map on a left thigh, focused eyes of surgeons. Admirals’ pace in the hallway. LUTTRELL (CONT’D) (vo) Pushing ourselves into those dark cold corners where the bad things live. Where the bad things fight. Heart monitor weak. Getting weaker. Compound fracture left shin. Bloody feet rinsed clean. Water flushing out bullet holes. Loose cracked tooth pulled out. Heart monitor getting weaker. Surgical pack working franticly to save Luttrell. Tight on HEART MONITOR: FLATLINE 2

Alarm screaming. FOUR HELICOPTERS. 12 SEALs fully dressed for combat. The loudest. Endless and infinite. Two security Apaches. Two MH-47s transport. HINDU KUSH .50cal TF-160 aviator door gunner. CHOPPER . ENTER: A SPECIAL FORCE AIR INSERT TEAM. LUTTRELL CONT’D We wanted that fight at the highest volume. Pushing in on the flatline. The loud fight. 3A IN THE CHOPPER: TIGHT ON MARCUS LUTTRELL. most unpleasant of the unpleasant fights. GRAPHIC: “FIVE DAYS EARLIER” 3 EXT.HINDU KUSH SUNSET. from the bottom of the FRAME. Healthy and very clear eyed.DUSK The Choppers tearing across the Afghan mountains. Tight on Luttrell’s eyes starting to glaze over. Cruising at 150 over the shoulder of a . Dying. Rugged and punishing. Clearly ready for war.2.SUNSET Riding low and fast. Steep stone mountains. Inside: Airmen. hottest. 4 INT. Two 4 5 . As we fly across this stunning land. Two Night Stalker Pilots. 5 EXT. and 12 SEALs. HIGH ABOVE NORTHERN AFGHANISTAN . Bottomless valleys. 3B INT. coldest. BLACK. MH-47 INSERT CHOPPER 3B 3A 3 Seen from above. Sitting side by side. Cold and dry.

the navigator. come back. SHANE PATTON plugged into an iPod. He quietly sings along. adjusts his upper right strap on his front pack. MURPHY 6 KRISTENSEN Morab Tennessee Walking Horse cross stallion. All day long. Kristensen moves over to MIKE MURPHY.DUSK Luttrell checks his map against his wrist strapped GPS. SLIPKNOT pounding into his head. Hope I’m wrong. I could be wrong. Kristensen leans over to Axelson. AXE Roger that. DIETZ Just put your feet where I put my feet. THE CHOPPER . KRISTENSEN I’m real interested in the pitch. 6 INT. If it ain’t fucking glorious. MURPHY How do you know about that? KRISTENSEN I know everything Murphy. LUTTRELL I don’t see anything but steep. If it’s anything but steep I’m not seeing it. KRISTENSEN She does not need a Arabic horse. Check. Don’t waste your time trying to cross something that’s gonna knock the shit out of us.3. Whistles quietly to himself. What? MURPHY . You’re gonna love it. try another route.

Intro Afghan warlord. AFGHAN VILLAGE . Tall. KRISTENSEN Original Silver. Really? MURPHY KRISTENSEN Tennessee cross stallion. MURPHY KRISTENSEN Lone Ranger’s horse of choice.3A. KRISTENSEN Glorious horse Murphy. strong.DAY INTERCUT AFGHAN VILLAGE. Fierce. That’s a fucking horse. Tight on Luttrell starring into the plunging sun. 7 . Lone Ranger’s Horse. Yes sir. 35 years old. AHMAD SHAH. He moves through an Afghan village with a small pack of equally fierce Taliban warriors. 7 EXT. MURPHY Sounds excellent sir.

NOTHING like the SUICIDE BOMBERS of BAGDAD. LOCAL AFGHANS avoid eye contact. These are real warriors. Strong boots. color reds and blues. Worn rich soulful faces. Furious. Turns. accused of aiding the Americans. Strong-jawed. This Shah and crew feels like an old school western bad guy moving through a cow town. Women and children terrified. monga hes mushkil no ghowaro Taraq throws Gulab down hard. very violent. You lie! Please! TARAQ AFGHAN MAN TARAQ Ta Dorogh wayee! AFGHAN MAN Mehrabani/lutfan! . GULAB Please. As Shah starts throwing teenage boys around the room. kicking him in the face. locks eyes with an older Afghan man(30s). TARAQ. vivid eyes. A YOUNG GULAB Mehrabani/lutfan. Late twenties. A 25-year-old man Gulab tries to reason with Shah. RIGHT now they are clearly pissed.4. Military vests. Someone has violated TALIBAN LAW. Shah is vicious. BOY watches. Women pleading. Frustrated. his foot down hard on his throat. Thin but ripped muscles. we want no trouble. Shah moves into a house. Where is he? SHAH SHAH Hagha Cherta Dey? The women scream. is more vicious. SHAH Have you spoken with the Americans? AFGHAN MAN Please! No! SHAH Aya taso Americayano sara khaberi keri dey? AFGHAN MAN Mehrabani/lutfan! Na! Gulab watches. Shah’s number two is TARAQ. Shah leads the way. Taraq moves quickly at him. Good radio equipment. Well-maintained weapons. Trembling. Strong and very. walks with purpose. Slamming them viciously into walls. A very worthy opponent. They are looking for a man.

Into the woods. knifes.Shah nods to Taraq.. Taraq and his men throw the Afghan down over a fallen log. Shah studies the Afghan deep into his eyes. blood dripping from his hand. BAGRAM AIR BASE . SEAL BUNK ROOMS Marcus Luttrell sleeps. Family pictures. Tight shots. Peaceful. Barbed wire.. Choking the man. grenades. SEAL Trident.DAWN Sun just beginning to rise over the Base. A Texas flag. Taraq yanks the Afghan to his feet. Jeeps. As his children watch Taraq leads the pleading farmer outside. 9 . Two of Taraq’s men hold him by the beard as Taraq stands over him. Razor sharp machete up. BLACK GRAPHIC: BAGRAM AIR BASE . Camera moves though the sleeping base. Wanted poster Osama bin Laden. Beautiful. Dad. Shah backlit. 9 INT. Assorted trucks. 10 foot rebar framed dirt walls. Guns. Ignoring the man’s pleading. Tent after tent soldiers’ sleep. heavy ATVs. Aircraft static on runways in Hangars’. Face Taraq hacks down with brutal fury. Several plywood buildings. tight on Taraq. The man’s family begs and screams. Mom. We come to a small base within a base. He’s pressing down hard.. Decides he’s lying. 8A SEAL TEAM 10 CAMP OUELLETTE.SUNRISE 8A 8 We move inside the SEAL compound. A fortress within a fortress. Graphic. Tight on Shah.5. Luttrell’s room. Heavy Iron gate.14 HOURS EARLIER CUT TO: 8 EXT. Guards man posts. BAGRAM AIR BASE . twin Brother Morgan..

Patsy. Moves into the hallway. 8 x 10 head shot of Ron Burgundy. Murphy goes to his computer. Expensive. His parents. Luttrell opens an eye. He’s staring at the computer pic of an Arabian horse. New York Rangers flag next to a SEAL Flag. eating a banana. . Nudges Luttrell. 0500. Not ripped. Freddie Couples walking the bridge at St. Demons and Dragons and Serpents. Pictures of his wife. How much? LUTTRELL MURPHY LUTTRELL Arabic. Murphy studies the picture. Heads out the door. 9A MOVING DOWN HALLWAY 9A Murphy now in shorts and a Navy T-shirt. Opens Dietz’s door. A picture of an Arabian Horse. Murphy sits on his bed. Opens it and checks his mail. Opens it. DANNY DIETZ sleeps. Grenades on a desk next to a copy of GATES OF FIRE. Hold a moment. Map of Afghanistan. Pictures of his family. Clothes and gear everywhere. She’s got good taste. Luttrell sleeps. Body strong. Murphy is up.6. Tight on Murphy. MURPHY Is this doable? Expensive. MIKE MURPHY Rooms a mess. Stops by Luttrell’s door. His walls covered with his art. Effortless power. How much? MURPHY LUTTRELL I’ll find out. Matt Axelson sleeps. Slow and smooth Murphy rises. Murphy checks watch. Beautiful and haunting. Curly red hair. Andrews. His dogs. Holding his laptop. Tight on Murphy’s inbox. American flag. His eyes slowly open.

LUTTRELL Oprah rides Arabic horses? MURPHY I don’t know what Oprah does.CAMP OUELLETTE 10 Dark. Probably saw it on Oprah. Blackboard filled with the current workout leaders. Dietz. MURPHY Why? How much do they cost? LUTTRELL I don’t know. MURPHY (quiet) Danny. then lights on. 10 DIETZ INT. The two men start to stretch in silence. Luttrell wanders in.7. . Dietz and Murphy hold most of them. A giant bowl of cereal. MURPHY LUTTRELL I thought you guys were doing this tomorrow. Eyes closed. I’m up. Oprah money. Fuck. GYM . Murphy and Dietz strap on Body Armor. revealing a decent cross fit style gym. LUTTRELL Since when does she want an Arabic horse? MURPHY Since I got an email this morning. LUTTRELL She can afford them.

Oh.8. SHANE PATTON wanders in. “What you doing?” Axe stares at a picture of he and Cindy. LUTTRELL (CONT’D) Maybe I’m starting to become tele fucking pathic . 11 INT. that I thought this was happening tomorrow. “Are you up?” Axe types. I could swear I just said outloud. MATT AXELSON’S BUNK .” Cindy. Slowly Axe reaches down for the computer on his floor.MORNING 11 Axe sleeps.non-verbal yoda or something. Signs in. . “Yes my love. His computer alarm goes off. MURPHY I think Red Wings a go. Axe opens the computer. Tonight. LUTTRELL (beat) Outstanding. SHANE PATTON You’re doing it now? The three men ignore Shane. Murphy stretching. Incoming voice chat. SHANE PATTON (CONT’D) (to Luttrell) They’re going at it now? LUTTRELL Looks that way. Incoming from his wife Cindy.

13 EXT. BAGRAM . Takes off his watch. Ready? Yup. 13A . On the computer with Cindy. Luttrell eats cereal. Murphy close behind.. Dietz and Murphy under pull up bars. The two men charge up and over the gate. HEALY Thought you guys were doing this tomorrow. 100 push ups. 13A AXE in bunk room. Brief pauses to recover. Luttrell keeps time. 75 Pull-ups as fast as possible.MONTAGE . HEALY enters. 12 INT. WEIGHT ROOM . Shane starts bench pressing. Set..” CINDY How do I look? AXE Like Heaven. Luttrell sits on a weight bench.MORNING 12 Dietz and Murphy both warmed up clearly ready for some kind of competition. Murphy and Dietz leap to bars. “Looking at you. Body Armor on.MORNING 13 Murphy and Dietz running hard racing each other on a two mile lap of the Air Base. Go. Sprints out of the gym. MURPHY DIETZ LUTTRELL Mark. Luttrell hits the stop watch.9. Dietz slightly ahead of Murphy.

9A. “I won’t be able to talk for a couple of days.” “Gotta go to work?” .

I’m not going? LUTTRELL I didn’t say that. If you don’t go. Past Marines. SHANE PATTON Am I going? No idea HEALY LUTTRELL I don’t know. WEIGHT ROOM . heads out towards the gate. I don’t know. Dead even. Luttrell checks his watch. SHANE PATTON I’m not going.10. “Got to pay the bills. Comprende? SHANE PATTON So. LUTTRELL Yea. trust me you will go.DAY Healy doing 14 Shane benching big. SHANE PATTON LUTTRELL If you go you’ll go. Shane back to bench pressing. that’s not saying your not going. 14 INT. Eventually. SHANE PATTON LUTTRELL If I say I don’t know.” Murphy and Dietz sprinting. Luttrell munches cereal. Down a runway full of active aircraft and helicopters. pushups. SHANE PATTON You said if you don’t go. . You know. You know. you will eventually go.


funny shaped head. Dietz a second behind. Murphy throws open the gate. MURPHY Man. Really look at him. Who won? Murphy. DIETZ Axe walks up.. face. Head shave is fair.11.a lot..I don’t want to be looking at him that close either. LUTTRELL Murphy by 1. Axe? MURPHY . shorts and flip flops.. runs inside. Exhausted Dietz and Murphy sit in the dirt.. but he has been running his mouth about beating you. If I shave his head.I got to think this one out... Luttrell looks at his watch. Ears.I don’t know. Marcus? What do you think? LUTTRELL I don’t know boss. AXE LUTTRELL Barely. I’m going to have to look at him.. LUTTRELL (CONT’D) Head shave? Fuck.. AXE Head shave? Dietz looks pained. Dietz and Murphy balls out sprinting. Murphy has him by a few feet coming back to Ouellette iron wall.1.

MURPHY Yea Danny this is probably not gonna go your way. SHANE PATTON Getting razor. SHANE PATTON (CONT’D) But you’re the boss. we’re at war and there’s the whole Samson thing. Plus. officer in charge. Today. Shave the boy. Sir. wax his balls if you give me the order. AXE Hell yea. Not today. from the deck of the Command Room. Shane stops. Turns around. I say shave him. Erik Kristensen. get my razor. boss. Shane? MURPHY SHANE PATTON Well. 1800. KRISTENSEN (CONT’D) Red Wing’s a go. I could go both ways on this. I’ll wax my own balls if you take me on Red Wings. So I’m with you. Shane. KRISTENSEN The SEALs stare up at their boss. copy that. I’ll shave his head. looks over to Dietz. make him eat with E3 Marines until it grows back. DANNY Come on Mike. and he can’t eat with us. Murphy shakes his head at Patton. so I’m not sure.12. . he was close and you’re Mike Murphy and I would have expected a much bigger separation. He did lose but. I’ll plead the fifth on this one. Murphy looks stares at Shane.

Operation REDWING is dissected. MURPHY (CONT’D) We’re going in with a four man team. Luttrell. Seems to do most of the chief shit for Shah.. Makeshift control center. Shane’s head in his hands. PowerPoint on flat screen. Taraq. RED WINGS PLO (PATROL LEADER’S ORDER) 15 SHANE Maybe. MURPHY Operation Red Wings. PowerPoint. Healy follows AXE Shane’s going? MURPHY I don’t think so. this dude.13. HEALY Objective of this mission is to positively identify Ahmad Shah. SHANE PATTON Am I going? KRISTENSEN (ignoring Shane) PLO in one hour. SEALs study photos. They all walk inside. pissed he is not going. Turns and heads back into TOC. 15 INT. Comms. Nav. . Axe. The target is Ahmad Shah and his. Including. Medic. we are estimating ten men. MURPHY (CONT’D) Only have a first name. “loyal amigos”. Sir? SHANE PATTON Kristensen dead eyes Patton. The recon team is Dietz. Slide shifts to a color photo of “Taraq”. Thirty SEALs plus support packed into the TOC (Tactical Operational Command).a grainy photo of Ahmad Shah on a large color monitor..

KRISTENSEN This is the best picture we have of him.13A. (MORE) . It’s current.

. Silence as the team studies the image. Fish can use earlobes like a valve to open or close the ear canal. Earlobes have no biological functions for humans. Axe studies an image of Shah. MURPHY What’s that? AXE The guys got no earlobes. balance beam.freeze. We just pulled this video off three different Tali web sights. LUTTRELL False.equilibrium. KRISTENSEN (CONT'D) We know Shah killed fourteen Marines last Tuesday in Kandahar. Dead serious. Two men hold her down.... It will in fact be a glorious day when Ahmad Shah and his good friend Taraq are no longer members of our human community. Clear video of Shah executing a Taliban woman. AXE (CONT’D) No earlobes. Shah fires an AK-47. Balance. tight rope..14. AXE Go back. The SEALs study this footage. SHANE DIETZ I heard earlobes are key for head balance . he’s gonna suck on a drunk test. SHANE What are earlobes for anyway? DIETZ Piercing and balance. The bullet kicking up dust as it blasts through her skull into the dirt. Cut a guys ear off.

14A.“shut the fuck up” . SHANE Why would a fish want to let water into his ear canal? Luttrell shoots him a look .

starts talking comms DIETZ Crypto will be wide band. Murphy keeps things moving. MURPHY Luttrell .15. Region is very steep so expect typical comms problems. located here. Two weeks ago.5 kilometers to our designated lay up point. Axe is going to go over our route in. wear sunscreen. win the fight. (MORE) . so watch the cock and balls cause that will suck.medical LUTTRELL First things first. buddy aid. there is poison oak. Secondary insert located here. Team 3 was near where you guys will be. Then drop us off at our primary insert. Dietz stands up. our bearing will be zero three zero patrolling 1. and contrary to popular belief. Drink lots of water. Murph’s got a SAT phone. I’m estimating it’s gonna take us about two hours to complete. AXE The helo pilots are going to do two false inserts. and Dietz bring your own chapstick. We’ll be on two hour comms windows. From our primary insert. It’s self aid. Senior Taliban commander responsible for killing Marines in Eastern Afghanistan and sport killing civilians in the HinduKush. We will be moving up the backside of this mountain which will offer us good concealment from the target but the terrain is gonna be rocky so watch your footing. Considered Tier One target rumored to be close to Bin Laden. corpsman aide. There’s no medicine in a gunfight. segment 24. Capelli got bit by a rattlesnake. MURPHY Bad guy.

MURPHY AC-130 is with us? . Other than that. Murphy picks up a plastic AC-130 and holds it over the map. DIETZ (CONT'D) If we miss two windows I’d say wake somebody up.15A. don’t sweat it.

MURPHY Roger that. it’ll be Corona. Suns up. 20 marines. At our observation point. DIETZ Correct. Just for the infil. MURPHY Reaction Force is the following: The 47’s will relocate to J-Bad overnight. mashing demons.comms will most likely be intermittent and there are reports that noncombatants are being used as recon elements for the enemy.when we have a successful insert. we’re heading back to Bagram for phase 2. KRISTENSEN (CONT’D) The movement is so we can get the 47’s back here and be ready to bring it for phase two once you get eyes on Shah. You’ll have fifteen team guys. QRF will stay here . Schlitz Malt Liquor. Danny chucks the toy plane. . 2 Blackhawks and 2 Apaches. she’s out. call sign Apollo. The Apaches stay with the Blackhawks.16. When we hear Schlitz Malt Liquor. and about a dozen Marines standing by all night. Axe quietly studies the picture of Ahmad Shah. Some of the key prowords . KRISTENSEN That’s correct. All comms will be relayed through the AC-130.we’re leaving you with 4 team guys. Murphy uses toy plastic helicopters to explain the size and location of the QRF. Dietz takes the plane from Murphy. When we’re halfway through infil. Luttrell spits chew. Remember . Budweiser. The toy Choppers circle on the map giving us a clear understanding of the playing field. And if we positively identify Shah: touchdown. Moves it over the map. Danny doodles furious.

Eating. what we do. Luttrell. BAGRAM KRISTENSEN Glorious evening gentlemen.CAMO CANOPY LAST SUPPER. 15A 15B 16 OMIT OMIT EXT. They move at us. that’s it. DIETZ looks stressed. MURPHY What we do. Murphy. 17 .17. Long hair. holding trays loaded with food. KRISTENSEN We go in four hours. Axe and Dietz. There’s no stopping her. bearded. DIETZ We were gonna wait but she’s all into it and when she gets her head into something. OULLETTE SEAL COMPOUND . Studying paint samples. Having a fly catch and kill competition. 15A 15B 16 The four SEALs moving through the massive base. when we do. Surfers with handguns stuck in waistbands. Sharp contrast to the hundreds of uniformed buzz-cutted Rangers and Marines. JAG GOES OVER RULES OF ENGAGEMENT AXE Lotta moving parts. He’s got a paint tile sample page on the table in front of him. I’m pulling up tomorrow’s new guy presentation to 1800 tonight so that all may revel and partake. SHANE PATTON Are you serious? Yes. 17 EXT.

. It’s good for her. You got a handy man woman. MURPHY So just let her do it. That’s good.17A.

18. MURPHY kills a fly. Places the dead fly by his coffee cup next to three other dead flies. DIETZ I don’t know. MURPHY Don’t know what? DIETZ I don’t know. What? AXE He’s worried that he’s losing control over his castle. Really. Ask him. MURPHY Are you worried that you’re losing control over your castle? DIETZ Shut up Murph. Are you? LUTTRELL He’s having control issues cause he’s the one whose always made the “taste” issues in the family. DIETZ She’s got great taste. I trust her. MURPHY So what’s the problem? DIETZ It’s not a problem. It’s just very ongoing. Know what I mean? Luttrell kills a fly. He’s got six dead ones. He and Murphy are competing. MURPHY AXE MURPHY MURPHY

19. MURPHY Not really. No. Marcus, you know what he means? LUTTRELL Control issues. MURPHY Is that right? No. Yes. DIETZ It’s not control issues. MURPHY What is it? DIETZ New grass leads to new bushes by the window, leads to new windows, leads to new curtains, leads to new sofa, leads to new rug, leads to new floor... Got it. LUTTRELL Loss of control. Got to let that go bro. DIETZ It’s like this weird journey that she’s on. Moving through the house one room to the next. AXE Where is she now? DIETZ Kitchen. I think. Murphy and Luttrell both kill flies at the same time. Marines with Buzz cuts in crisp uniform eating all around the SEALs. Stark contrast. MURPHY LUTTRELL DIETZ



Tight on Shane Patton. Doing his best Napoleon Dynamite dance. He is not good. SEALs in lounge chairs. They watch, laugh and taunt. Music loud. Shane powers through. Finishes strong. Whistles and clapping from the SEALs. AXE stands up. Puts an arm around Patton. HEALY God was that awful AXE Ok, here’s the deal. That sucked, but I’m voting that we move him forward cause I can’t watch this shit without puking anymore so I say lest be done with it. All in favor? Luttrell and all SEALs put their hands up, except Murphy. AXE (CONT’D) Come on Mikey. MURPHY Can he say it? Other SEALs agree. Shouting out. Debating whether Shane can “say it”. Making bets. AXE knows what Murphy is thinking. Pauses. Looks at Shane. AXE (quiet to Shane) Can you say it? SHANE PATTON I think so. Think so? AXE

SHANE PATTON I can say it.

Under Armor. radio’s prepped. night vision goggles. Gets ready. 4x’s. and more completer than any other peter-pusher around. no sea too rough. The room silences. FLASH BURST IMAGES of all relevant equip. 2x’s. parachutin. Shut up. been to three world fairs. tootin. I’ve learned a lot of lessons in my life. Patton. scopes checked. extra ammo. 19 INT. men being prepped. Shut the fuck up. Tight on the SEALs smiling. shootin.READY ROOM 19 The entire SEAL TEAM jocks up. CAMP OUELLETTE SEAL COMPOUND . He can say it. (MORE) . more sweeter. grenades. AXE Ok. PowerBars. SHANE PATTON (CONT’D) I am a hard-bodied.21. extra batteries. I’ve seen two whales fuck. no Muff too tough. talked to everyone once. hand guns. water bottles. SHANE PATTON (CONT’D) (vo) I drive all kinds of trucks. takes a deep breath. hairy-chested. 6x’s even those big mother fuckers that bend and go TSSHITT TSSHITT when you step on the brakes. I’ve pushed more peter. rootin. No sky too high. Shut up. knives. then strong) I’ve been around the world twice. Never shoot a large caliber man with a small caliber bullet. Laptops. SHANE PATTON (weak. nervous. and I even know a man in Thailand with a wooden cock. some mouthing the words along with Shane. SHANE PATTON (vo) There ain’t nothing I can’t do. demolition double cap crimping Frogman. M4s.

DANNY There’s nothing to straighten out. I’ll wine. LUTTRELL double checking all medical supplies. DIETZ checking his radio equipment. SHANE PATTON (CONT’D) Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing. 20 EXT. The guys laying around. AXE If there’s nothing to straighten. I’m a fighter. why are you fighting? DANNY We’re not fighting? AXE Well. Chilling out waiting for the 47’s. MURPHY Seems to me like you’ve got to straighten this shit out. intertwine and then sneak out the back door when the refueling is done. SHANE PATTON (CONT’D) (vo) I’m a lover. Thirty SEALs laying on the deck on their gear. . dine. SHANE PATTON (CONT’D) If your feeling froggy than you better jump because this Frogman has been there.22. Moderation is for cowards. MURPHY watching all of it. done that and is going back for more. I’m a UDT/SEAL Diver. AXE going over his infil map. what is it that you’re doing? DANNY We’re more like disagreeing. CHOPPER PAD BAGRAM 20 Sun setting over the Afghan desert. Danny studies a piece of paper with color tile samples printed on it.

. sometimes even loving arguments. AXE Disagreeing or arguing? DANNY Probably more like mildly arguing. DANNY I picked the tile. . you’re loud. DANNY What the fuck is everyone listening to my shit for? LUTTRELL Bro. Just because you’re Mr. LUTTRELL It is an argument. Perfect marriage. MURPHY It’s a fucking stupid loving argument. LUTTRELL What does she fucking like? DANNY (reading from paper) “Rose Honey Dew” LUTTRELL Say what bro? DANNY She likes rose honey dew.23. don’t be judging us mortal marriages who occasionally have mild disagreements. DANNY You’re louder than I am.something. She doesn’t like it. DANNY It’s not an argument. LUTTRELL Just pick some tile and move the fuck on.. Sounded like a couple of bighorn rams smashing skulls.

LUTTRELL You gotta control that situation. if you don’t. MURPHY (Ron Burgandy impersonation) Danny? I’m gonna put it out there. LUTTRELL Are you fucking kidding me? DANNY That’s what she likes. Choppers land. 47’s back lit. coming in. if you like it. DANNY I don’t wanna talk about that. LUTTRELL I wanna be on you. Tight on guys. SEALs muster up and start boarding. you can take it. Dietz smiles. send it right back. Chopper engines grow louder. Axe huge smile. MURPHY (CONT’D) I wanna be on you. Dietz stares at Murphy. AXE Rose tiles in the kitchen? DANNY Can we talk about something else? AXE Yea let’s talk about what she’s gonna tile your bathroom in. .24. stoic. MURPHY (pointing at Dietz) On you. HEALY Let’s pack it up The SEALs start gearing up.

24A. 21 INT. CHOPPER Back to close up of Luttrell, back to real time. 21

25. 21A SERIES OF AIR TO AIR SHOTS: The choppers flying north into the setting sun, into the Hindu Kush. Chopper pilot POV, pushing deep into the mountains. 22 EXT. CHOPPER DROP SITE - NIGHT Now approaching a steep hill top. CREW CHIEF (on radio) Good. Hold front, hold left, hold right, hold rear. The chopper is dangerously close to tree tops. Tucked into a tiny opening. 23 INT. CHOPPER Tight on LUTTRELL. DIETZ. MURPHY. AXE 23 22 21A

The team ready to move, up and at the door, when... from the cockpit. PILOT (on radio) Ropes. Ropes. Ropes. Fast rope dropped. Chopper jet engines screaming, the four Opp SEALs up. The remaining twenty will be relocated and stand by as QRF. Axe up and out first, then Danny, Murphy, out into the black night. Luttrell last one, hand on the rope, fist pounds Shane. LUTTRELL Next one Shane. SHANE PATTON Have fun you lucky bastard. 24 EXT. DROP SIGHT As the four SEALs drop fast, land smooth. Luttrell last. The Chopper pulls up fast and is gone in seconds leaving the four SEALs alone in the dead quiet, pitch black. NIGHT goggles lowered. The four quickly spread and drop into a STOP. LOOK. LISTEN. 24


26 EXT. Dietz quietly keys his mic. He’s back on his feet. 25 EXT. Slides. Were with you for six hours. AXE (CONT’D) I picked it to torture Luttrell. Luttrell . DIETZ Apollo 22 Spartan 01 copy. DIETZ Apollo 22. Axe pauses. HINDU KUSH NIGHT VISION GREENS Tight on Murphy following Danny. Spartan 01. 26 25 . Falls. despite the extra 70 pounds of comm weight back-strapped. Left foot buckles.26. AC-130 . Flips. Wind and the faint howling of wolves. APOLLO RADIO MAN Spartan 01 Apollo 22.NIGHT SKY The AC-130 banking 15.Foot down on loose granite. Have a nice walk. Looks back smiling. AXE (on radio) Having fun Marcus? MURPHY (on radio) You picked this route to torture us didn’t you? AXE (on radio) Negative. Lands on feet. NIGHT VISION GOGGLES ON: Silent. Pitch brutal. Agile. SEALs breathing. good comms. Slate shears.000 ft above the team.

Looks almost charming. SEALs reach lookout destination late. 27 The team finally makes it to their planned observation spot. too big for this pitch. radio check. 26A INTERCUT WITH J-BAD TOC 26A Kristensen. Looks quite peaceful.27. A couple of dozen Afghan villagers in different parts of the village. LUTTRELL I’m gonna kill you. Left: trying to see the rest of the village. Danny radios pro words: Budweiser. Heineken. A series of shots tracking the SEAL’s rough hike to their lookout. Luttrell. very steep. the sun is up. well-constructed. Sunrise. Danny has the radio out and is calling in the arrival proword. 27 EXT: WAY POINT 4 . At each of the four waypoints. 28 . J-BAD TOC In the TOC. two men working on a roof. Musselman and the QRF tracking the teams’ movement across the mountain range. Patton. a mountain is blocking his view. DANNY’S POV: 100 stone and wood homes.000 FT. way down hill at the Afghan village. cliff like.MOUNTAIN TOP 2. SGT HASSLERT takes the call from Dietz. Can’t get a good view. Heavy static. DANNY (on radio) Beastmaster. Corona. Murphy is the first to have binoculars up and is looking down hill. 2. Slips again. Below them. women cooking. Axe leads navigating with his GPS. kids playing. 28 INT.000 ft. Weak signal.. ABOVE AFGAN VILLAGE. this is Spartan 01.

HASSLERT Spartan 01 this is Beastmaster. and Healy 28A step out of the TOC into the bright Afghan sunshine. sir. HASSLERT Spartan 01. HASSLERT (CONT’D) Sketchy comms. Checks the wall clock: 6:45 AM Ok. Spartan 01 has are weak and unreadable. have you weak but readable DANNY Beastmaster. DANNY Beastmaster. 28A Track out the door with Kristensen. pass Schlitz Malt liquor. HASSLERT Spartan 01. Night. Shane. Erik Kristensen sitting. Say again your last . night. Kristensen looks to Musslemen. How copy? Really weak signal. a SEAL who is staying with the QRF. this is Beastmaster. KRISTENSEN (CONT’D) Later fellas. KRISTENSEN (CONT’D) Glorious day. Kristensen and all but four SEALs head to the waiting 47’s. this is Beastmaster. Hasslert looks to Kristensen. looks to a couple of SEALs manning the TOC. this is Spartan 01. KRISTENSEN I I He stretches. . as he. how copy. I pass Schlitz Malt Liquor.28. this is Spartan 01. cracks his back. Gets up. Good copy. start boarding. Nods.

30 INT. They arrived about half hour ago. Luttrell looks back at Axe and Dietz.29. Kristensen boards his 47 and the two choppers lift off heading back to Bagram. Musslemen checks the clock on the J-Bad TOC. see if that’s not better. HINDU KUSH . one of the four SEALs left as part of the QRF in J-Bad. 29 EXT. walks into the TOC. MUSSLEMEN Are we good? HASSLERT Yes sir. points down towards the peak below them. KRISTENSEN (CONT’D) All yours brother. J-BAD TOC 30 PETE MUSSLEMEN. LUTTRELL Sounds good. they study the village. Two Blackhawks and two Apaches standing by on the tarmac. He soft whistles and rolls his index finger. Should be digging in nice and tight right about now. Yea.SCHLITZ MALT LIQUOR WAYPOINT Axelson and Luttrell together. MURPHY (CONT’D) Let’s move down towards that peak. . They start moving out. Axe and Danny immediately get it. LUTTRELL Can’t see half the village. spotting scopes out. MURPHY 29 They study the surrounding area. MUSSLEMEN Roger that Skipper. Looks to Hasslert.

NEW POV: A perfect. clear. At forty. far from tucked in. Murphy. Danny. start counting Taliban. Can’t get through. As the team sets up. on radio. Luttrell looks to Murphy. LUTTRELL That’s more than 10. gets close to the ledge. HINDU KUSH 31 Moving.30. MURPHY We’re good. low crawling. Yes. DANNY (to Murphy) No joy. DOWN IN VILLAGE . Tight on clock. Seeing who can throw the farthest. MURPHY Murphy is focused on a group of four men off to the side of the village playing a game with stones. Dietz is looking up at the small mountain behind him that seems to be killing his radio. Murphy’s got his binoculars out. Series of shots: Murphy and Luttrell scopes up. 7:15 AM 31 EXT. over Murphy’s back as he moves up towards his new spot. trying to call in that they’ve relocated. The four SEALs crawling out to the new lookout spot. unobstructed view of the entire Afghan village. MURPHY Keep trying.

with this little 556? I’d need to stalk at least a 1000 yards closer. The men argue over who threw further. Shah and Taraq with three soldiers playing stone throwing game. MURPHY (CONT’D) Murphy hands the scope to Luttrell. Moves out of village into woods. Marcus. LUTTRELL MURPHY Do you have a shot? LUTTRELL Jesus Mickey. Proclaims himself winner. HIDE Murphy locks his sight on Shah. Murphy turns to Dietz MURPHY (CONT’D) Can you make the fucking radio work? Dietz tries to call it in . Luttrell following Shah’s face with scope. Luttrell’s scope now trained on Shah. Finger on trigger. Clear match. Luttrell and Murphy both checking wrist bands. VILLAGE Shah arguing with his soldiers over who threw further. No earlobes. Photo of Shah.30A. luck. Bingo. MURPHY Gotta call it in. Studying him. Red scarf. Shah throws his stone. HIDE Luttrell’s POV: . Tall guy. MURPHY (CONT’D) Four guys on the right.

Murphy gets Axe’s attention. start building their hides.30B. Murphy. MURPHY (CONT’D) Axe. 31A ABOVE THE RIDGELINE -Marcus and Murphy talk as they work. 31A . moves away from the ridge line. Keep eyes on. Luttrell and Dietz get up. stay put. Shah disappears from sight. we’re gonna move back.

Silver? LUTTRELL MURPHY Hi-Ho Silver. tell her if it’s good enough for the Lone Ranger.31. If she busts you. Lone Ranger’s horse. LUTTRELL Yea that’s a badass horse.. how’s she going to know the difference. LUTTRELL Dude. Fuck.. Yea. MURPHY How does that help me? LUTTRELL Brahms horse auction is. MURPHY She doesn’t want a badass horse. MURPHY Is he selling Arabic horses? Kristensen says I should get her whatever Silver was. MURPHY LUTTRELL Hell of a wedding present. She wants an Arabic horse. tell her it’s an Arabic. MURPHY How much for an Arabic? LUTTRELL Probably around 15 grand. me and Morgan are gonna cut down all the trees behind the stable. MURPHY LUTTRELL Is the redhead a bridesmaid? . I think the 27th. LUTTRELL If we’re home by the 15th. Get her a Quarter Horse.

LUTTRELL Is she coming? .31A. MURPHY Melissa? LUTTRELL The redhead? Melissa? MURPHY LUTTRELL The redhead from the Coldplay concert? MURPHY That’s Melissa.

Why? Toxic. . LUTTRELL I love her.Powerful scopes and cameras.. detailed notes on hinges. Never. blueprints of every structure in the village. photoshopping them on a Toughbook computer.. LUTTRELL That works.Murphy taking the drawings. I don’t eat shit bars. MURPHY She’s a fucking bridesmaid. wall thickness. DIETZ AXE DIETZ You eat em. I’ll get that done. AXE DIETZ I’ve seen you eat PowerBars. Dietz eats a PowerBar. AXE Never. CLEARLY A TALIBAN PRESENCE. diagrams. . doors.Luttrell and Axe draw detailed maps. structure. . Luttrell photos Arab men with weapons moving through the town. Axe watches him.. . MURPHY Get me a deal on the horse. AXE Shouldn’t eat that shit.32.Dietz photographs windows. DIETZ Shit bars? . etc.

Negative. DIETZ I know what I’m eating. . DIETZ I’m eating it because I’m hungry. AXE Axe reading the list of ingredients commenting on each one. AXE Eat an apple. DIETZ I know exactly what I’m eating.33. AXE Why you eating a shit bar? Dietz pauses. Pulls his eyes off his scope.

Axe studies the village. . 31B . .34. . 31B LATER. .Dietz sleeps.Murphy eats an apple.Luttrell throws berries at a sleeping Dietz.Axe up top on security. .

Luttrell.34A. Axe. all armed. Taraq and two men with him. MURPHY Danny your on. everybody else shut her down. and Murphy settle in to sleep. POV AXE: Ahmad Shah moving through village. . .

Marcus’s POV Looking down hill. Another sound. Marcus shifts. Low fog. Nothing moves. Luttrell sleep. Quietly singing to himself. The fire lights up the village far below.Dietz. Listening. Axe. Danny studies the hill with increasing focus. Eyes more focused. He stills himself ever so slightly. glasses up.MORNING Sun getting higher. Tired but awake. Nothing moving. ON DANNY. Nothing moves. . Luttrell slowly opens his eyes. The three SEALs sleep. HINDU KUSH . Bells. Murphy. Tight on Luttrell. His eyes a micro shift of focus. TIGHT ON DANNY. studies the village. Silence. a soft bell. Tight on Luttrell. Wide gentle slope of the mountain leading to a sharper drop. Wedged into a tree stump. Silence. He slowly reaches down and kills the iPod.35. looks down hill. Danny on watch. POV. Then another. The sounds becoming more present. FADE OUT: 32 EXT. DANNY’s POV He’s looking down hill. Sleeping. 32 . Alert. Looking. BACK to Danny. THEN a very faint sound from down hill.

. Marcus is wide awake. The goat bells and baying of the animals creating serious noise. Two more Afghan MEN crest the hill .. Then another. A young Afghan BOY. nose.36. He’s heading dangerously close to Luttrell’s hide singing quietly to himself. Then back to Danny.... Then the forehead.closer. A human head crests the hill.. First just the tips of the ears.. Gun up and trained on the goat boy as he gets closer.. TIGHT ON MARCUS Studying the goat. More Bells. Gun aimed at the approaching kid when.. Back to Marcus as the first goat passes by.. Then cresting the hill. Bell ringing gently from his neck. eyes scanning the hill scanning the goats when.. The hill is full of goats. Tight on Luttrell..then old man and a teenager. A large male goat. Danny’s already on scope.and then in a one in a million.. Then another. Luttrell reaches for his Mark 12.. A herd of goats moving up the hill right at them..THE GOAT BOY. More than a hundred with the three Afghans moving straight at the SEALs. face. .. Murph and Axe both waking up.. Weapons coming up as they silently take in this bizarre situation. As another goat appears. ten years old.. BACK TO HIS POV The empty hill.. Then to Murph still sleeping..this fucking goat boy takes one more step and comes down square on Luttrell’s head. Tight on lead Afghan boy.. looks over to Axe still sleeping.then another.

growls and bark at the team. Murphy looking at Luttrell. Luttrell’s up. Guns up moving in fast on the terrified goat men. The kid screams and starts running downhill towards the village.. Fuck. Clearly Spartan 01 is not getting through. DANNY Down Down Down. bells ringing loud. Danny. hand over mouth. Musselman and Comms guys by their radios. flex-cuffed and gagged.. Goats running in fear as the three Afghans are roughly thrown down. 34 . the kid screams. mouth foaming. 33 INT. When it’s done the four SEALs stand over them. J-BAD TOC 33 In the radio room. Searched. 34 BACK ON THE MOUNTAIN The goats spread out. He speaks into it and it’s supposed to translate into Pashto. a military style Motorola walkie talkie taken from the old man. Luttrell raises his Mark 12 at the dog when it gets too close. takes the kid down.. gun up. SILENT.screaming. Murphy is trying to interrogate the older man with a translation box.. and Murphy. MURPHY (CONT’D) (re: radio) Can you get a call out or what? Dietz reaches for his radio.. MURPHY Murphy looks to Dietz.37.. Kid bites and struggles wild. Axe. LUTTRELL Get the fuck down. Luttrell moves. grazing. a large dog. AXE sprints on him fast.

Fangs mashing.. Louder. MURPHY (speaking into the PhraseO-Later) Are you looking for Americans? A robotic-like voice used for making out the question in Arabic. The old man stares at Murphy with a combination of hatred and confusion. Too quiet for the translating machine. MURPHY (CONT’D) Shut the fuck up ! Murphy throws the machine on the ground. MURPHY This fuckin thing’s not working. The dog backs down.38. finally says something quiet. The dog makes another move at Luttrell.. MURPHY (CONT’D) Do they know? The old man stares. Murphy puts the mic closer. Murphy and Luttrell have them off to the side. The machine starts translating what Murphy is saying. Murphy getting frustrated. Luttrell raises his gun. Are you Taliban? The old man rants on as the machine struggles to translate his slang Pashtun. MURPHY (CONT’D) Do the Taliban know we are up here? Death stare from the old man. TRANSLATION MACHINE Do not drink with many blood rooms fire and knives. MURPHY (CONT’D) Say again.... They have separated the older man from the boys. 35 OMIT 35 . Axe stands watch over the boy.

Nothing. MURPHY Yea. pulls out his SATELLITE PHONE. The God of screw-ups. I’m aware of that. Checks numbers on his wrist pad.Spartan 01. DANNY Spartan 01. BACK ON THE MOUNTAIN Danny continues to try his radio. MURPHY LUTTRELL Soft Compromise bro. Spartan base. . MURPHY (CONT’D) What do you think? LUTTRELL Murphy’s God Awful law. Murphy standing just off the group calls Luttrell over. Spartan base. MURPHY 36 Leaving Axe on security. Talk to the mountain. MURPHY (CONT’D) (a touch frustrated: to Dietz) I’m now going to be that guy calling on a fucking unsecure Sat line because your radio is not functioning. Murphy digs into his pack. sir. The other prick. Not you Mikey.39. Luttrell moves up the hill fifty feet with Murphy.. DIETZ Move that mountain. Yea. Dials up J-Bad TOC (Command Center). Marcus. 36 EXT... we’re good..

Third try he gets through. The CO? MURPHY That’s correct. this is Spartan 01. echoes and static. MURPHY What do you mean he’s not there? HASSLERT Commander Kristensen left this morning. do you hear me? HASSLERT I hear you. can you here me? Horrible delays. Hello? MURPHY This is Spartan 01. MURPHY Sergeant can you hear me. MURPHY This is not a secure line and I need to speak to the CO immediately. HASSLERT Which CO sir? MURPHY Commander Kristensen.40. SERGEANT HASSLERT. HASSLERT Commander Kristensen is not here sir. SGT. answered by a young Marine. Loses the signal twice. HASSLERT HASSLERT 37 . HASSLERT J-Bad TOC. 37 INT. J-BAD TOC A phone rings. HASSLERT. Horrible connection.

Murphy realizing he’s made a mistake. Holding up his SAT phone. I need to speak right now with the commander. MURPHY Standing by. Tight on Murphy.41. He’s back at BAGRAM. HASSLERT Commander is in BAGRAM. Moves over to Danny with the radio. HASSLERT Roger that. STATIC BAD Hello? Hello? MURPHY I‘m here. the realization of how fucked they are is starting to settle in. Silence Murphy looks down at the goat herders. Stand by. Fuck. MURPHY (CONT’D) (re: SAT phone) Handing them our goddamned position. MURPHY (CONT’D) What’s the fucking problem? DANNY Don’t know. HASSLERT That’s correct sir. MURPHY Right. MURPHY I know that can you please transfer this call to BAGRAM OUELLETTE TOC. MURPHY Does it need new fucking batteries? HASSLERT MURPHY .

OUELLETTE TOC 38 It’s quiet. He knows that Murphy and his team are way deep on their opp. Really Bad connection. 38 INT. this is Mike Murphy. James Suh. . A horrible connection. this is Murphy. DANNY No. it’s fine but they won’t fucking answer me.. Dan Healy. Patton is confused. Mike? SHANE PATTON MURPHY Is this Shane? SHANE PATTON It’s Shane. Patton yells over to the Comms guys. Among the SEALs present: Patton. MURPHY Are you not receiving our transmissions? SHANE PATTON Radio calls? Not in a while. A phone in the SEAL TOC rings answered by PATTON SHANE PATTON Ouellette TOC Petty Officer Patton. SHANE PATTON Mike Murphy? MURPHY Yes correct. What’s up Mike? This connection sucks.42. MURPHY Patton. SHANE PATTON You’re looking for Mike Murphy? MURPHY This is Mike Murphy.

SHANE PATTON (back on the phone) They say they are communicating with you. MURPHY Wake him up now. . MURPHY I need the skipper now. SHANE PATTON Did you say wake him up sir? MURPHY Right the fuck now! SHANE PATTON Roger that. Copy? MURPHY In the last twenty minutes? SHANE PATTON (back to comms guy) You talked in the last twenty minutes? Negative. COMMS GUY When? We’ve been communicating. SHANE PATTON (CONT’D) Are you all hearing anything from SPARTAN 1. COMMS GUY SHANE PATTON (into phone) Negative Murph. MURPHY SHANE PATTON Comms says that you are good. Say again.43. SHANE PATTON He’s sleeping sir. Murphy’s voice is electronically garbled.

Knocks on a door. (oc) What? SHANE PATTON Sir sorry sir. Dials. BAGRAM TOC.44. Reaches for the phone... He knocks harder. Now. 39 SHANE PATTON barefooted jogs out of the TOC moves through a series of plywood barracks. KRISTENSEN What’d he want? SHANE PATTON 39A KRISTENSEN SHANE PATTON (CONT’D) . flip flops.? Try him back. I’ve got Lieutenant Murphy on the phone in the TOC. 39A Track with them as Kristensen moves back into the TOC. A moment. moving out. Skipper. PATTON reads Murphy’s SAT phone number off the board. Tries again nothing. then Kristensen’s door flies open. KRISTENSEN (CONT'D) Is it dead? Yes sir. Waits. SHANE PATTON Skipper. KRISTENSEN (CONT'D) Mike.? Mike. 39 EXT. Says he needs to talk to you. SKIPPER! From inside.. KRISTENSEN (into phone) Mike? Silence Static.. Nothing. clearly just waking up. Kristensen in his underwear.

. An MBITR walkie talkie mounted on the side of his chest.. Murphy just stares at the goat herders. MURPHY Can someone explain to me why they both crash at the same time? LUTTRELL Murphy’s law. LUTTRELL We could light these goats on fire and smoke signal our way out of here. KRISTENSEN Anything wrong? SHANE PATTON Didn’t say sir. 40 EXT. Stay with Kristensen a bit concerned. Murphy’s law AXE 40 Now a last resort. .45. Over. MURPHY (CONT’D) Spartan 01 to anyone. SHANE PATTON No idea sir. KRISTENSEN Did he say anything? SHANE PATTON Just that he needed to speak to you. HINDU KUSH MOUNTAIN Murphy trying his IRIDIUM SAT phone one more time. Looking at the map of the Valley. Murphy keys his personal radio.. Spartan 01 to anyone listening. DANNY I could go down to the village and ask to borrow a phone. TIGHT ON KRISTENSEN Thinking..

. MURPHY (quietly to himself) Fuck. Drags him back. Looking at Murphy. MURPHY Can we get a signal from that mountain? . Move out. soft Compromise. Goat skin blond.. So we can 1) Tie em up. His brain churning. she’ll dig that a hell of a lot more than what is it Honey creme. Axe stares at Murphy. LUTTRELL You’d get some interesting tile ideas down there bro. Probably take them 15 minutes to get out. Three? DIETZ AXE Three.? The goat noise is now really loud. we’re gonna fight. AXE breathing hard. AXE He charges again after the kid. Terminate the compromise. 2) Let em go. Hands cuffed behind his back. Dogs barking and Axe is getting focused. Fuck me.46. Murphy looks up to the mountain top a mile behind them. We hike out. All eyes on Murphy. MURPHY (CONT’D) We let em go. The kid bolts. Third choice is obvious. Afghan Dirt Brown. Tackles him. Roll dice. he’s still fast as shit. Doing the math. MURPHY I’m thinking three ways this plays out.

Shit. DANNY (CONT’D) We gotta do something boss. Mission fails. I don’t fucking know. DANNY I thought about that. bells ringing. More dog barking. he shakes his head. MURPHY Murphy walks back down to Luttrell and Axe. LUTTRELL . AXE Shah’s down there. Looking down. Probably.47. Realizing how serious he is. Yea. The kids are staring rage into the eyes of the Americans. Murphy staring at Axe. AXE We are compromised Mike. MURPHY What? Kill them. MURPHY (CONT’D) What do you think? LUTTRELL They don’t seem to like us very much. Reality setting in. Yea. Axe stares at Murphy. Shaw disappears. A pained grin plasters his face. MURPHY A pause. goat baying. We let them go. Marcus spits out some chew.

The goats sound like they are howling. The vibe on the mountain is becoming deathly serious.. Not feeling that. It ain’t gonna be private. CNN -. Gonna be out there for the whole fucking world. We kill them. I don’t like it.. MURPHY Danny? Danny takes a long look at the goat herders. Luttrell takes his time. Then what? LUTTRELL I’m just saying.. earn em’. LUTTRELL (CONT'D) I don’t know. Murphy turns to Marcus. Then what. They get found. I’m not a lawyer. Yea ok. I don’t want that legacy. We kill them. bro. I’m not killing goat farmers..48. Finally.SEALs kill goat farmers. Just tell me what to do Murph. AXE . Bury them. DANNY I don’t give a shit what you decide. Marcus? MURPHY LUTTRELL I don’t know Mikey. You’re the big bucks.

Tight on the guys taking this in. staring intensely at one of the goat kids. MURPHY Axe what’s your call? .49. but I’m having a little trouble getting a tee time. LUTTRELL Let’s just tie ‘em up and get the fuck out of here. they do not get that vote. That’s the story. we have no control over when they get found. No way. CNN doesn’t care about Rules of Engagement. AXE I’m not either. These people are death and I will not fucking bow to this. but the Old man’s Tali and these kids can shoot better than you can. get free. Murphy paces.your head -. I will die before I let them dictate when we die. Axe? Really? That’s your position? AXE I want to be playing golf with Freddie Couples on Pebble Beach. I will kill them right now. it’s International news.on television. AXE We tie them up. AXE I will do this. MURPHY You want to kill. No. I will not end up showing your body -. Forever. SEALs kill kids. On the Computer. They will not harm you or me or my wife or your wife or any of our unborn children. LUTTRELL If we kill these kids. LUTTRELL Then let’s just get the fuck out of here.

49A. AXE (sad grin) My final answer? . Axe stares at Murphy.

MURPHY . Murphy’s for letting them go. What we have to do. Two opinions. MURPHY Marcus what’s your call? Luttrell seems to get that with Danny out. This hits hard. Kill them. Ok. MURPHY Your final answer. That’s our business. Axe wants them dead . We do what we do. MURPHY What’s two? DANNY Two is. One is that for the record I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about what the fuck we do up here.50. DANNY So you tell me what to do and it will be done.he’s the tie-breaker. Danny? MURPHY AXE Dietz stares at the tied up kids. Murphy looks to Marcus. DANNY It’s your call bro. That’s it. MURPHY You don’t have an opinion? DANNY Yea I have an opinion. this is the Navy and you’re the boss and your job is to be the boss and my job is to do what I’m fucking told.

are weak in numbers. AXE Shah just killed twenty marines last week and we’re on him. Finally turns back to goat herders. Then long and hard at the three Afghans. have no heavy weapons. we are not wearing vests. That’s all.. It’s a cursed opp. Thinking. Devil’s asshole. There are no fucking curses. Looking for a burial spot. The rope. ON MURPHY. MURPHY (quiet) Fuck me. DANNY Look at them. They are a part of him. We’ve come this far and these people here are him. LUTTRELL So now you have an opinion? I thought you were standing by waiting for your orders? AXE This opp is a soup sandwich. LUTTRELL (slowly shaking his head) No. Everyday man. Soft intel. Been so from the beginning. I’d rather fight them straight up.51. Clearly no soft earth anywhere close. I don’t want to kill these kids. MURPHY Starting to feel like a cursed opp. The pitch. Just Afghanistan.. We don’t know how many Hajji’s they have down there. Worst comms that I’ve ever seen. Murphy stares down at the Afghan village. We can’t let them go. They fucking hate us. We let them go. LUTTRELL It’s not a cursed opp.. Stabbing at the stone earth with his M4. He looks around the area. (MORE) .

. AXE (CONT'D) We’re letting him go and why in the fucking world does he have the right to do that to us? Axe is starring at LUTTRELL.51A.

Luttrell lets out a huge breath. MURPHY (CONT’D) That’s what we’re going to do. Seriously Marcus. Shut it down. . So if Murphy was taking a vote it seems like it’s one vote for killing them. The goat boy watching confused. When we make the peak were gonna make Comms. The guys quickly breaking down their gear. AXE. This is all on MURPHY. Why does he have the right to do that to us? LUTTRELL I don’t see it that way. Murphy turns away from them. We’re calling QRF and we’re getting out. one vote for letting them go. Everything. MURPHY So what is your fucking call bro? LUTTRELL Let them go. Silence. We’re gonna let ‘em go and we’re gonna make the peak. MURPHY Here’s what we’re gonna do. Danny is neutral. Looks at the young kids.52. Quick Shots. DANNY Roger that. The old man. LUTTRELL MURPHY Let’s move it. looking down the steep pitched mountain. Pack up. Murphy thinks. The village far below. Silence as the guys take in the plan. Yes sir.

Defiant. The older Goat herders. Steel-eyed. .52A.

J-BAD TOC. The Apache pilots are firing up their engines. MUSSLEMEN The 47s? Correct. By an Army 372. APACHE PILOT That’s what we thought. Spartan 01. BAGRAM. The Comms guys trying to get Spartan 01 back on line. Mussleman is a bit confused. APACHE PILOT 42 41 . bro. BAGRAM is now QRF. MUSSLEMEN We’re QRF. communicating with J-Bad TOC KRISTENSEN When was your last contact with Spartan 01? 42 EXT. COMMS GUY Spartan 01.53. MUSSLEMEN Where are you guys going? APACHE PILOT We just got called North. The two Blackhawks standing by with the two Apaches. Kristensen. Patton with Petty Officer Dan Healy.. evidently they took some small fire. over. SEAL TOC. MUSSLEMEN Are we not the QRF now? APACHE PILOT That’s my understanding. James Suh and some COMMS guys.. Musslemen comes out of a pilot station. Kristensen is on the phone. 41 INT.

43A THE YOUNG GOAT BOY. He quickly cuts through the flex cuffs. MURPHY CONT’D Everybody good? Quick nods from the team as Murphy’s flip knife comes out. An odd moment as the Afghans stare at the SEALs. deliberately starts making his way down the long steep mountain. MURPHY You three just won the lottery. Says something quietly to the team. MOUNTAIN 10 MINUTES LATER: Gear packed the four SEALs stand over the Afghans. Sounds fairly ominous. Turning fast he takes off sprinting down the hill. full gear. Freeing the Afghans. Apache pilots climb into their two birds. 43A . Speak well of us. The old man holds a beat. There is no trail. Not fully understanding that they are free to leave. fallen trees. start moving up the mountain. Just steep rocks.54. MURPHY (CONT’D) Let’s move it. RUNNING DOWN THE HILL. 43 EXT. Go! MURPHY (CONT’D) 43 The little goat boy stares at Murphy. Take off. Then he too turns and slowly. The four SEALs. A beat then gets it. and a brutal pitch. Murphy looks at the team.

His left foot catches on some loose granite. Fallen trees. Sprained right ankle and bruised left ribs.55. Virtually FLYING down the mountain. White flash of burst pain tears through him. Leaping over rocks. 43D 43C . AXE He takes a step. Slips. LUTTRELL. Axe pulls away. second. He buckles. I’m fine. On AXE Constantly checking behind him. Luttrell breathing hard. 43C THE GOAT KID Running hard approaching the village. Grinds through the pain and starts back up the hill. 43D UP TOP. Murphy leading. Axe digs his foot in. AXE Fucking Afghanistan. 43B Slow going for the SEALs. 43B UP TOP. Clearly not alright. loaded up with COMMS. You ok? LUTTRELL. Luttrell reaches for him. Gives out. Axe rolls his ankle hard. Axe struggling back on his feet. AXE (CONT'D) I’m good. Axe bringing up the rear. Danny. Yea. Murphy stops. The kid’s movements are beautiful. falls hard sliding fast tumbling and smashing hard into a fallen tree stump. Let’s go. I’m the one who’s supposed to be falling. looking back as Luttrell moves down to Axe. Mountain agility in his DNA.

cool. Screaming for Shah. Danny? MURPHY (CONT'D) . Taliban soldiers sleeping. Women cooking as . professional. As they sprint deeper into the woods. Take off into the woods. Arming themselves.56. Eyes wide. These Afghan soldiers are loading up big time. Rounding up his fighters. MURPHY 45 He’s looking up at a larger hill in front of them. The SEALs cresting the hill. grenades. Tight on Murphy’s small smile as he digs it up the hill..The young GOAT BOY comes tearing. they point up the mountain. a lot of ammo. Shah approaches the boys. UP MOUNTAIN. Tell them about the Americans. The group now moving even slower cause of Axe’s ankle. RPG’s. Radio gear. Breathing hard. 44 Quiet. 44 EXT. Some cooking. 45 EXT. ask to borrow a phone. full sprint into the village. Quiet. A couple of small fires. old school but deathly effective.. A couple of Taliban hear this. Into the Taliban camp. Villagers start to gather. THE VILLAGE. The two find Shah and Taraq. AXE (CONT'D) Maybe we should just hike down to the village. TIGHT ON THE GOAT BOY. TRACKING with the two Taliban. Feels like 150 men. Still blocked in by another very steep mountain. AK’s. A group of young boys playing with sticks. Shah quickly on his walkie talkie. Quick shots of the Taliban army. They have just ascended a false summit. Fuck.

MURPHY Comms still clearly dead. Trying to get a signal. Great. They are high above the village. Murphy weighing his options. Business as usual. . knowing that it’s blocking his signal. He’s looking with disgust at the mountain behind him. guns pointed down hill. Murphy and Luttrell have spread out on the hill.57. SCANNING. Scanning the village and mountain. DANNY (on radio) Anvil 1 this is Spartan 01. All three SEALs on glass. Murphy’s got his SAT phone out. They are OBLIVIOUS to the magnitude of the threat. 46 Danny still working the radio. and watch Anchorman. From their vantage the town seems quiet. Luttrell’s fifteen feet to his left. Dietz is already into the radio. as Luttrell and Axe spread out. CUT TO: 46 TWENTY MINUTES LATER. Axe has tightened his boot. Staring down at the village. Nothing. Murphy pulls out binoculars. LUTTRELL What do you want to do? MURPHY Go home. Can’t. They cannot see the Taliban off in the woods. digging in. SEALS POV Nothing moving. MURPHY (to mountain) Move Bitch. over. get in bed.

MURPHY Here’s the deal. MURPHY keys his radio.58. Lay low here. Let’s hold up for an hour and see just how big of a can of hell we’ve opened. MURPHY (to Axe) You good to go? AXE No problems boss. MURPHY (CONT’D) What say you Axe? AXE (on radio) I’m fine. MURPHY I wanna be on you. Soon as the sun sets we move. LUTTRELL Check. Murphy looks up behind him to the large cliff. LUTTRELL Roger that. (MORE) . God ought to be smiling down on us. Should I spread the word? MURPHY Not just yet. Isn’t that how it works? Good things happen to good people? LUTTRELL You think they’re coming after us? MURPHY Like a pack of wild dogs. LUTTRELL What do you think? MURPHY We did the right thing. We let our love light shine.

59. MURPHY (CONT'D) If we can’t get comms from that top we’re probably gonna have to walk home anyway, so get some rest. Axe you’re first security. We move in about sixty minutes. 46A THIRTY MINUTES LATER. 46A

Murphy, Danny, and Marcus. Hats low. Eyes closed. Danny on the glass. It’s quiet. Sun getting low. Probably two hours of sunlight left. ON AXE. Calmly checking down hill, whistling very quietly to himself. Tight on Luttrell resting. Danny. Eyes closed. One arm around his radio. Murphy. Eyes open. Staring up at the sky. Back to Axe. Focused down range. Down the mountain. Something appears to move. Axe misses it. Hold a beat. More movement. Just catches Axe’s peripheral... Axe shifts his gaze. Focusing. THEN More movement. Axe sees it, raises his gun eye to the scope. Gently scanning the area of movement. Stops whistling. AXE’S POV: No movement. Axe slowly pans his M-4 across the hill. Suddenly A FLASH OF SOMETHING HUMAN. A HUMAN. He pans a bit more to the right. Then two more. AXE pans way to the right. Almost as high as the SEALs are and he see’s more movement. They are almost surrounded. TIGHT ON LUTTRELL eyes still closed.

60. MURPHY (CONT'D) (oc) Sssst! Sssst! Luttrell lifts up his hat and looks left. Sees Axe, rigid, in firing position, his rifle aimed straight up the mountain. MURPHY (CONT'D) (to Danny) Try and call it in. Danny desperate to get the radio to work. Luttrell fixes his Mark 12 into firing position looks through scope down hill. LUTTRELL’S POV. Lined along the top are at least a dozen heavily armed Taliban warriors, each one of them with an AK pointing downward. Some carrying rocket propelled grenades. LUTTRELL looks left. More Taliban coming down hill to flank them. Luttrell looks right. More Taliban. The SEALs are FUCKED. MURPHY (CONT'D) How the fuck fast are these little bastards? All four SEALs guns up. Marcus in the middle, Axe and Danny up to his left. Murphy twenty feet off to his right. Marcus slowly belly crawls towards Murphy. MURPHY (CONT'D) What are you thinking? LUTTRELL I’m thinking that we’re about fixing to get into a pretty good gunfight. Yea. MURPHY

61. LUTTRELL Looks like I voted wrong. MURPHY Negative. We’ve been given the opportunity to reach out and make some hell fucking strong contact with our friends from the other side. Job well done. LUTTRELL Hoo-yah to that sir. ON DANNY AND AXE Looking up the hill which is now swarming with Taliban. Dozens of soldiers flowing down hill flanking them. DANNY Do they see us? Dunno. BACK TO MARCUS. His back pressed up against a tree, inventorying his ammo. Grenades. Knife. Danny, Axe, Murphy all doing the same. Readying for war. Axe and Danny sneak quick looks at the pictures of their wives taped inside their helmets. The trap tightening around all of them. hill. A TREE TWENTY FEET IN FRONT OF MARCUS. A flash of a turban. Glint of an AK Barrel pointed in his general direction. Luttrell tightens the grip of his rifle slowly starts pointing it in the direction of the man behind the tree. Luttrell eyes on glass, still as marble. Aimed at the tree. Marcus looks over his shoulder at Murphy whose gun is also trained on the tree. Marcus eyes back on the scope. SCOPE POV: All four focused up AXE

THEN. A solid line of at least fifty Taliban in firing positions on top of the hill above them. ON MURPHY. fallen trees. Stops. all HELL BREAKS LOOSE. not weighted down with US-style gear. MURPHY checks his rear. Luttrell shoots again removes what’s left of the fighter’s head. The barrel of his AK pointed dead on Luttrell. UP TOP . still clutching his AK-47. Hold. MURPHY Push right flank. . More of a series of cliffs. Screaming at each other. Taraq in the middle of the pack on the top of the SEALs.Shah calmly giving orders into his radio comms. Agile and fearless. An odd brief moment of silence as the head shot Afghan stumbles. loud bursts of Pashto. Multiple death falls. He takes three more steps towards Luttrell. First one is at least 300 feet. Black eyes and thick black beard. they are able to leap boulders.62. Murphy calls it. the Taliban moving fast down the hill. The Afghan starts to fall and as he hits the ground. The SEALs are close to being surrounded. Shooting as they move. From above and half way down both flanks the Taliban open fire. communicating through violent. still standing. Blowing the man’s head off. A fierce-eyed Taliban warrior peering straight into the scope. Luttrell fires once. MURPHY POV A cliff. Taliban moving down the hill on both sides.

He tries to put them back into his hand. Marcus! DANNY (CONT’D) Luttrell turns. Danny’s left two fingers HIT. Charging the Ambush. LUTTRELL Wrap it up bro. You? MURPHY I couldn’t get a line. Request immediate QRF! Spartan 01 requesting immediate QRF. Taliban gunfire is picking up. DANNY Roger that. Axe the farthest right starts shooting and moving right INTO the wall of the Taliban flanking his right. Not getting through. He’s moving right trying to dial up the TOC. Desperate to get the radio up.63. His pinkie is beyond repair. We need help. Two more immediately fill their positions. Jams his ring finger back into its socket. Danny firing with one arm. Axe the deepest right kills two Taliban. . Don’t know if it went through. Dangling bloody and mangled. shooting. MURPHY Danny did you get the call through? DANNY I made the call. Murphy’s doing the same with his SAT phone. Spartan 01 reporting major enemy contact. DANNY Marcus is pushing right behind Axe trying to break the right Taliban flank. Fuck. Danny holds up his fucked up hand. Luttrell follows staying low. DANNY Spartan 01 reporting major enemy contact.

Crawling. Axe being the closest takes the majority of the firepower. The Taliban close enough to see clearly. MURPHY Keep pushing right. Firing. Danny and Murphy shooting. Hand and Leg. Axe shot through the left shoulder. Returning fire. As he shoots deep into the left flank. Two more Taliban hit. Decent cover from a granite boulder which is getting hacked to pieces by the incoming AK fire. The remaining start taking solid covering positions. FURTHER to the left. Razor sharp stone shrapnel chunks slicing into Axe’s face and neck. trying to get closer to Luttrell and Axe. shooting and covering as they start making progress killing their way into the right side of the Taliban ambush. firing down at the four SEALs.64. TALIBAN POV: From behind at least 12 Tabliban fighters pushing deeper into the right side. Danny moves up with Murphy behind some decent cover. The four SEALs fighting well as a team. muscle chunks and bone tear through his pants. blowing clear through his right thigh shattering his right femur. Pissed he keeps moving. His long scope making him very accurate. Blood runs down his face drips off his chin. Luttrell getting equally shot up. Ignoring his two gunshots. Danny takes another round. Chunks of granite tearing into his face and neck. His cover rock getting shot up bad. Blood. Ignoring it he keeps firing. DANNY Goddammitt. . Kill ‘em all. MURPHY Can you fight? DANNY Roger that.

When his vision clears up enough to focus: AXE POV. Takes the remaining Taliban soldier out with a point-blank headshot. The other. AXE DANNY . we’re gonna push left! Axe gets shot through the top of his shoulder the bullet tearing down through his shoulder and burning deep inside his chest. Directly at the Americans. right at AXE. Murphy looks up towards Axe who is far right. a BELT FED MACHINE GUN opens up on their position. Axe keeps firing. From the right. The Taliban almost on him.65. Attacking the counter attack. falls on Axe. Axe fires blind. MURPHY (yelling) AXE?! Sir! MURPHY Can we break that flank? Hold this. Moving fast out of cover. Axe struggles to see. Marcus and Axe start moving left. cutting into his eyeballs. Half blind. Both shot during the move Marcus in his right butt-cheek. wounded. hitting a Taliban in the knee. Shredding his right ear. MURPHY Want me to take the radio? Negative. SEAL style. Then: One of the Tali hit with a round from Luttrell. Luttrell runs up to help Axe. Axe in his right thigh. The Taliban fires back at Axe missing but sending sharp rock chips shearing up off the granite into Axe’s face. Vicious hand-to-hand fight. Watery out of focus images as sweat mixed with blood. Misses. killed. Two Tali fighters. The Taliban are close to the half blind Axe.

65A. COMMS GUY Spartan 01 is about to miss a comms second window. See’s Kristensen. 47 . Checking wall clock. 47 INT. TOC. BAGRAM Comms guy at radio. Shane. and some of the other Team 10 guys.

A massive barrage of gunfire erupting from the right Taliban flank.66. ON THE MOUNTAIN CHAOS. 48 EXT. AXE Right is no good. Murphy looks left. Covering them with dirt and rock. Hitting just short of Danny and Murphy. Fuck me. He can see twenty Taliban moving into firing positions. COMMS GUY Roger that. Mikey? Yea? You ok? MURPHY We’re good. MURPHY (CONT’D) This is no good. KRISTENSEN How long? COMMS GUY 2 hours 15 minutes. The first RPG comes from the left side. Blasting them backwards. Checking the clock. KRISTENSEN Call me if they miss two. LUTTRELL MURPHY LUTTRELL MURPHY 48 . Luttrell swings his gun left and starts firing into the left Taliban position. Tight on Kristensen. A bullet slams in Murphy’s lower stomach. Thinking.

Shrapnel cutting deep into all four SEALs. Dietz takes a shot in his upper-right chest. Reloading mags. LUTTRELL We can take ‘em Mikey but I’m thinking we’re gonna need a new spot. They are now clearly under attack from all three sides. Tears away chunks of granite. Negative. Tight on Murphy: MURPHY (CONT’D) We gotta fall back.67. MURPHY . Luttrell looks at the cliff behind them. We got to go left. From downhill. two RPG’s fire at their position. He turns behind him giving that 50 ft. cliff a second look. Tight on Murphy. Marcus hit for the first time in his right ass cheek. Firing away. MURPHY Roger that. Danny and Axe returning constant fire. LUTTRELL Roger that. LUTTRELL You mean fall off. A massive double RPG explosion. Luttrell. MURPHY Can we break that right flank? LUTTRELL Negative. Coming from all three sides. The Taliban gunfire is relentless now.

The first to move. Luttrell looks to his left. As the four shot up SEALs turn and start to move fast towards the edge of the cliff. Helmets fly off. Bouncing. Violent beyond words. Nose clearly broken. MURPHY Roger that. Except for the blood streaming from necks and guts and legs. MURPHY Hey Marcus. Tearing through trees. Human bodies smashing into rock. For a second they look like four country boys cliff jumping into a lake. MURPHY That sucked. 48B SILENCE. Face shredded. Danny’s legs giving out. 300 yards below. the bullet tracers flying all around them. Murphy struggling to his knees. 48A IMPACT. buckling as he hurls himself up and over the ledge. Axe? AXE Good to go. LUTTRELL 48B . Face lifts. Freeing.. Murphy and Axe do the same. They fly off the cliff and it looks kind of beautiful. Luttrell. The SEALs crash and bounce and flip. Face down. Marcus turns to Murphy..68. Concussive.. BOTTOM OF 1ST CLIFF 48A MURPHY Bone crushing. BOTTOM OF 1ST CLIFF Tight on Luttrell. Danny can you move? DANNY No problem. Broken bones and smashed faces. Fall off. Finally settling hard on a reasonably flat part of the cliff. To the right.until. Danny and Axe. Broken teeth. Yes sir.. The pitch causing them to run and start falling immediately.

Pulling up Murphy’s shirt revealing a decent gut shot. Marcus looks for his med kit. 48C TOP OF 1ST CLIFF 48C LUTTRELL Taraq is at the jump point looking down the steep cliff. Feels unsurvivable. LUTTRELL Yes sir. Go. LUTTRELL (CONT’D) Lost my med kit. Yes sir. Several fierce lieutenants flanking Shah. LUTTRELL Let me see it. then right. MURPHY Where’s your gun? Luttrell looks down. Voices screaming up the mountain. MURPHY I mean that really sucked. 48D AT THE BOTTOM OF 1ST CLIFF Murphy. Fuck.69. Luttrell sees the blood pouring from Murphy’s gut. Spots his gun ten feet away in the dirt. Marcus Axe and Dietz struggling to their feet. To his left. MURPHY 48D SHAH . Dozens of Taliban start making their way down the steep cliff.

LUTTRELL God’s looking out for us. He keeps firing when from the left. LUTTRELL We’re doing good Mikey we just gotta. 48E HALFWAY DOWN 1ST CLIFF. Looking up.spears into Luttrell’s right side.. Run! Axe sees Murphy behind the trees. Charges to the hide. A metal hook . Trees start burning. Luttrell and Murphy dive behind some fallen trees. LOG HIDE. MURPHY If this is looking out for us I don’t want to see him pissed. 48E Shah’s Taliban are slowly moving down the cliff. But they are definitely coming.70. Not nearly as fast as the SEALs fall. More incoming RPG’s tearing into the cover trees. Blasting all around them. Axe shot up getting to his feet.RPG debris . The Taliban shooting down at him. flipping. A LOUD CRASHING.. Falling hard like Murphy and Luttrell. Luttrell interrupted by a series of severe incoming RPG’s. landing 50 ft to the right of the tree hide. MURPHY (CONT’D) Axe! Here! Move it buddy. . Axe and Danny. 48F Returning fire.. Picking off a couple of Taliban but revealing their position. 48F ON LUTTRELL and MURPHY.. MURPHY We just got to get off this hill. Slamming. Two bodies falling hard.

through mashed teeth) Goddamn this sucks. grabbing an alive but seriously fucked up Danny. fires. kills a second. dodging RPG’s and a hailstorm of AK fire. to treat Danny. Danny fires killing the Taliban. that pisses me off. then at his gun. mangled hand. Luttrell and Murphy slam into the tree hide propping Danny up. DANNY (muttering to himself) Mess up my drawing hand. Danny is dead still. dazed. Marcus is looking back to Danny. The four SEALs back together ready to fight. Picking Danny up they start hauling him back to the tree for cover. kills a third. AXE This sucks. TIGHT on Danny as a Bullet slams through his right rib cage DANNY (eyes tight. Re-aims. DANNY (CONT’D) I can fight.Axe slams a fresh magazine into his M4 starts firing up the hill. Axe provides cover as Luttrell and Murphy. I’m shot. Re-aims. can you fight? Danny stares back down at his bleeding. No hesitation . . No movement. pulling out his Burst Kit Marcus trying Danny recovering staring down at his blood-soaked hand. Danny raises his gun uphill. LUTTRELL We are all shot bro. fires. takes aim at a Taliban fighter jumping from rock to rock.71. looks to Marcus DANNY (CONT’D) Marcus. Looks to Marcus.

The SEALs now packed into a burning LOG HIDE fighting as best as they can from inferior position. Three of Murphy’s right toes blow off. SEAL POV. Dialing in on the SEALs position. MURPHY has his face next to Dietz. Nothing? Nothing. Murphy returning fire. AK tracers streak over head. His boot leaking blood. A ceiling of AK fire. Taliban starting to re-mass. The SEALs flat on their backs. Murphy and Dietz both take rounds. Eyes pouring tears. 48G UP HILL. Dammit! MURPHY DANNY MURPHY Murphy getting the brass out of his shirt. Danny in the foot. Hot brass shell casings falling into his shirt. MURPHY (CONT’D) Goddamnitt! Danny screaming in pain. 48H IN THE LOG HIDE. Danny? MURPHY (CONT'D) . Thirty AK-47’s firing down on the SEALs. 48H 48G The SEALs getting sprayed. DANNY (CONT'D) I tried ‘em at least three times boss.72.

DIETZ I’m with you. radio pulling him backwards. MURPHY (CONT'D) Come on buddy! We got to move. MURPHY (CONT’D) Give me a hand Danny. Luttrell hurls a grenade. Fucking burning inside bro. Murphy yanks Dietz to his feet. DIETZ This really sucks man. Fully exposing Murphy and Dietz.73. MURPHY Move left! Left! Axe and Luttrell start moving out. AXE We gotta move! As the first RPG blows into the side of the log hide. . MURPHY (CONT'D) Right now bro. Murphy reaches back for Dietz. Murphy fires up the hill. Danny dazed stares up at Murphy. Wood daggers and burning embers explode and rip through clothes and skin. Taliban with RPG’s moving into firing position. Dietz struggling to get up. Really fucking sucks. A second RPG demolishes the hide. Axe and Luttrell trying to fire over the logs.

48J SIDE OF MOUNTAIN. Blood loss starting to weaken him. AXE Need some water. The SEALs charge across the side of the mountain. tears as they claw their way across the burning mountain. tries to get a signal. Slipping falling helping each other. then Dietz. sweat. Axe collapses next to him. High-pitched wheezing and gagging. Daytime trace fire. They are literally running cross a burning mountain for their lives. This is a sequence. Tight shots of the four SEALs scrambling for their lives. All four SEALs gasping and choking for air. MURPHY We got to get to the village. Got to. Incoming rounds tearing past them. snot.74. Luttrell first to stop. then Murphy. Murphy lays out more cover fire. Knee caps smashing on rock. Dietz grinds it out following Luttrell. Dietz is by far the worst. LUTTRELL Gotta fucking rest. Bleeding. spit. Fuck. Watching the men run. Legs buckling. Tight on Luttrell. MURPHY LUTTRELL 48J . Ravine. then turns and moves after the three SEALs. Murphy pulls out his sat phone. Trying to breath. A moment of desperate attempts to get air. Got to. Breathing is hysteric.

GUNFIGHT. Whispering. A pause. A brief silence. Luttrell. Burning. Then. SEAL TOC BAGRAM. Communicating as they start to get closer. Drinking coffee. A half dozen SEALs gathered in the TOC. LUTTRELL This is bad. Murphy. Back tight on four SEALs. Clear tension in the TOC. Tight on Each SEAL. LUTTRELL You’re good Danny. Hold this for a couple of beats. trying to recover..75.. MOUNTAIN . Luttrell stares at Dietz. 49 INT. LUTTRELL How you feeling Danny? DIETZ Shot me up pretty good bro. 50 COMMS GUY 49 . Axe. Luttrell packing dirt into Danny’s gun shot wounds. Trying to compose themselves. Kristensen picks up phone. Correct. Sucking air. Kristensen letting CO know that he’s missed two windows of contact with Spartan 01. Kristensen watching clock. KRISTENSEN That’s the second window. Luttrell looks over to Dietz. Still silent. 50 EXT.. counting mags and grenades. Dials the large force special opps TOC (Base control) Intercut with Kristensen and CO of JOC. Sounds of the Taliban yelling.

76. AXE Shhhhhh. Searching for the SEALs. The Taliban has lost them. Trying to stay as quiet as possible. Mike? MURPHY You got to be quiet Danny. 50B SEALs HIDING IN ROCK QUARRY Dead quiet. Signals to his men. Silence. Trying to plug the blood flow. Danny blurts out. Murphy literally balling up dirt and jamming it into his guts. tense. LUTTRELL (CONT’D) Pack ‘em with dirt. Everyone whispering. LUTTRELL (CONT’D) You’re okay. They start moving in on the SEALs 50D SEALs IN THE ROCK QUARRY: Axe slowly removing his hand from Danny’s mouth. DIETZ 50D 50C 50B 50A . 50C CLIFF ABOVE ROCK QUARRY Taraq reacts to the sound of Danny’s voice. Hands around his mouth. Tight. 50A CLIFF ABOVE ROCK QUARRY With Taraq and his men as they move through the mountain. Loud voice. Looks back to Murphy. Alert. Luttrell moves Axe checking his wounds. Danny Shhhhhh. DIETZ How’d they get on us so fast Mikey? Murphy and Axe on him. Danny looking up wide eyed at Murphy. The SEALs wait.

Above them silhouetted Taliban fighters. I was talking to my mom. . MURPHY They might be. Don’t get it. DIETZ Faster than we are. Another 80 ft. 50E EXT. LUTTRELL We got to move Mike. 2ND CLIFF 50E MURPHY The only option for movement is down. Murphy starring down the cliff. DIETZ Mike how did they get on us so fast? MURPHY Don’t know. Incoming rounds. The team once again surrounded. I just can’t get over how fast they are.77. Luttrell looks to Murphy. Taliban voices growing louder. DIETZ (whispering) I know. Yea. DIETZ So much fucking red man. Dietz is starting to lose it. drop. DIETZ Got on us pretty fast. she didn’t say anything about it. The rocks above Axelson start to shear. Really vivid reds. Matty you see them? AXE I didn’t see until you did Danny.

you good? 52 53 51 . I don’t know what this is. ROCK QUARRY HIDE Murphy looks to Marcus. trees.. fighters on both sides. Blood oozing from the back of his head. 51 EXT. Smelling blood. MURPHY Marcus. how shot up are you? Axe looking down at himself. AXE Hoo-yah to that Murph. Slow mo as they move fast through.. The Taliban fighters. in front of them the ravine hiding the SEALs. MURPHY Axe. Sharp Granite. Axe looks downhill. and a brutal pitch. Behind his right ear. AXE I think three times. Inventorying his bullet wounds. Rage and hatred filled eyes. MURPHY Are you good to move? AXE Move where? MURPHY We’re going down. CLIFF ABOVE ROCK QUARRY Over the back of Taraq. 52 53 OMIT EXT.78. I’m hit three. picking up speed. Guns up. Tight on Taraq. AXE’s POV Another massive drop. like Apache warriors.

ready to jump when: Taraq FIRES. I got him. All AK’s blasting. MURPHY Go! Go! Go! Move! Murphy pulling off the clip of a FRAG GRENADE. Marcus digs his back foot into the loose slate. Danny? Incoming rounds starting to pick up intensity. Turning towards the cliff. He turns to fire a last burst at Taraq. Luttrell screams in pain spinning. Danny clicking back into a primal warrior mode. Leaps. Marcus reaching for Danny pulling him down back into cover. Luttrell hoists Dietz up and over his shoulder. Murphy looks over the rock hide. Killing two Taliban. Murphy turns. MURPHY’S POV. The grenade DETONATES. dropping Danny. LUTTRELL Yes sir. Hurls it at the charging Taliban as: 53A Axe leaps off the cliff. Bullet passes through Danny’s neck tearing through the side of Luttrell’s neck. Shah continues to charge. 53A LUTTRELL MURPHY . Up on his knees firing back. Danny shot through the neck.79. The granite starting to vaporize all around them. Taraq with six fighters charging out of the tree line.

Takes one of Danny’s Grenades. Turns and looks down the cliff. DANNY DIETZ On his back. Reaches back down. Danny falling onto the rock. Anything to slow his fall. Murph twenty feet away with Axe below him. Luttrell tries grabbing for dirt. 53F His grenade comes in short. Another brutal fall. Taraq and his fighters move in. Blowing rock chunks and dirt over the three SEALs. He slams through trees snapping thick branches. More Taliban clearing the tree line behind them. Taraq looks down at Dietz’s body. 53F DOWNHILL. LUTTRELL and DIETZ separate. . tree. picks up Dietz’s M4. Hurls it down hill in the direction of the three remaining SEALs. 53B ON LUTTRELL FALLING. brush line below. M4 by his side. 53C UP TOP. Bouncing off rock. or rock. MURPHY (CONT’D) Where’s Danny? 53E CLIFF ABOVE ROCK QUARRY 53E Taraq pulls the pin on Dietz’s grenade. Looks it over.80. Taraq reaches down. Luttrell disappears into the lower tree. 53D 53C 53B Luttrell on his side struggling to get to his knees. Luttrell falling backwards off the cliff. 53D DOWNHILL. SMASHING BACKWARDS DOWN THE CLIFF.

What? MURPHY We got to get him. Noise is deafening. BAGRAM TOC Tight on the watch clock. All talking over each other. Comms guy in the back of the room keys his radio mic. Where? LUTTRELL His fucking head blew off? MURPHY AXE 55 54 . MURPHY How do you know he’s dead? LUTTRELL Danny’s dead. do you copy? Spartan 01 do you copy? Radio Silence. RPG’s. Tapping his fingers on the table. MURPHY We got to get him. ZULU time. AXE Where’s Danny? I can’t see him. 55 EXT. this is Anvil 1. MURPHY (CONT’D) Where the fuck is Danny? 54 INT. COMMS GUY Spartan 01. The three guys trying to communicate. KRISTENSEN Try them again. Kristensen staring at it. More grenades. BELOW ROCK QUARRY CLIFF Luttrell looking over to Murphy.81.

Take them on the flat ground. Take the flank right. See if we can get back up there. AXE We got to get down. AXE Where is he? Up on top. AXE We got to get down now. AXE Do you have Danny? LUTTRELL In my fucking arms.82. More explosions. MURPHY Do you know where he is? AXE MOVES CLOSER. AXE We got to get him. LUTTRELL We’ll get Danny. AXE Where is he hit? LUTTRELL In the head. Deafening EXPLOSIONS. LUTTRELL MURPHY . Get him down with us. MURPHY Let’s move right. LUTTRELL We got to get up there and get him. AXE Is Danny hit? Yes. Get off this hill.

55B AXE I think we can take them on the flat ground. DANNY’S POSITION (CLIFF ABOVE QUARRY) 56 MURPHY 55B He’s not dead. One grenade. Ordering his men down the sides of the cliff. MURPHY Fifty rounds. Staring up at Taraq through blood soaked eyes. How much ammo do we have. AXE I got seventy rounds. broken. 55A CLIFF ABOVE ROCK QUARRY 55A Taraq now with twenty fighters. Throwing grenades. Firing down hill. Guys checking magazines. Drops it.. The three SEALs. Five Grenades. Three grenades.His right hand fumbling for his flip knife in his front pocket. MURPHY Let’s suck it up that fucking hill. LUTTRELL Roger that. Defiant. Taraq just stares at Danny’s broken mangled fingers trying to open his knife. Taraq and his men staring over him as he struggles back to his knees. Move. . Close.83. Shah. dying. LUTTRELL Let’s move. AXE Roger that. guns up. Danny refusing to go gently.. 56 EXT. firing up hill. LUTTRELL I got three full mags. As they attempt to get back up to Danny.

A torrent of incoming gunfire blocking his advances. TIGHT WITH MURPHY. Taraq slowly lifts his foot. clawing uphill mountain scramble. Blood stained. Axe staying below. pushes against Dietz’s chest. Two men. He is desperate to find a way back up the hill. staring up at Taraq. Dietz slowly raises his blood soaked right hand up to Taraq. One shoots while the other moves fast to a higher covering rock. A leader desperately trying to make his way straight into the teeth of the enemy to recover one of his men. Tight on their hands. The incoming fire has him pinned against a rock. eyes.. inch by inch back up this brutal rock mountain. This is a desperate. They start moving and covering for each other. shooting up at Shah’s soldiers as they move down the right side of the Mountain. feet. Luttrell and Axe trying to lay down cover fire. Clawing his way into the left side of the descending Taliban flank. Peering around each side of the giant boulder. The “Tile” samples page has fallen out of his pocket. Even the Taliban are having a slow go of it on account of the radical pitch. Danny looks down past his knife. Danny stares at the paper. Firing up the hill. HITS two TALIBAN as they move down the hill towards Murphy and Luttrell. 56A BELOW ROCK QUARRY CLIFF 56A Murphy is out in front. blood and tears as they crawl their way. Tight on Dietz dying. Luttrell twenty feet to his right trying to do the same.84. . TWENTY FEET to his left Murphy is doing the same. ON LUTTRELL. like animals brutally determined to reclaim their fallen brother. Pushes him back down flat on his back. sweat.

His gun shots. MURPHY We’re gonna get him. Bullets exploding all around them. Can’t make the call. Taliban all around them. Axe. LUTTRELL We’re gonna die if we don’t get off this mountain. Murphy studies the terrain. Yea.85. MURPHY MURPHY MURPHY . He’s got no line of sight. I know. Covering them. A jagged rock peak sticking out in the clear about fifty feet to his left. Down hill fighting. LUTTRELL We got to get down. LUTTRELL We can’t get him Mikey. MURPHY and LUTTRELL side by side. Tight on Murphy taking in the entire situation. MURPHY There’s just so fucking many of them. Murphy’s got SAT phone out again trying to get a signal. LUTTRELL I don’t know Mikey. MURPHY We can get him. LUTTRELL I don’t think we can get him. Fuck. They are able to ascend about thirty feet before they run out of cover. LUTTRELL Got to get to flat ground.

LUTTRELL That we haven’t killed more of ‘em. hands them to Luttrell. has three remaining mags. Desperately trying to keep the Taliban from getting at Luttrell and Murphy. Murphy’s fixated on the exposed rock area fifty feet above him. Murphy. Luttrell slides them into his vest. then back at Murphy. MURPHY Marcus. MURPHY For what bro? Marcus takes a beat. Luttrell gets what Murphy is saying. LUTTRELL Good luck on that one brother. they’re coming straight above you and to your right. LUTTRELL Roger that. LUTTRELL I’m sorry Mike. MURPHY I’m gonna get this call out. MURPHY (CONT’D) I’m gonna make the call. Murphy digs into his pack. Marcus looks past Murphy to the clear rock face above him. . MURPHY (CONT'D) I’m gonna get us some help Marcus. look at me. what he’s about to do.86. Murphy checks his M4. MURPHY Oh we’re gonna kill more of them. Luttrell turns locks eyes with Murphy. Bet on that Marcus. SAT phone in hand. He looks down hill to Axe. looks below to Marcus. M4 in his right. looks away. We’re gonna kill a lot more of them. AXE Mike. SAT phone in his left hand.

57 INT. hitting send on the SAT phone. Legs. Then. Never. stares at it. picks it up. He turns to Marcus. Murphy makes it to the clearing. Can I have your ten digit grid. guts. We need immediate air support. Spartan 01. immediate air support. the SAT connection locks in. 57 . taking repeated rounds. pushes up and simply stands. I need your ten digit grid. tears in both of their eyes. sitting by the communications equipment.87. TOC . LUTTRELL Murphy turns.J-BAD In the TOC a SAT phone rings. He starts running uphill to the exposed rock. MURPHY (vo on phone) We are headed down the ravine toward the Chichakel village. Murphy sits on a rock oblivious to the incoming rounds. HASSLERT Roger that. Hasslert freezes for a microsecond. MURPHY (vo on phone) We need help now! Need immediate CAS. MURPHY Never out of the fight Marcus. Hasslert. MURPHY’S CLEAR ROCK FACE. Completely exposed. HASSLERT Roger Murphy. arms. HASSLERT J-Bad TOC -ON THE MOUNTAIN. MURPHY Sir this is Lieutenant Mike Murphy. Luttrell and Axe lay down cover as Murph charges up the hill. Hasslert hears gunfire and Murphy impaired breathing.

as a final shot slams through the front of Murphy’s face blowing him backwards.reading the call for help. Let’s really move! 58 EXT. “micro chat”. I think we need the QRF. screaming in pain. running down both Taraq and his soldiers move in... Murphy slams his final magazine. He turns faces up hill as two bullets rip into his chest. completely flipping him head over heels landing on his face. SAT phone dead. eyes wide.. multiple gun shots keeps firing. HASSLERT Jesus. Tight on Screen. Sir. MOUNTAIN . Thank you. ‘Troops in Contact’ ‘Murphy in Trouble’. Luttrell falls back to Axe as Murphy. Tight on Erik Kristensen. one last full auto burst. As he types TIC! Troops in contact! HASSLERT Murphy can you get me the grids? MURPHY Please hurry. He keeps firing. hits three Taliban. Murphy falls to his knees. In the TOC men start looking over as Hasslert types in the call for help. Murphy raises his M4. It’s a suicide march. Hasslert immediately on his computer firing on the secure intercut comms link.MURPHY’S CLEARING 58 Back to Murphy.. KRISTENSEN Let’s move guys. .. Murphy starts moving up hill firing into the Taliban mass. blood pouring through his NYFD patch. He grabs the phone. Tight on the computer screen..

Eyes still open Murphy’s last vision is his Iridium SAT phone. when HASSLERT sprints across the runway. J-BAD RUNWAY 61 60 The Blackhawk about to take off. 58A EXT. KRISTENSEN I said let’s move! Track with Kristensen on the Chinook up to the pilot. It's clearly all hands on deck as the helicopters are packed with SEALs armed to the teeth. sprinting to the Blackhawks. charging for a Blackhawk. The nightstalker pilot and Kristensen frantically confirming location waypoint of where they think the recon team should logically be. NO GO! 61A EXT. 59 EXT. eyes locked on Blackhawk pilot screaming. 61A . BAGRAM AIRBASE 59 Tracking with Erik Kristensen. 60 INT. Dan Healy. charging to the lead Blackhawk. Pete Musslemen stuffing magazines into his vest. J-BAD AIRBASE 58A Marines and SEALs scramble collecting weapons. NO GO.89. 47'S Nightstalker pilots and flight crew working feverishly to fire up the powerful Chinook engines. firing engines. Track with Navy SEALs. Air Force pilots climbing into the Blackhawk. 61 EXT. Pete Musslemen heads out. CUT WIDE: As the two Chinooks loaded with SEALs lift. He can die knowing that he was able to make the call. LEAD BLACKHAWK Door flying open. James Suh as SEALs charge towards waiting 47’s. shaking his head. HASSLERT NO GO.

MUSSLEMEN Where the fuck are the Apaches? HASSLERT We are trying to figure that out. Blackhawks can’t go in without air cover. Everyone silent and intense. 64 EXT.90. MUSSLEMEN Where are the fucking Apaches?!! CUT TO: 62 63 OMIT INT. J-BAD AIRSTRIP Musslemen out of his Blackhawk in the face of Hasslert 64 . Kristensen is up with the Nightstalker pilot. almost overflowing with SEALs. the men check weapons. In the back of the chopper. packed. MUSSLEMEN What are you fucking talking about? HASSLERT You’re grounded. you have no Apache support. HASSLERT You’re grounded. CHINOOK 47 62 63 Kristensen’s lead 47. MUSSLEMEN What’s the fucking problem? Hasslert charging toward Musslemen. The Airforce Nightstalker pilots checking their 50 caliber side guns. Musslemen looking around realizing the Apaches are not there.

MUSSLEMEN (screaming) Where are they? HASSLERT They’re coming back. MUSSLEMEN Are you fucking kidding me? SLAM CUT: 65 EXT. AXE (CONT’D) Where’s Mike? Up top. taking heavy. An eerie silence coming over the hill. . Marcus digs in side by side with Axe. look like hell. Both men shot up.91. Just random Taliban voices. heavy fire. AXE Where’s Murphy? Luttrell doesn’t answer. ROCKS BENEATH 2ND CLIFF 65 Marcus scrambling back with Axe. jammed behind rocks. Calm. The incoming gunfire stopping. When? MUSSLEMEN HASSLERT On their way now! MUSSLEMEN When will they fucking be here? HASSLERT 15 minutes. Distant. LUTTRELL AXE Where up fucking top? LUTTRELL He’s getting the QRF.

Kristensen standing over it. AXE Where exactly is Mikey? LUTTRELL I don’t know.. He looks ready to jump right now. More tears pouring down Axe and Luttrell’s faces. AFGHAN SKIES 66 The two Chinook 47’s. MUSSLEMEN (radio) The Apaches were pulled.we got to get off this hill Axe. AXE What the fuck is going on? LUTTRELL I don’t know.. back up to the following 47. AXE Did he make the call? LUTTRELL I don’t know. Kristensen looks down at the steep mountains.. LUTTRELL (CONT’D) We gotta get down. KRISTENSEN (on radio) What’s the problem? INTERCUT with Musslemen on the grounded Blackhawk in J-Bad. Back ramp open. hauling ass.92. KRISTENSEN (radio) Why? . AXE Do you think he made the call? Axe and Marcus staring into each other. 66 EXT.

KRISTENSEN What’s our fucking ETA? PILOT 15 minutes. PILOT Roger that. KRISTENSEN What’s the deal with the Apaches? The Blackhawks are grounded at JBad. Blackhawks need the air support. Plugs into the 47 comms.93. KRISTENSEN What the fuck is the problem? PILOT Not enough air assets in theatre. KRISTENSEN Where are the Apaches? PILOT 25 minutes. KRISTENSEN (radio) Where are they? MUSSLEMEN They’re saying 10 minutes out. KRISTENSEN Can you put us down without the Apaches? . PILOT Roger that. KRISTENSEN They should have boots on ground right the fuck now. MUSSLEMEN (radio) Some army troops in contact. Kristensen moving up to the pilots of his 47. that’s the fucking problem.

. Hellfire missile arrays and 40 mm front mounted getting guns.looks to Kristensen. Tearing over the airfield. Still a couple of hundred feet above the village. 67 EXT. 67B 68 OMIT EXT. falls. taking the lead. 67A UP MOUNTAIN: Taraq tracking them. HINDU KUSH SKY The two 47’s. The 2nd 47 flies past Kristensen. KRISTENSEN Will you put us down? Pilot pauses. J-BAD AIRBASE 69 67A Shah. . falling 10-20 ft. 67B 68 The two Apaches show up. Thank you. ON GROUND KRISTENSEN 67 Luttrell and Axe trying to quietly climb their way down the mountain. They are climbing. PILOT We’ll do whatever we have to do to get you with your men..94. Kristensen’s 47 will be 1st to hover. PILOTS (misc comms) 1st 47 will fly over LZ make sure it’s clear. PILOT Not supposed to. higher up communicating on radio. 69 EXT.

He’s following blood drops. AXE It’s funny man. I thought it would feel worse you know. LUTTRELL LUTTRELL 70A 70 . blood slow running from his head shot down the back of the neck. Tight on a blood soaked dog tag: “Danny Dietz” We move across the faces of several of these Afghan warriors They feel more like Comanche Indians than anything else. Closing in. 100 ft. max. away. AXE Did they really shoot me in the head? Yea buddy. His worn sandaled feet slowly stepping down the mountain. On Luttrell .95. ON MOUNTAIN Tracking tight with Taraq. A moment of silence.. 70 EXT. Tight on beaded stone necklace with seven American Dog Tags hanging from it like human scalps. The Blackhawks finally take off following the Apaches. looking back up. Fierce and focused. LUTTRELL Come here Axe.. Let me see you. 70A FURTHER DOWN: 3RD CLIFF EDGE ABOVE VILLAGE Luttrell and Axe at a major cliff edge. whispering to Axe.hearing Taraq and his men. We pull wide and see just how close Taraq now is to Luttrell and Axe. Yea. they hunt Americans.guns pointed up mountain. Axe touches the wound. guns up. Axe nods.

Real good. Marcus? AXE (CONT’D) LUTTRELL We’re real good Axe. LUTTRELL AXE We’re fucking good right? Axe stares at Luttrell.96. LUTTRELL . LUTTRELL Coming strong man. AXE They’re coming. AXE Mikey and Danny are really dead right? Yea. She knows. AXE Mikey made the call right? LUTTRELL Fuck yea he did. Mikey made the call. LUTTRELL AXE Are we dead? Negative. AXE If I fucking die you make sure Cindy knows how much I love her. AXE Good. Axe. That’s good. We just got to stay alive for fifteen minutes max. Marcus looks at his dying friend. LUTTRELL I don’t want em to get us with an RPG.

LUTTRELL (CONT’D) With the dead black tree? AXE Yea I can do that. LUTTRELL (CONT’D) Can you get to that rock over there? Axe looks behind him. . Luttrell to his right. A nod from Axe and the two men split up. LUTTRELL Stay quiet. Deep breathing. LUTTRELL We ain’t dying Axe.97. I’m gonna move right. With a fucking full heart. Grinding it out. AXE I’ll do it. spots half a dozen Taliban on him. LUTTRELL You get there. Cover each other. Shot up. AXE You tell her I died with my brothers. Stay strong Axe. LUTTRELL The same. Turning. Axe pushes deeper into the woods. Staying low. AXE Did Mikey make the call? LUTTRELL Fifteen minutes brother. Gun fire erupts around him. A hunted animal running out of options. Tough. Grunting as he crosses the mountain. Axe moves to his left. Tight on Axe. Moving quiet in the other direction. Blood pouring from head wound.

71 INT. dead quiet.98.Taraq like a hunting dog.. This is all very silent. desperately trying to stay quiet. Looks clear. A mini avalanche. Axe is fighting. LUTTRELL (CONT’D) And they open fire again. on that pebble picking up momentum. guns blazing. LEAD 47 73 72 Too high to see the gunfight down below the pilot is focusing on the landing area on top of the mountain. Men behind rocks.. hitting smaller pebbles. hearing its noise.. over the top of the mountain. Looking down at the small rock slide. the hunted. Shot up but recharged by the 47.trying to move towards a large rock. LEAD 47 PILOT (on radio) Looks good.. bullets firing all around Luttrell. . Tense. He does a 1st fly by over the top. both Luttrell and Axe return fire. Shit..grenades and RPG’s at close quarters.. dislodging more little rocks... LUTTRELL Keep fighting Axe.. Tight on Luttrell.. hitting a bigger rock. 72 ON LUTTRELL: MOUNTAIN ABOVE VILLAGE Mid gunfight he looks up as that big 47 flies up high over them.. Looks quiet. His right foot digging in for traction... LEAD 47 .. dislodges a small pebble. On Luttrell . Luttrell and Axe.AIRBORNE 71 Over the head of the lead pilot as he comes flying up towards the mountain. On Axe and Luttrell spotting the QRF. This is much closer gun fighting. 73 INT.

The TF 160 gunners alert. You good? KRISTENSEN (CONT’D) SHANE PATTON Couldn’t be more good. fast rope out. Machine guns. literally into the 47. . scanning behind their 50 Cal. he’s on his feet moving towards the open door. Then terrifying sights of incoming ordinance. The second 47 pulls up over the LZ.. you’re first move! Shane Patton.99. can’t help but grin. high hover.. Ramp down. lead by Kristensen. The 47 pulls up. up ready to fast rope out. 80 ft. KRISTENSEN Let’s do this. Patton.. SHANE PATTON Kristensen has one foot out of the chopper when.. Movement on the ground. 50 Cal gunner catches the reflection of something metallic. KRISTENSEN Glorious opportunity here.. Mr. drop. Tight on Kristensen His hands around the fast rope. Patton. Yes sir.. RPG! 50 CAL GUNNER Tight on Kristensen and Patton looking down as the RPG round flies into the chopper right past them. a small detonation from the ground. The SEALs. 2ND 47 PILOT Roger that we’re good to drop... massive buzz saws the chopper turns and burns.99A. tilting. A MOMENT OF SILENCE. rotor blades immediately tearing into treetops then thick tree trunks . 74 .. The Chinook explodes. 74 EXT. Ripping apart.

Trying to get up. Rocks and trees churn.100. His Helmet tears off his head. 47 . Massive fire power blasting out from the choppers.peering up at the explosion. Falling backwards. 76 MOUNTAIN ABOVE VILLAGE . Trying to cover Axe as the Taliban move in on him. Marcus watching helpless from across the mountain. SEAL LT. Not all of them have followed Axe because as Marcus turns back an RPG blows ten feet in front of him. Axe starts taking heavy fire. 74A Luttrell watches wide-eyed as his teammates smash and burn.LATE DAY 76 Marcus looking cross mountain at Axe who has managed to transverse one hundred feet of the mountain and is leading a small pack of Shah’s men away from Luttrell. AXE DYING. DOWN RANGE: 74A ON LUTTRELL .AIRBORNE Argument breaking out between SEAL Lt. 74B ON THE FIRST 47: 74B Banks hard as the Taliban fire more RPG’s and small arms fire up at it75 INT. 75 As the SEALs on the chopper start breaking out the windows firing their M-4’s out the window. bodies break and burn and die as the big Chinook 47 rips apart exploding and tumbling down the mountain. Back to his weapon. . Shot twice through the throat. Shrapnel and rock smashing into the side of his head. Airforce gunmen open up the 50 cals. Now! SEAL LT. and Airforce Pilot. You got to put us down now! PILOT No fucking way.

PILOT 76A 77 SEAL LT. Marcus is deaf. repeat a downed 47. has to be restrained. Triple vision.101. MARCUS POV. Negative. SEAL LT. . 76A 77 OMIT INT. He comes to a hard stop slamming the back of his exposed head into a rock. Distorted visuals. Very confused. Tight on his helmet. Everyone screaming at each other. He stares up at this apoplectic mountain in dazed wonder. Rolling and smashing down the mountain. Close to unconscious. physically pulled back by two SEALs.AIRBORNE The SEAL Lt. Falling. Open the goddamned ramp. CO PILOT We have a downed 47. Texas flag painted bold across it. Open the ramp. The Lt. Co-Pilot on radio putting out distress signal calling in the downed 47 to Bagram. 47 . Tumbling further down the mountain. Very dazed. screaming at the Airforce Pilot. Tight on Marcus. Tight on Marcus rolling backwards. No sound except emerging high pitched ringing.

Picking his way down hill. Choppers filling with Delta.102. Aircraft taking off. Not just SEALs. Marines. Navy. everybodyArmy.CJSOTF This is the big command center. DEV Group. hearing utterly fucked. Shots of a massive response mobilization. BAGRAM .getting closer to the village. BLACKHAWK QRF .AIRBORNE 81 80 80A 79 78 The two Apaches pulling ahead of the Blackhawks. 79 EXT.. 78 INT. LOWER MOUNTAIN Marcus. 81 EXT. CUT TO: 80 80A OMIT EXT.. AWACS. AIRBORNE 47 The chopper slow banking a mile off the crash sight. 82A OMIT 82A 82 . APACHES Pilots star warred up. C-130s.. Flying straight at the burning mountain top. Airforce. F18 fighter jets vectoring towards downed chopper. 82 INT. Passing the 47. Green Berets.

Struggling to silence his hysterical breathing. This time not so lucky with his landing. Tight on Luttrell. Luttrell well hidden. Luttrell sees shadows of the fighters. We play all of Luttrell’s audio perspective here as deaf. We slowly push in on him as his head starts to nod forward. Disappearing over mountain tops as they keep moving to avoid enemy ground fire. He silently starts covering himself with rocks and dirt. Abstract surges of sound. Fighting the powerful urge for sleep. He lifts it. FADE TO BLACK. bone tears through his skin. he attempts to clear his head.103. Breathing slower. Head back. As Luttrell falls to sleep. off balance stumbles off a 30 ft drop. Has no idea how close they are. 83 83A OMIT ON THE MOUNTAIN: Taraq and his men hear the incoming Apaches. Shah orders his men to take cover. Searching rock to rock. shatters his right shin. Leaning his head back against the crevasse wall. Screaming in pain. . As he falls. Luttrell hides as Taraq and his men move all around him. The Taliban quickly becoming invisible from the sky. Missing Luttrell. gets up. The Apaches fly high over head. He lifts it. Taraq and his men back on the hunt. compound fracture. Luttrell crawls into a rock crevasse. Hiding. comes down hard. It falls again. 83B DOWN HILL: 83B 83 83A Marcus deaf to the incoming Apaches. He’s basically deaf.

No food. Looks DEAD. Starts massaging his dead legs. Luttrell packs the puncture wound with dirt. Bleeding has stopped from his gunshot. Sort of. Growing louder. Probing the bone. LUTTRELL wakes up. Examining his leg. He hears it. His hearing has partially returned. SLOWLY OPEN. STUNNING SUNRISE. Forcing blood back into them. 84 INT.104. Luttrell sits down. SILENT. his weapons. Tucking back the bone. two grenades. Disoriented. Tears welling he bites down on his lips as he resets the broken bone. 84 A84 . A84 OVER BLACK The faint singing of morning birds. Jamming it back inside his skin. Rips off his pants exposing his broken leg in UA shorts. First thing he notices is the bird sitting up on a rock above him. Inventories himself. No water. Loud then silent. SLOW FADE UP. Faded. WIDE Looking out at entire Hindu Kush Mountain range as the sun slowly rises behind the tallest peak. EYES TWITCH. Shin bone busting out. Two magazines. Leg is fucked up. LUTTRELL very slowly clears himself from the dirt and rock hide. Deep powerful breathing as he starts to will his body back into life. LUTTRELL’S HIDE TIGHT ON MARCUS.

105. He’s got the kids in his scope. The older teenage goat herder’s face fills his scope. LUTTRELL’S HIDE 85 Luttrell slowly moves out of the hide scanning the area for any sign of Taraq or Shah. Dead to rights. cracked bone dry lips as he stares through his scope at the water. The village is close. The two goat boys moving through the village. Women light fires. Stares down at the village through his M4 scope. Buckets of water. Couple of hundred yards. Then more voices. LUTTRELL’s POV. LUTTRELL’S POV Early morning. Luttrell pans right. LUTTRELL moves out. Luttrell’s finger on the trigger. At fifty yards Luttrell pulls up. TALIBAN Five men.. 85 EXT. Slowly picking his way down towards the village.. Tight on Luttrell’s blistered. Tight on Luttrell. We can feel his desperate thirst. . LUTTRELL (whispering) Motherfuckers. Takes cover behind some rocks. Then voices pull his scope left. Luttrell sees nothing. Armed. He stares at the water.

Passing the boys. The recovery of the dead chopper team and speculation over the fate of the four man recon team. His finger slowly off the trigger. 5 MILES BELOW: 87B OMIT 87B . He starts to put distance between himself and the village. Luttrell lowers his weapon. A faint dirt trail below him leading away from the village. TRACKING with Luttrell. ARMY INTEL GUY (CONT’D) Axelson and Luttrell still unaccounted for. Slowly and silently Luttrell moves out towards that trail. BAGRAM . Looks to his left. Slow going. Tight on Marcus. 86 INT. ARMY INTEL GUY We can confirm that there are no survivors from the 47 and we think we have recovered the bodies of Murphy and Dietz. 87 87A OMIT 87 86 Unarmed predator drones circling the area.106. LUTTRELL’S POV. Army Captains stare in furious silence. Away from the village. As Special Ops 87A move in and secure the area around the downed chopper.CJSOTF The main control center. Moving through the village.

88 88A 89 OMIT OMIT OMIT 88 88A 89 .107.

Falling. large and powerful. Male. On his hands and knees. crawling. He falls.. A desperate search for water. getting up. A WOLF. Lifts his head. Luttrell studies the wolf. Stops.108. Hears something. The wolf studies Luttrell.. 89A 90 OMIT EXT. Tracking with Luttrell. WOODS Luttrell hobbles and falls and crawls through the woods. He’s running out of gas. Refusing to stop. Falling. 89A 90 90A 90B OMIT In the WOODS. 90A 90B . Looks off to his left. head down.grinding it out.

falling. waterfall. pouring into a beautiful clear pool of crystal clear fresh water. Eyes closed. His coat seems wet. LUTTRELL drinks. Slurping like a broken animal.109. And drinks... TIGHT on LUTTRELL. Luttrell tries to slide down the steep cliff sides of the water pool. SURFACES. Luttrell moves to 20 ft.. Too excited. Water drips off the side of the Wolf’s face. Finally comes up. Swims to the shore on his hands and knees. .. Like a baptism as the cool water surrounds him. Luttrell cuts through the water. TRACK with Luttrell towards the sound of the water. Luttrell stays under water. Luttrell turns. Luttrell slips. LUTTRELL’S POV: Three Afghan men. Studies the wolf closely. Listens. moving too fast.. One man we recognize as Gulab. HEARS the SOUND of falling water. Shoving the plants into his mouth. Slowly looks up. Desperate for any kind of energy. No menace just mutual curiosity. UNDERWATER. Senses something. Feeling it. Grabbing for hunks of water plants. Slowly freezes. He falls fast into the water. tumbling. Luttrell picks himself up. Luttrell eats.

GULAB Not Taliban. Staring down at this broken SEAL. Voices heard from deeper into the woods. I will kill us all. NOT Taraq’s crew. Finally one of the Afghans. steps forward. A moment of silence. You understand? I don’t care. GULAB (CONT’D) LUTTRELL . Hands up in peace. One holds a machete. Stay back. Looks deep into his eyes. Holds the armed grenade. The Afghan men appear non pulsed. Nothing like the death looks we have seen from the Taliban. Gulab slowly stepping to and reaching for Luttrell. One of Gulab’s men says something quiet to Gulab. A 30 year old male GULAB. Luttrell looks from Gulab to the other Afghan men. Luttrell reaches for a grenade. Luttrell holds up his grenade.110. A young Afghan boy. Luttrell studies Gulab. Then. Pulls the pin. Taraq and his crew getting closer. strong rugged handsome. LUTTRELL (CONT’D) I don’t care. Three different men. The men just stare with curiosity. Luttrell stares back at these men. Come. the leader. Their faces seem kind.

At Gulab and his three men.. A young boy sitting on a rock. . Tight on two hands grabbing each other.. voices of Taraq and his men suddenly much closer. A young Afghan boy sits on top of Luttrell hiding him further. A stare off as the armed Taliban look down at the unarmed Gulab and his Villagers. out of the stream. Gulab whispers something to one of his men. YOUNG BOY (whispering) Shuuuu. TARAQ Aya Tasey da kandish khalgh rekhteney musalmanan yastey ao da sahee fikrono khawandan ye? GULAB Aw baley zamaa rora. clutching his grenade. TARAQ Da kom kali yee? GULAB Pa khair zma wrora. Armed grenade in one hand. trying to calm him.. Luttrell slowly reaches his right bleeding hand out. TARAQ (not particularly friendly) From what Village are you? GULAB Peace be with you my brother we are from Kandish.shuuuuu As Taraq with three Taliban fighters crest the cliff looking down at the pond... TARAQ And are you in Kandish true believers and correct in your thinking? GULAB We are my brother. Gulab reaches his hand out to Luttrell. mong da Kandish you. Luttrell is quickly pushed down into a crevasse between two rocks.111. The young boy gently patting Luttrell’s back. Luttrell looks deep into Gulab’s eyes. Luttrell eyes wide. As they pull him up.

Taraq studies Gulab on more beat. TARAQ’s POV Luttrell’s blood on his right hand. A drop drips into the water. TARAQ Is something wrong with your hand? TARAQ Aya sta lass Khog dey? TARAQ Aya ta ya sta wronoo americayan garzedal de largo taraf ta da Amrecayano ledely? GULAB Tasey yawazaney khalk ye che mong waledaley. GULAB GULAB Dosta. Mong ta malomat rakey ao ka na mong ba staso sarona ghos kro. Tell us or we will take your heads. GULAB I understand. Doesn’t look at the blood. Taraq studies Gulab. TARAQ And have you or any of your brothers seen the Americans moving through these woods? GULAB You are the only people we have seen. Za pohegam. GULAB And may peace be with you as well my brother. GULAB Allah de ta hum pa aman ke lare. TARAQ Ka taso americayan woledel. TARAQ Zma wrora Allah de pa man ke lara. TARAQ If you see the Americans. Monga tola wraz waney ghosawoo. Gulab holds Taraq’s gaze. In the CREVASSE. Hyperventilating. Looks closely. Zyatara wakht zmong lawsoona weeney kege. . Usually there is much more blood.112. GULAB We have been cutting trees all day my friend. The young boy keeps gently patting his back. Luttrell is freaking out. TARAQ Peace be with you my brother.

112A. Taraq and his men take off. Hold on Gulab and his men a couple of beats. .

Has a conversation with her. Signals that it is clear. the grenade still tight in right hand. 91 INT. GULAB’S VILLAGE 92 Luttrell with Gulab and the Afghans being led into the small village. Men women. The little Afghan boy continues patting Luttrell’s leg for comfort. GULAB We get Americans for you. Marines. children. The young boy by his side points to the woman. SEALs. Pointing to Marcus’s Texas leg. Green Berets. Marcus staring back in equal confusion. 92 EXT. Gulab signals to one man who quickly and silently moves up the little cliff. Luttrell’s POV: The Village. pulling him out of the crevasse. GULAB’S HOUSE Luttrell laid down on a mattress. 93 INT. 93 . Small tracking teams inserted all throughout the area. BAGRAM AIR BASE. animals all staring at this Giant broken American. Gulab quickly moves to a very confused Luttrell. Rangers.113. CJSOTF 91 Frantic activity as rescue teams are tracked. Locking eyes with a 90 year old woman. He’s walking weak with an arm on Gulab’s shoulder. Each assigned to different villages. LUTTRELL Why are you helping me? GULAB No Taliban. An alien entering their world. Tight on a map as we see the KANDISH village. On Luttrell as the Afghans quickly move him into the woods.

Then from outside. a fifty-eightyear-old Afghan mountain man. Gulab takes a knee. asking for assistance. 93A 93B The trekker pockets the note. disappears up into the mountain. GULAB Mehrabani okey zamonga kali perigadey TARAQ Da dey kali khalgo Americayano sara marasta kari da.114. TARAQ This village has supported the Americans. Tight on Gulab. TARAQ We want the American. He looks pissed. GULAB Mong taso sara hes moshkel na ghawaro. Gulab takes the note. Pure humiliation. strong muscle. . Taraq with five men. Identifying himself. GULAB Please leave our village. as he summons his courage and stands tall. Taraq hits him again. eyes blazing back at Taraq. mehrabani/lutfan da dey zaya larr shey. Luttrell scribbles a note. gives it to his father. tears water. then without warning smashes him in the side of the face. heads out of the village. TARAQ Mong Americaye ghawaro. 93A Stay with Luttrell and Gulab. Luttrell looks from Gulab to 93B the little boy. please leave. we know. LUTTRELL Do you know where to find the Americans? GULAB Yes. A pen and note paper are produced. slowly puts pin back in grenade. Looks up. GULAB We want no trouble with you. 93C 93C Taraq studies Gulab a beat. loud voices ARGUING. Track with Gulab outside to the edge of the village. LUTTRELL Pen? Paper? Please. defiant.

Grenade just out of reach. TARAQ Tasey ghalatey kawey. is smashed down to the floor by Taraq. Guns up. Screaming at each other. GULAB 94 Taraq slowly stands. He is too weak. knife out. Eight armed Afghans in a small room. GULAB hagha zama milma day. neck exposed. Arms and legs held down as Taraq gets on top of him. Taraq moves in with the blade.guns up. Screaming and chaos. GULAB He is my guest. Luttrell tries to fight back. GULAB Ta ba zama pa koor ki dey sara ta hes na waye. Taraq freezes. LUTTRELL’S ROOM Luttrell’s room as Taraq and his men come smashing through the door. 94 INT. two armed villagers behind him. TARAQ (CONT’D) What unit are you from? When the door is kicked open. an old man with a shotgun. he is kicked and pounded viscously by Taraq and his men. Luttrell is flipped on his back. .115. TARAQ Then let us take him. Enough. tries to get up. TARAQ You are making a mistake. Gulab AK-47 aimed at Taraq. Luttrell weak. Taso zmong da kali wozey. TARAQ What base are you from? Luttrell’s head held back. From the windows. Out the window he sees five more of Gulab’s villagers . GULAB You will not harm this man in my home. You will leave our village. TARAQ No bya zey che we neso. GULAB bas.

all of them trembling. Taraq’s calling in more men. MOUNTAINS 95 The old men with the note from Luttrell treks hard and fast over the mountains. Aya taso powhegey GULAB Da dey kali na larey osey. Tight shots of Gulab’s villagers. All of you. Feels similar to the SEALs debating the ROE on the mountain top. They stare inches apart. He and his men slowly release Luttrell. turns back. Tight on Gulab trembling trying his best to show no fear. orders his men out. A tense stand off. Do you understand that? GULAB Stay away from this village. farmers with guns.. TARAQ For an American you will all die. da dey pa waja ba tol nareena. TARAQ Mong ba bia razo. 97 EXT. GULAB Bya ba zma tola qabila staey khilaf jange kawe. waiting. WOODS . TARAQ Da yao Americayee da para ba taso toll mrey. 95 EXT. GULAB’S VILLAGE Gulab and three of his tribesmen having a heated conversation.OUTSIDE VILLAGE 96 Taraq on cell phone as he climbs up a small hill overlooking Gulab’s village. TARAQ We will come back. Taraq staring at Gulab. Taraq smiles. children will be slaughtered.. you have declared your side and for this all men. GULAB Then you will fight my entire tribe.116. 97 . Taraq stops. Tasey tol. TARAQ You have all made your choice. argument over Luttrell. khazena aw moshoman mrey. TARAQ Taso tolo khapal fareeq aw khawakha malooma kra. 96 EXT. faces the entire village. women.move out past Gulab.

. Women in packs watch from a distance.116A.

won’t take his eyes off him. Just stares at Luttrell. Luttrell gestures for the boy to come over. Luttrell looks down at his gunshot wounds. Name? Nothing. Knife. The boy looks at Luttrell. 98 INT. Luttrell finds a little piece of wood on the cave floor. Knife. The boy is confused. LUTTRELL Go get knife.117. He looks to the young boy. Come. Makes a cutting move with it. Knife. GULAB’S HOUSE The little boy squatting on floor next to Luttrell. Knife. still seeping blood. LUTTRELL (CONT’D) Come. LITTLE BOY LUTTRELL (CONT’D) LUTTRELL (CONT’D) LUTTRELL (CONT’D) LUTTRELL MARCUS (CONT’D) 98 . MARCUS What’s your name? The boy just stares. picks it up. Hey. An odd staring contest.

LITTLE BOY Not a knife. LITTLE BOY LUTTRELL That’s not a knife. I need a knife. with five more heavily armed Taliban. join Taraq in the woods. LUTTRELL (confused) What is that? The kid silently holds the duck out to Luttrell. Knife. 99 EXT. LUTTRELL I need a knife! Knife! LITTLE BOY LUTTRELL For my leg! LITTLE BOY For my leg! Gulab enters looking down at Luttrell.118. Now ten in total. WOODS .Taraq briefs Shah on situation.OUTSIDE VILLAGE 99 Shah. LUTTRELL (CONT’D) I said knife. GULAB’S HOUSE 100 The little boy has brought back a small live duck. LITTLE BOY That’s a fucking duck. Presents it to Luttrell. . LUTTRELL That’s a fucking duck. 100 INT. LUTTRELL Please. they stare down at Gulab’s village. Brief conversation in Arabic -.

Moves to the back of the house. Sir. HINDU KUSH . Shah gives orders. 101A Luttrell sleeps.NIGHT 101 Under the full moon the trekker moves across a mountain top. Pours water on the wounds. 101A 101B Gulab and his villagers stand watch over their village. COMMANDER Where is he? MARINE KANDISH Village. Gulab staring down at Luttrell. 103 INT. comes back with a large knife. Luttrell passes out. Gruesome bullet removing sequence. Gulab digs with a knife. The town feels locked down like an old western. BAGRAM . COMMANDER 103 . they did a hand writing comparison and its does appear to be Luttrell. The men break into three groups. SUNRISE 102 EXT. His fever burning. 101 EXT.119. Heavily armed. Blood. AKS and RPGS.CJSOTF Secure phone rings. From who? MARINE Marcus Luttrell. The little boy holds Luttrell’s hands and whispers to him. HILLS ABOVE GULAB’S VILLAGE 102 101B Taraq and Shah. Moving out to flank the village. Screaming digging scraping out bullets and shrapnel from Luttrell’s back and legs. Gulab’s villagers still on watch. MARINE We’ve got a report of a letter asking for assistance. Marine answers it. now with fifty men.

AIRBORNE 103A The “HAND OF GOD”. Gulab hands Luttrell a bowl of cooked Lamb. Gunmen settling into fire positions. Trying to slow down. Fist fulls. Choking. Luttrell nods. A small fire. GULAB (arabic) Slow. America? GULAB (CONT’D) MARCUS GULAB 105 . A high altitude attack aircraft capable of striking targets from 25.120. America? Texas. Luttrell struggles to sit up. COCKPIT 104 C-130 pilots getting instructions to move into the Kandish Village area. Trying to show a semblance of control. 103A EXT. Luttrell drinks in massive gulps. COMMANDER Go get him son. Gulab points to the Texas flag on Marcus’s vest. 105 INT. C-130 . GULAB’S HOUSE Luttrell wakes. Gulab takes water bottle from Marcus.000 feet. Gulab hands him water. Luttrell starts inhaling the meat. As he starts choking. GULAB (CONT’D) (arabic) Slow. Gulab and the little boy staring at Luttrell. 104 INT.

Huge explosion. Hand to hand. Tex. Gulab up and out first. Frantic screaming from outside. LUTTRELL More water. The little boy moving to Luttrell helping him up. Gulab hands Marcus the bottle. The little boy laughing at Luttrell’s ravenous thirst. 106 . Gulab and the little boy staring at Marcus. Texas is America. Yes. LITTLE BOY MARCUS LITTLE BOY Luttrell eyes the water bottle. As Luttrell finishes all the meat and drinks all the water. Again he starts drinking in desperate. VILLAGE TARAQ attacks with his men. Please. The Taliban is about to kill Marcus when the little boy calls out to Marcus. Gulab a small smile. Brutal fight. America. LUTTRELL (CONT’D) The two men staring at each other as an incoming RPG slams into the house. Luttrell grabbing his vest and gun moving out just as a 2nd RPG detonates destroying the rest of Gulab’s house.121. 106 EXT. Thank you. Gulab shot. MARCUS Yes. gun on gun. LUTTRELL (CONT’D) I don’t know why your doing this for me. Luttrell struggles to stand. Texas. choking gulps. Texas. Marcus shot again. The little boy and Gulab just stare.

The 40mm firing with extreme precision... 106C HIGHER C-130 gunship starts slow banking. Two American Apaches. Tight on pilots. a stone. digging into earth.. grasping for wood. Taraq turns. Luttrell’s hands clawing at the man. Marcus buries the knife into the neck of the fighter. killing him.a KNIFE. flanking two Blackhawks. Taliban blowing up as if HAND of GOD was attacking... Tight on Gulab. 106D 106C 106B 106A All gunships open fire. Heavy machine gunfire tearing it up.. fingers on triggers. The C130. choking him. Taliban shredded.. Luttrell looks up. Then.. 106A INT.122.. 106D On the ground..starts to run away... THUMP THUMP THUMP Silent.Taraq moving in. gunmen. Staring at Luttrell. anything. A woman charges out grabbing the little boy. Gulab and Marcus pinned down. Luttrell and Shah fall back. gun up. Giant explosions all around Luttrell. Taliban trying to run away. 106B Luttrell looks up behind him. Eye contact with Luttrell as he is carried away. AC-130 We see gunners targeting. the ground around the village erupts. .when. Tight on Luttrell..sights locked in. When off camera. the little boy. he hears something. The Taliban is on top of Luttrell. ammo.. is slapped into Luttrell’s hand. gun up.. Taraq is about to win.. Shredded by the Apaches. Rolling out as the building in front of them detonates... Luttrell looking up at the empty sky.

. LUTTRELL He comes with me. Gulab’s bullet slams into the side of Taraq. They hold each other like life long brothers. Tight on Luttrell. glassed up.. The Airmen reach for Luttrell. Luttrell’s hand is gently separated from Gulab as Green Berets move into the village. 107 INT. to resist. weak eyes open. Both men take a breath.spinning him around as.Taraq falling slow and hard. Dead. CREW CHIEF LUTTRELL CREW CHIEF It’s time to go home. looks back at Gulab. .123.. running towards us full frame as. Air Force Search and Rescue Helicopter airmen charge out of the chopper towards Luttrell. The US Airmen separate Marcus from Gulab.. POV: Both sights. Gulab takes his hand. Luttrell won’t let go of Gulab.. Gulab fires first....Luttrell’s bullet takes his head off. Apaches circling over head as two Blackhawks land behind them. Tight on Luttrell and Gulab. LUTTRELL Glorious Day. On Taraq. CHOPPER Marcus is too weak 107 Luttrell loaded in the chopper. reaches for him.. Gulab steps back as the chopper takes off. Luttrell? Yes sir. Taraq’s head full frame..

LUTTRELL (CONT’D) There is a randomness to life.123A. a rhythm that is beyond my ability to understand. . A luck.

124. there is a part of me that lived. The mighty Hindu Kush... LUTTRELL (CONT’D) But. 108 INT. LUTTRELL (CONT’D) I died up on that mountain. CHOPPPER Flying fast over the Afghan mountains... From flatline to a heartbeat. and I can never forget that no matter how much it hurts. As the sun sets. LUTTRELL(CONT’D) You are never out of the fight. but clear-eyed. I am still alive. Luttrell beaten and broken. because of them. how dark it gets. There’s no question a part of me will forever be up on that mountain dead as my brothers died. Close on heart monitor. LONE SURVIVOR. LUTTRELL Brave men have fought and died building the proud tradition and fear of reputation that I am bound to uphold... 108 ... how far you fall. Because of my brothers. Back to opening. Staring down at the vast epic Afghan mountain range. Doctor’s working franticly to save Luttrell.

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