Syllabus - Grading

2008-2009 SMHS Leadership Peace. Passion. Pride.

Syllabus: Grade
Instructor Mrs. Cowey Catalli Cell Phone 650.465.1444 Direct Line 650.558.2333 Office Room A001 Office Hours before school, tutorial, or lunch (by appointment) e-mail

Evaluations – 90 points (17%) Every six weeks, you will be asked to complete an evaluation worth 30 points. Each evaluation will have questions pertaining to activities and lessons during the preceding six weeks. Evaluations will be graded on thoroughness and effort. Those that are turned in late will receive, at most, 24 points (80%). Binders – 90 points (17%) Every six weeks, your Leadership binder will be collected at random and will be worth 30 points. If you receive fewer than 24 points (80%), you will have the opportunity to correct your mistakes and receive an 80%. Here is the breakdown of the 30 points: Content – 10 points Calendar/Planner – 10 points Organization – 10 Points Your binder should be organized into 5 sections: Section 1: Make it your own! Section 2: Handouts Section 3: Evaluations Section 4: Notes Section 5: Calendar Include documents that are relevant to your position or not applicable to the other sections. Keep the lesson handouts in order at the front of the section. All other handouts can be placed at the back of the section. Keep your weekly handouts in order. These are useful when reviewing your progress or simply verifying your grade. Record the date of each set of notes. Copy the daily agenda and write down important details regarding each topic of discussion. Update your calendar after each meeting. Your fellow schoolmates will look to you for information on school events. All relevant materials should be included. The calendar should be complete with the dates of all events. Information should be easily accessible.

Class Points – 180 Points (33%) You will receive 10 participation points per week, two points a day for having your binder and for being on time and four points per week for your weekly reflection. Job Performance/Participation – 180 Points (33%) You will receive 60 points per grading period. This includes your files, your preparedness for events, your execution and completion of responsibilities, and your time spent on events other than your own.

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